Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

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February 16, 2024
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Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic in the financial world, with Bitcoin leading the pack as the most well-known and widely used digital currency. It's hard to predict whether this cryptocurrency will become the global reserve currency or a store of value as widely accepted as gold. With its soaring value and potential for high returns, many investors have been enticed by the promises of Bitcoin. However, there are also skeptics who warn of its volatility and lack of regulation.

So, is Bitcoin really a good investment? The short answer to this question varies, depending on who is asking it. Bitcoin's price volatility and the lack of regulation in the market make it a risky investment option. However, some individuals believe in the potential of Bitcoin as a decentralized currency and store of value, leading them to consider it a good long-term investment. Start with our guide to learn more and make your own judgment if Bitcoin is a good investment for you.

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The History of Bitcoin

Since its inception, Bitcoin was the first digital asset to beget the current ecosystem of cryptos. The release of the whitepaper describing the tech just after the 2008 financial crisis was a quiet start to the cryptocurrency revolution. For quite a while, it grew an underground following of investors who saw its future as a possible replacement to the physical monetary system. Now Bitcoin has become a household name as institutions and governments develop ways to serve their customers growing demand for exposure.

Similar to how the internet was once a speculative investment, Bitcoin has received similar criticism. In reality, Bitcoin‘s current adoption rate outpaces that of the internet's in 1998, and millions of people now own Bitcoin. And the spread at which its adoption is spreading seems to only be increasing.

In 2021, El Salvador became the first country in the world to make Bitcoin a legal tender; Paraguay and other small countries look to follow suit. El Salvador is also the first and only country to have Bitcoin in its treasury. As of late 2022, El Salvador has roughly 2,400 Bitcoin. President Nayib Bukele has not been shy about announcing his purchases on Twitter.

Other countries may look to copy this move to attract innovation, while others might ban it entirely in an attempt to save their fiat currency or clear the way for a central bank digital currency. Despite the doom and gloom of the 2022 bear market, Bitcoin has solidified its spot in the global geopolitical climate, and the 2020s may be the decade of massive adoption. This has led investors to wonder if Bitcoin is a good investment.

How to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is available from a multitude of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. The safest exchanges are U.S. based, which also means you'll need to comply with the SEC's know your customer (KYC) guidelines. For tax purposes, making an exchange account will require inputting your personal information including your address and social security number. Once you've got this handy, you're ready to get started.

Here are the steps to invest in Bitcoin:

1. Open an account with a cryptocurrency exchange.

2. Connect a bank account and deposit funds into your exchange wallet.

3. Buy Bitcoin (BTC).

4. Buy a wallet (optional).

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Investing in Bitcoin

Before jumping on the bandwagon, it is important to understand the potential benefits and risks of investing in Bitcoin to help you make an informed decision about whether it's the right investment for you.


  • Liquidity: Bitcoin is a highly liquid investment asset that can be easily traded for cash or other assets. It has low fees and high liquidity, making it potentially profitable for short-term investments.
  • Lower inflation risk: Bitcoin is not subject to hyperinflation like traditional currencies because it undergoes predictable inflation at a halved rate every 4 years. The blockchain system is infinite and there’s little need to worry about your cryptos losing their value.
  • New opportunities: Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading is a young industry with new coins emerging regularly. The frequent price fluctuations and volatility present opportunities for significant profits.
  • Minimalistic trading: Bitcoin trading is a simpler and more flexible alternative to stock trading, as it can be done at any time and transactions are instant, unlike the lengthy settlement process of stock orders.


  • Volatility: The price of Bitcoin is highly volatile, as seen by its drastic fluctuations in value. Investors who bought Bitcoin in December 2017 at $20,000 saw its value decrease to $7,051 weeks later. Holding onto Bitcoin for long periods may not be suitable for all investors.
  • Threat of hacking: While Bitcoin's blockchain has never been hacked, individuals can still get hacked if they give out sensitive information, such as their private keys. Also, it's not uncommon for lesser-known exchanges to be hacked. For best security, use a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano X that stores your digital assets off the internet on an external device.

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment Despite the Risk?

Similar to any speculative investment, buying Bitcoin obviously carries significant risk. As the traditional finance world realizes Bitcoin's potential for disruption, they must choose either to adopt cryptocurrencies or face irrelevance. Its volatility risk is one of the major factors determining whether Bitcoin is a good investment but it isn't necessarily good or bad. The personal decision to invest in Bitcoin comes down to your appetite for risk and your perspective on the future of humanity. For example, Russia has stated they are looking into cryptocurrencies to lower their dependence on the US dollar. Bitcoin has the potential to disrupt the US dollar in a massive way, and it is simply too big to be ignored at this point. If this disruption is successful, Bitcoin could be a fantastic investment.

The main reason a traditional investor may want exposure to Bitcoin is to hedge against inflation and potentially the collapse of the fiat-based economy. Bitcoin's volatility is a concern to may investors, however volatility is expected to decrease forever as institutions and governments enter the market with long-term interest.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Fear and Greed Index

The Fear and Greed Index can be a useful indicator of the cryptocurrency market's sentiment. The general sentiment of the market can be a useful factor when you decide if Bitcoin is a good investment for you. Historically, times of the greatest fear have generally been bullish indicators (suggesting the bottom is in or is close) and times of the highest greed are often bearish indicators (suggesting the top has been reached or is close). The Fear and Greed Index isn't perfect and doesn't always forecast the future well but it can be a good tool in making an educated guess. Bitcoin's recent resurgence has brought its Fear and Greed Index to neutral from extreme fear only a few weeks ago.

fear greed index chart - bitcoin

Can Bitcoin be Exchanged for Real Money?

Bitcoin can be converted to cash easily in a bunch of different ways. You can sell Bitcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange like eToro or This is usually the easiest option. Once you sell it for cash you can withdraw it straight to your bank account. This is a simple way to convert your Bitcoin to cash, but you must remember that the price of a Bitcoin is changing all the time. Yes, you may need cash, but you might be kicking yourself a few years down the road if the price of Bitcoin skyrockets over and over again.

Bitcoin ATMs are expensive, but if there is one near you, you can exchange your Bitcoin for cash there. However, these ATMs often charge hefty fees, so you're most likely much better off using an exchange.

How Will Bitcoin Perform in 2024?

It is difficult to predict exactly how Bitcoin will perform in 2024 as it is influenced by various factors such as market demand, government regulations, technological advancements and investor sentiment. However, based on historical trends and the growing popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrencies, it is possible that Bitcoin will continue to experience growth and potentially reach higher levels in terms of value and adoption. It is important to note that investing in cryptocurrencies carries inherent risks and it is advisable to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.

Bottom Line

Still wondering if Bitcoin is a good investment? It can be, so long as you do your research and understand the market before considering investing in Bitcoin. Factors such as market trends, regulatory changes and technological advancements can greatly impact the value of Bitcoin. Investors might, however, turn Bitcoin into a bad investment if they try to treat it like any other asset.

Disclosure: ²Sum of median estimated savings and rewards earned, per user in 2021 across multiple Coinbase programs (excluding sweepstakes). This amount includes fee waivers from Coinbase One (excluding the subscription cost), rewards from Coinbase Card, and staking rewards. ³Crypto rewards is an optional Coinbase offer. Upon purchase of USDC, you will be automatically opted in to rewards. If you’d like to opt out or learn more about rewards, you can click here. The rewards rate is subject to change and can vary by region. Customers will be able to see the latest applicable rates directly within their accounts

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