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Credit Cards

Best Credit Cards

Benzinga’s list puts you ahead of the game and narrows your choices down to the cream of the crop.

Best Credit Cards for Airlines

If you travel, getting airline points for every dollar you spend is ideal. Benzinga reviewed the best credit cards for airlines.

Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where your credit score is bad, you’re not alone. Build your credit score with one of these credit cards.

Best Credit Cards for Businesses

A solid business credit card can help you build and manage your business. Find yours with Benzinga’s list of the best business credit cards.

Best Credit Cards for Cash Back

A great number of credit cards offer cash back today so finding the right card can be a time-consuming task. Don’t worry, Benzinga’s done the research for you.

Best Credit Cards for Rewards

Looking for the perfect rewards card? Benzinga’s review brings a solid roster of rewards credit cards to choose from.

Best Credit Cards for Students

If you’re a college student, you have a few strikes against you in the credit card department. See what your best options for a credit card are.

Best Credit Cards for Hotels

Pay for your next hotel stay with your credit card rewards. Get started with our list of the best credit cards for hotels.

Best Credit Cards for Travel

Travel cards offer benefits like cashback rewards, discounts, hotel stays, airline miles and more. Find the best credit cards for travel with Benzinga’s top picks.