Best Stocks Under $10

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July 18, 2024

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Investing in stocks under $10 could significantly increase the returns on your portfolio, especially if you pick the right stock. Also, suppose you choose stocks in promising industrial sectors or those that have a unique and popular product or service. In that case, you stand a much better chance of selling your stock for a tidy profit after the shares have had a chance to appreciate. Or, you may choose to hold these stocks, believing that they can rise even further. At times, it’s possible, but some stocks will stagnate.

Learning more about these assets is the best way to safely diversify your portfolio, build your watchlist and uncover market insights that will drive long-term success, which allows you to plan for the future and even retirement.

Best Stocks Under $10 to Add to Your Portfolio:

Stock Movers



TickerCompany±%Buy Stock
TCRTAlaunos Therapeutics$4.39-29.19%4.4KBuy/Sell
MGOLMGO Global$3.86-21.88%1MBuy/Sell
LUCYInnovative Eyewear$6.16-17.08%1.9MBuy/Sell
CETUCetus Capital Acq$8.37-15.54%61.1KBuy/Sell
LMFALM Funding America$3.92-14.86%133.6KBuy/Sell
HAOHaoxi Health Technology$5.10-14.58%399.6KBuy/Sell
PRLDPrelude Therapeutics$5.33-14.11%70.4KBuy/Sell
ALXOALX Oncology Holdings$6.61-13.78%860.6KBuy/Sell
CURVTorrid Holdings$7.46-13.26%92.9KBuy/Sell
SERSerina Therapeutics$9.48-12.18%17.9KBuy/Sell
SLDBSolid Biosciences$7.83-12.13%452.2KBuy/Sell
CIFRCipher Mining$5.96-12.03%9MBuy/Sell
PRMEPrime Medicine$5.55-11.77%956.6KBuy/Sell
SLNHSoluna Holdings$5.79-10.24%471.3KBuy/Sell
BYNDBeyond Meat$6.45-10.12%2.6MBuy/Sell
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Stocks Under $10: The Advantage

An advantage of stocks under $10 is that some of these stocks can make a good choice for short and medium-term trading strategies. Buying shares of a lower dollar amount also limits your exposure to risk, since the stock already sells for a low price. The lowest that price can go is zero. Investing in high-priced stocks means you generally have a lot more to lose in the event of a sharp stock market downturn as traders have seen in the recent past. In the same breath, remember that some stocks will soar, and you need to know when to sell to maximize your profits.

Investing in any stock carries the inherent risk of the insolvency of the company and other adverse events that can lead to a decline in the stock’s value. This can cause you to lose your entire investment. Some stocks under $10 can suffer from liquidity issues, which can adversely affect your ability to transact large amounts. So, you may find these stocks falling quickly—or they may seemingly rise out of nowhere.

However, these stocks are spread across several industries, meaning diversity is often baked into these asset classes. Therefore, a buy rating in one area is not your only good move at that moment because some stocks are not necessarily right for your portfolio. You might review or search for:

  • Top 100 stocks under $10
  • Biotech stocks under $10
  • Gold stocks under $10
  • Cyber security stocks under $10
  • Oil stocks under $10
  • Energy stocks under $10
  • Tech stocks under $10
  • Best penny stocks

Remember, too, that you can dive into different industries like:

Where to Buy Stocks

Suppose you want to start buying stocks under $10, as well as stocks under $20 and stocks under $5. In that case, any reputable broker or investment advisor that can facilitate stock transactions on U.S. exchanges can buy stock for you. Some of them will even let you trade commission-free within your own brokerage account, such as Robinhood or Webull, for instance. 

With other commission-free online brokers you can buy stocks under $10 including, TD Ameritrade and E*TRADE. More experienced, well-funded and active traders can use Interactive Brokers, although that broker does charge inactivity fees and has a high minimum deposit requirement. 

Remember, the broker you choose is just as important as the share price because Wall Street is unpredictable, and there are thousands of investors looking at the same assets, from hedge funds to investment banks, accredited investors and others. Setting up your account should be easy, but you want a robust platform that allows you to function as an investor, irrespective of how ambitious your portfolio may be.

Features to Look for in Best Stocks Under $10

  1. Desirable product or service: When selecting a lower-priced stock, one of the first considerations for an investor is whether the company makes a product or service currently in demand and that holds promise for future earnings.
  2. Good financials: The financials of a lower-priced stock show the company’s assets and liabilities, so you want to look for a company with a solid financial situation. Business fundamentals are more important than the pizazz of a new product or service. Reviewing financial statements might also indicate any challenges the company is facing that have caused the stock to sell off or if the company’s earnings per share (EPS) have yet to reflect future business possibilities.
  3. Liquidity: Since liquidity can be an issue with low-priced stocks, you should typically look for those with a minimum daily volume of at least 1 million shares. Liquidity in the stock allows you to transact shares quickly and it allows you to trade short-term strategies that work well for inexpensive stocks. 
  4. Growth potential: When you’re searching for undervalued penny stocks, some of them might be hiding amongst the best stocks under $10. Why? Some companies should be trading far higher than $10 per share, and your research might indicate that certain companies are prepared to grow exponentially shortly. Remember, some stocks become growth stocks over time due to their overall potential.
  5. Good press: If you are looking at investments far and wide, make sure that you carefully review the news regarding that asset so that you have an idea of how well the business is performing in the public. Sometimes, the news can alert you to problems before the numbers do.

Are Stocks Under $10 Worth Buying?

The answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!” Cheap undervalued stocks can be a gold mine for investors. Trading under 10 dollars per share helps you save money on your initial investment, the best growth stocks under $10 could profit you quite quickly. Their market capitalizations are rising, but you need to decide when the best time for you would be to add them to your portfolio.

A low-priced stock with a viable product or service, decent financials and a liquid market can provide you with a good store of wealth, an appreciating asset and/or an adequate vehicle for short-term trading. A stockholder can swing trade, or you can use a stock screener to determine when it’s best to buy or sell. At the same time, you can hold these assets and invest for value, much the same way Warren Buffett has done for many years.

You do have to choose carefully since some stocks under $10 are definitely headed for insolvency and you could lose your entire investment. Still, depending on your risk profile and your financial goals, buying stocks under $10 as an investment could make a lot of sense and could provide you with better returns.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is investing $10 in stocks worth it?


Investing $10 in stocks can be worth it depending on various factors such as the performance of the specific stock, overall market conditions, and your financial goals. While $10 may seem like a small amount, it can still provide some potential returns and serve as an introduction to the world of investing.


Can you make money investing $10 in stocks?


Yes, it is possible to make money investing $10 in stocks.


Is $10 enough to start investing?


Yes, you can start investing with $10. A good place to start with low capital is buying penny stocks. 

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