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How Much Do I Need to Retire?

If you’re asking how much do I need to retire, you’ll find a clear number as well as simple calculations to find what makes the most sense for you.

10 Best IRA Accounts of April 2024

Find the best IRA accounts that offer low fees, high returns and excellent customer service. Plan for your retirement with the top IRA providers in 2024.

6 Best Roth IRA Accounts of April 2024

Learn the best Roth IRA accounts to find a good match based on your needs. Review pros, cons and account features.

401(k) Plan vs. 457 Plan: Which Is Better For You?

Explore the similarities and differences of 457 vs 401k retirement plans. Learn which plan is right for you and maximize your future financial security.

Best Retirement Accounts

Prepare for your retirement years with the best retirement accounts, including a 401(k), IRA, SEP, SIMPLE and more.

Best Retirement Planning Apps

Discover the best retirement planning apps you can use, based on pricing, features, customer service and more. Take control of your future with these tools.

Best Retirement Plans

Benzinga’s list of the best retirement plans is the perfect jumping-off point to kick your retirement planning into high gear.

Pension vs. Saving for Retirement

Benzinga's financial experts take an in-depth look at the best way to save for retirement in 2024. Read, learn, and compare pension vs. retirement.

Best Vanguard Funds for Retirement

Vanguard offers the best arrays of low-cost funds, useful as investment vehicles for retirement investing. Learn the best Vanguard fund for retirement.

Travel Budgeting Guides

How to Save Money on Trips in 2024: 11 Easy Travel Hacks

Dreaming of your next vacation? Want to take more trips this year? Learn how to save money on vacation and start planning your next trips, here!

How to Save Money for Travel

Budgeting for a vacation may seem out of reach, but taking small steps will help you get there. Check out our guide on how to save money for travel.

How to Budget for Vacation — 11 Easy Steps

Do you know how to budget for a vacation? Find the best tips to save more on your dream vacation and secure amazing experiences for your next trip.

Best Credit Cards for Travel

Travel cards offer benefits like cashback rewards, discounts, hotel stays, airline miles and more. Find the best credit cards for travel with Benzinga’s top picks.

Best Credit Cards with Travel Insurance

Find the best credit cards with travel insurance to protect your travels. Compare plans and benefits to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Best Credit Cards for Airlines

If you travel, getting airline points for every dollar you spend is ideal. Benzinga reviewed the best credit cards for airlines.

Best Credit Cards for Hotels

Pay for your next hotel stay with your credit card rewards. Get started with our list of the best credit cards for hotels.

Best Hotel Credit Cards of April 2024

Want to travel more this year? Find the best credit card for hotel benefits. Find cards with signup bonuses, room upgrades, lounge access and more here.

Best No Annual Fee Travel Credit Cards

Are you looking for the best credit cards? Click here to find the best no-annual-fee travel credit cards for your lifestyle.

Best Credit Cards

Best Credit Cards

Benzinga’s list puts you ahead of the game and narrows your choices down to the cream of the crop.

10 Best Cash Back Credit Cards of April 2024

Find out which cards offer the highest rewards and perks with our list of the best cash back credit cards this year. Start earning rewards on your purchases

Best Credit Cards for Restaurants and Dining of April 2024

Find the best credit card for restaurants and dining to earn more on everyday food purchases or dining. Find cards to earn up to 10 points per dollar here.

Best Credit Cards for Rewards

Looking for the perfect rewards card? Benzinga’s review brings a solid roster of rewards credit cards to choose from.

Best Credit Cards for Gas

Gas credit cards can help you save by minimizing everyday gas expenses, especially considering the rising cost of gas. Learn the best credit cards for gas.

Best Credit Cards for Groceries

Finding the best credit cards for your lifestyle is important to your financial health. And the best credit cards for groceries can cut your bill!

Best Credit Cards for Military Personnel

Finding the best credit cards for your active duty life is an important step to take. The best credit cards for military personnel offer great perks and rewards.

Best 0% APR Credit Cards

0% intro APR credit cards can help you pay down existing debt or stretch payments on your new large purchases. Learn about the best zero-interest credit cards.

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Looking for a balance transfer credit card? Benzinga compared the best balance transfer credit cards in terms of APR rates, credit limits and more.

Best Visa Credit Cards

Looking for the best Visa credit cards? Explore our top picks for the best Visa credit cards, including features, rewards and benefits to find your ideal card.

Best Mastercard Credit Cards

Discover the best Mastercard credit cards available! Compare the best offers, rewards and benefits to find the right credit card for your financial needs.

Best Citi Credit Cards

Are you looking for the best credit cards? To complete your search, don’t forget to look for the best Citi credit cards.

Best Chase Credit Cards

Searching for the best credit card can be tedious. To understand the various options, Benzinga compared the best Chase credit cards in terms of APR rates, benefits and more.

8 Best Capital One Credit Cards of April 2024

Discover the benefits of the best Capital One credit cards here! Compare options to find the perfect Capital One credit card for your lifestyle and needs.