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Jason Raznick


Jason Raznick is the founder of Benzinga, a media and data technology startup empowering a new generation of investors

Raznick launched Benzinga.com in 2010, and it has since grown to become a hub for actionable information on the capital markets with approximately 25 million readers a month. Benzinga.com is supported by a high-speed newswire, Benzinga Pro, which is home to exclusive market-moving news.

Jason Raznick



We have created tools that help hundreds of our clients every day

OptionSurgeChris Capre
With every alert, editor Chris Capre will send you high-potential options trades targeting fast 50% – 300% returns. Including access to Benzinga Plus, OptionSurge is the perfect trade alert service for you if you want ambitious options trades with hedge fund-level details and analysis.
$297 annually
Stock PicksMatt Maley
Editor Matt Maley’s Stock Picks keeps you on the right side of the market 24/7, 365. Every swing trade alert is informed by expertise in global economic trends and Wall Street-grade technical analysis. Each stock trade aims for 50 – 500% returns over a 3-6 month period.
$297 annually
Growth InvestorTim Melvin
A model portfolio that contains companies that are as ingeniously innovative as they are underpriced. Adding 1 stock every month, this portfolio uses a 10-point system to score companies and only allows the highest scoring companies in the entire market in. Tim’s mission: To find the next Amazon during this market downturn.
$297 annually
Trading SchoolMark Putrino
The college-style education program you wish you had taken before ever buying a single stock. Benzinga Trading School brings you live, college style class on within the new Benzinga Plus platform. View the recording library if you miss a class so you can learn at your own pace. Includes a live trading chat room with swing trades by Mark Putrino. The syllabus covers the 8 core tenants of successful trading and presents them with the backdrop of the live stock market so you learn what you need to succeed in today’s turbulent market — not the market of 60 years ago when most textbooks were written.
$4,997 annually
Benzinga OptionsNic Chahine
Options trades for folks who would rather sit back and watch their money growth slow & steady than lean into the “rocket ship returns right now” style of options trading. Nic Chahine’s trades put you in the mindset of a market maker where you are the one who benefits from the passing of time, letting theta decay do all the work.
$297 annually
Options SchoolChris Capre
No options education program in the world as effective as Benzinga Options School. Lead by long-time money manager and educator to hedge fund traders, Chris Capre, Options School brings you live, college style class on within the new Benzinga Plus platform. View the video library if you miss a class so you can learn at your own pace. Includes a live trading chat room where Chris provides several high-return seeking traders per week along with succinct market overviews every morning before the open.
$4,997 annually

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The Benzinga Story


With the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the financial crisis that followed, entire classes of market participants were wiped out.

From the rubble of the downturn, a new kind of investor emerged.


Benzinga empowers the individual investor by keeping them one step ahead.

No longer does one have to rely on one firm or one analyst and pay large broker fees. Benzinga gives access to all that is available. Instead of giving financial advice, Benzinga gives you the news to make informed decisions to take control of your own financial future.


This new investor is nimble, intelligent and creative.

Dissatisfied with the dinosaurs of financial media, they craved a different, more engaging source of information.


They needed a place that combined real-time news with actionable trading ideas, a place that brought the insight of the biggest names and the brightest minds from across the country directly to their computer screens.

They needed a place that rolled all of this information into one financial media outlet. Against the backdrop of this revolution in financial journalism, Benzinga was born.

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