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Benzinga is a dynamic and innovative financial media outlet that empowers investors with high-quality, unique content that is coveted by Wall Street's top traders. Benzinga provides timely, actionable ideas that help users navigate even the most uncertain and volatile markets – in real-time with an unmatched caliber.

From breakouts to unusual volume, analyst ratings, futures and options, Benzinga is the leading full-service, one-stop shop for investors of all stripes and styles.

We have three offices in total: Delaware, Michigan, and Chicago, IL. If you are interested in doing business with Benzinga, please contact us.

To learn more about the technology behind Benzinga, such as the React coding framework, check out this series.

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With the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the financial crisis that followed, entire classes of market participants were wiped out. From the rubble of the downturn, a new kind of investor emerged.

Benzinga empowers the individual investor by keeping them one step ahead. No longer does one have to rely on one firm or one analyst and pay large broker fees. Benzinga gives access to all that is available. Instead of giving financial advice, Benzinga gives you the news to make informed decisions to take control of your own financial future.

This new investor is nimble, intelligent and creative. Dissatisfied with the dinosaurs of financial media, they craved a different, more engaging source of information.

They needed a place that combined real-time news with actionable trading ideas, a place that brought the insight of the biggest names and the brightest minds from across the country directly to their computer screens.

They needed a place that rolled all of this information into one financial media outlet.

Against the backdrop of this revolution in financial journalism, Benzinga was born.

Is Benzinga on Social Platforms?

Yes! In fact, our social media platforms help keep us connected to our community. Make sure to become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn!

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How Can I Contact Benzinga?

You can contact us directly by going to our Contact Us page and submitting an easy to use form. We will be sure to get to you with a response within hours. If you have specific questions, feel free to use the below list to get a hold of us.

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