Best Semiconductor Stocks

Take a look at some of the biggest movers for semiconductor stocks. This list is updated daily and includes premarket, during market, and after hours movers.

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October 30, 2023

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Information technology is at the forefront of digital transformation. Computers, smartphones and smart TVs have become household items for millions of people around the world, and companies that design and develop semiconductors are the key catalysts driving that change. You can cash in on these new waves of innovation by investing in semiconductor stocks today. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you invest in the best semiconductor stocks on the stock market.

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Best Semiconductor Stocks Right Now

Stock Movers


TickerCompany±%Buy Stock
AEHRAehr Test Systems$25.854.57%1.1MBuy/Sell
SWKSSkyworks Solutions$103.791.47%1.7MBuy/Sell
MPWRMonolithic Power Systems$576.291.37%520.6KBuy/Sell
TSMTaiwan Semiconductor$100.190.9%9MBuy/Sell
MCHPMicrochip Technology$86.170.41%4.6MBuy/Sell
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TickerCompany±%Buy Stock
AMATApplied Mat$147.64-0.51%5.7MBuy/Sell
ASMLASML Holding$697.12-0.37%1MBuy/Sell
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Session: Dec 7, 2023 4:00PM EST - Dec 8, 2023 3:59PM EST

What are Semiconductor Stocks?

From compact personal computers to giant data servers, companies from the semiconductor industry have had a major impact on individual consumers and multinational corporations. This presents a unique opportunity for you to choose a technology company that aligns with your stock portfolio. 

Although it has only been a few decades since semiconductors like microchips and processors have come into the mainstream market, it has quickly risen to become one of the most traded components worldwide. With many of these tech companies launching flagship products every year, you can expect significant growth in your wealth by investing in these stocks.  

Best Online Brokers for Semiconductor Stocks

You can easily search and invest in semiconductor stocks on major stock exchanges with an online broker. These platforms give you access to advanced trading tools and educational resources to help you make investments that match your financial goals. 

Benzinga has picked the best online brokers to get you started on your investment journey. 

Features to Look for in Semiconductor Stock

  1. Earnings per share: The earnings per share (EPS) of each stock gives you a fair assessment of the profit you make from your investment. It is calculated by dividing the net income of a company by the total number of its outstanding shares. 
  1. Product innovation: The tech industry is teeming with new products and innovations that fuel the growth of semiconductor stocks. Be familiar with a company’s current line of products and its future roadmap before you invest. 
  1. Yearly revenue: The competition is stiff among semiconductor stocks. Keep track of the total revenue generated each year by your preferred companies and compare them with others in the same category to find the best fit for your stock portfolio. 

Tech Stocks for Trade

Many tech giants might still call Silicon Valley home but smaller and smarter semiconductor stocks are popping up in every major market hub you can find on the map. You can invest in these companies to improve the growth and gains of your portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it good to invest in semiconductor stock?


Yes, it is good to invest in semiconductor stock because there is a great potential for growth in this market.


When will semionductor stocks go up in price?


Experts expect semiconductor stocks to slightly decline in 2023 and rise about 14% in 2024.


What is the fastest growing semiconductor company?


As of now, the fastest growing semiconductor company is NVIDIA Corporation. With their innovative graphics processing units (GPUs) and advancements in artificial intelligence, data centers, and autonomous vehicles, NVIDIA has experienced significant growth and market success in recent years. Their technology and products have become integral components in various industries, driving their rapid growth and establishing them as a leader in the semiconductor market.