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Who We Are

Benzinga has been breaking actionable financial news and curating high quality financial data sets since 2009. 

 The Benzinga team gives investors access to actionable, market-moving news and financial data insights. Through our in-house proprietary content and our curated partner network, Benzinga covers the entire financial data spectrum from standard financial data through alternative datasets. Our news and data powers many of the world's largest online brokerage platforms.

Benzinga’s news, market and financial data leverages our industry experience as both journalists and financial market practitioners to deliver unmatched quality, timeliness, and relevance, in an incredibly digestible, jargon-free format.

 From earnings reports to options activity, Benzinga focuses on information that moves the market. We offer a suite of channels that concentrates on breaking news so that your firm can be the first to lock in a trade. 

We offer two ways to receive our news, through a pull based Rest API or a push based TCP. Both offer unprecedented access to the markets.

Quality relationships are the driving force behind successful business, and our commitment to this is always coming first.

We believe that people are still necessary at the center of content creation, and despite AI being an awesome buzzword it is not yet a suitable replacement. So, we invest in people and technology to form an elegant mix.

 One of the foundations of Benzinga is to "obsess over our clients, not our competition."

Data providers are notoriously hard to work with. They want to lock you into long term agreements virtually sight unseen, and their trials are often limited to historical data or otherwise data that the provider is most confident in.

 Recently, we rolled out a pricing model that provides open access to our live, production APIs for 6 months at an incredibly low rate.

 Your team is able to develop around, A/B test or otherwise experiment on their users with any of our data sets.

Check out our clients who love our enterprise grade data that’s backed by enterprise grade technology:

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