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Benzinga is a full-service news and media company with three main areas of expertise: real-time news, actionable trading ideas and insightful commentary. We offer coverage of all aspects of the financial market including corporate, economic and political content. With strong connections in and around the market, we strive to provide high quality and relevant news for the real-time environment that defines today's world.

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For more information about Benzinga or to set up an interview with the Benzinga Team, please email editorial@benzinga.

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Litquidity revealed its updated 30 Under 30 list, a top-tier collection of the best, brightest and hardest working individuals in finance and beyond.
After starting the company in the basement of a rental in Birmingham, Scott Kaufman, former CEO of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, gave Jason Raznick subsidized office space in Bingham Farms in the Farbman Group building. For about the first year Benzinga existed, the company was there.
The sale earned Benzinga $300 million making early investors very happy and giving Jason Raznick money he wanted to expand his operations globally. In this video interview, he provides details with MITECHNEWS.
Crain's speaks with Jason Raznick and Luke Jacobi on what the majority sale to Beringer Capital means for the future.
Private equity firm Beringer Capital is acquiring a majority stake in Benzinga. CEO Jason Raznick joins CNBC's "Squawk Box" with Andrew Ross Sorkin to discuss.
Benzinga competes with Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg News, in providing financial data and analysis.
Raznick said the Beringer deal was the culmination of a five-month process that began after Benzinga received several unsolicited offers.
Crain's Detroit Business reports on terms of the deal.
Jason Raznick is included in a discussion about companies looking for new ways to engage with institutional and retail holders.
Luke Jacobi, Benzinga's Executive Vice President of Revenue, was honored in Crain's 2021 list of young movers and shakers.
Can you analyze information like a hedge fund manager? The Benzinga team aims to help individuals make better-educated decisions through the content that they consume.
MITechNews chats with Jason Raznick to discuss Benzinga's experiment with keeping some cash reserves in cryptocurrency.
CEO Jason Raznick talks GameStop, short sellers and more with WJR's Guy Gordon.
The Detroit Free Press highlights Benzinga coverage of Rocket Companies.
"It Talks" with CEO Jason Raznick on rebuilding an American city.
The Chart Report's Steve Strazza highlights some of the best moments from Benzinga's first-ever Trading Summit.
CEO Jason Raznick highlights how 2018 was an exciting year for markets and an even bigger year for Benzinga.
Benzinga will be empowering Interactive Brokers users by providing its world class real-time news and data. spoke with Luke Jacobi, Benzinga's Director of Operations, who shared some tips for new investors as well as some pitfalls to avoid.
Tech Tribune assembled a list of the best startups in Detroit, with Benzinga coming in at #6.
Inc's Molly Reynolds profiles Jason Raznick at the Benzinga Fintech Summit.
Business Insider references Benzinga original reporting while discussing Nike's falling revenues in the U.S. market.

Why I Love The Detroit Startup Scene

VentureBeat profiles a slice of the Detroit startup space, mentioning Benzinga as a leader in Detroit fintech.

Innovation Has to Be On Page One of the Playbook

TD Ameritrade CEO Tim Hockey discusses the role innovation should play in financial institutions and includes a shout-out to the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards.

Small Cap Nation Discusses Benzinga's Rapid Growth

SCN's Jane King sits down with Luke Jacobi, the Director of Operations of Benzinga, to discuss the fast growing media company.

What's new and exciting in the fintech space

Attendees of the 2017 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards explain why advisers need to be incorporating new technologies into their business models.

How fintech is elevating the advice business

Finalists at the 2017 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards discuss why technology is so critical to the advisory space.

VCs Square Off on Best Ideas to Raise Money in Crowded Fintech Ecosystem

Bank Innovation

Bank Innovation editor Grace Noto discusses ways startups can attract VC funding on the best terms with insight from BZ Awards panelists David Sorin, Steven Lau, Gene Munster & David Teten.

Don’t Count Incumbents Out of the Innovation Race Just Yet

Bank Innovation

Bank Innovation editor Grace Noto analyzes innovation at financial institutions with commentary from 2017 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards speakers Kathleen Murphy, president of Fidelity, and Kelli Keough, head of digital global wealth management at J.P. Morgan. 

Unison Receives Three Benzinga Global Fintech Awards Including First Place in 'Best of Show'

Press release

Unison Home Ownership Investors touts its BZ Awards triple crown in a press release.

Chaikin Analytics Wins Benzinga Fintech Award for Best Trading Idea Platform

Press release

Stock-picking platform Chaikin Analytics celebrates its BZ Awards victory in a press release.

Orion Advisor Services Named Best Financial Advisor Platform in 2017 Benzinga Fintech Awards

Press release

Orion Advisor Services touts its 2017 BZ Awards win in a press release.

OptionsCity blog
OptionsCity celebrated its win at the 2017 BZ Awards with a blog post.
CoverWalllet blog
CoverWallet celebrated its win at the 2017 BZ Awards with a blog post.

February 23, 2017

Here are nine pieces of advice from Millennials who have made it, with comments from Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick.

Benzinga's Jason Raznick joins Guy Gordon to talk about the record day on the Stock Market

The Guy Gordon Show

January 25, 2017

Why Should Be the First Stop of Everyday Investors Looking for the Latest Investing News and Market Updates 

January 6, 2016

It’s no secret that investing successfully isn’t easy; if it were, you probably wouldn’t hear so many stories of people losing their shirts — along with everything else — to the stock market. Beyond simply knowing the ins and outs of investing, there are many micro and macroeconomic events that can affect your stock portfolio.

Therefore, keeping abreast of important financial news and market events can be just as crucial for everyday investors as it is for professionals — and both take advantage of Benzinga to do it.

Is Shark Tank's Mr. Wonderful Dipping His Fin Into Mental Health?

Huffington Post

"Shark Tank’s" own Mr. Wonderful was visiting Detroit’s Benzinga headquarters to receive their first ever Annual Inspiration Award. Benzinga’s founder, Jason Raznick interviewed Kevin O’Leary (a.k.a Mr. Wonderful) on his journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Benzinga then followed up with an impromptu raffle for local entrepreneurs to pitch to the notoriously intimidating shark.

Ryan Beale, founder of the mental health startup Therapy.Live, was one of the three that were picked from the audience. Therapy.Live is a state-of-the-art platform designed to assist mental health practitioners in maintaining their own work/life balance by providing tools that clinicians need now, as well as innovations necessary to stay on top of the field as the profession evolves in the future.

Shark Tank's "Mr. Wonderful," Kevin O'Leary, talks with Detroiters about success

ABC WXYZ Detroit

November 18, 2016

Benzinga hosted the inaugural Benzinga Inspiration Series event on Friday, November 18, featuring Kevin O'Leary from "Shark Tank" telling his life story. Detroit's ABC affiliate was on hand to capture the event.

"Detroit now is a like a new place to do deals that wasn't here 10 years ago, so whatever you are doing, keep it up," he said.

Talking Tech in Detroit: Building Platform Architecture With Golang


September 23, 2016

"Go speeds up the delivery of data to our licensing and Benzinga Pro clients, meaning it helps traders and investors get quality information faster.”

Talking Tech in Detroit: Working With React to Create a High-Speed News Platform


August 30, 2016

"Benzinga is one of the companies driving Detroit's tech resurgence. Benzinga is putting Detroit on the map as a hub of technology startup innovation by establishing a nationally recognized media brand."

Millennials are ditching financial advisors for apps

New York Post

July 10, 2016

"More and more clients need a digital and mobile offering that they can adjust on the fly. Investors want to see their portfolios when they want and where they want."

Wall Street Is Overreacting Over Brexit

U.S. News & World Report

June 24, 2016

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick bullish on stocks after the Brexit vote.

Benzinga‘s fintech party

Modern Trader

April 16, 2016

To learn more about what investors, tech entrepreneurs and fintech enthusiasts can expect from this year's Benzinga Fintech Gala, Modern Trader sat down with CEO Jason Raznick.

RavenPack Launches Partnership with Benzinga, Targeting News Outlets

Finance Magnates

February 16, 2016

Benzinga will help expand Ravenpack's coverage, which will extend to small and large-cap companies, IPOs, and M&As.

Benzinga embodies tech revolution in Detroit

Fox 2 Detroit

February 6, 2016

Fox 2 stopped by Benzinga's new office, chronicling the company's growth from a basement to Downtown Detroit.

Jason Raznick Stops By Opportunity Detroit

News Talk WJR 760 AM

October 16, 2015

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick speaks on Opportunity Detroit about the company's relocation to Downtown Detroit.

Benzinga to move headquarters to Detroit from Southfield

Crain's Detroit Business

October 6, 2015

Benzinga will move it offices and 35 employees to One Campus Martius in downtown Detroit.

Benzinga to Relocate to Quicken Campus 

Curbed Detroit

October 5, 2015

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick told the Detroit Free Press that the company wil make the move downtown this month.

Financial news startup moves headquarters to Campus Martius

WXYZ Channel 7

October 5, 2015

VIDEO: Benzinga, a financial news startup, is moving into the former Compuware building.

Benzinga Moving Headquarters To Detroit From Suburbs

CBS Detroit

October 5, 2015

Financial news and data business Benzinga is moving its headquarters to Detroit from the suburbs.

Benzinga startup to move to Dan Gilbert's Campus Martius spot in Detroit


October 5, 2015

Benzinga is the newest tech company to relocate to a Bedrock Real Estate Services owned building in downtown Detroit.

Financial News Startup, Benzinga, Relocating its Headquarters to Downtown Detroit


October 5, 2015

The financial news and data startup today announced it will relocate its headquarters to One Campus Martius (the former Compuware Building), at the corner of Woodward Avenue and Monroe Street, in the heart of technology centric downtown Detroit.

Benzinga aims to use new digs to show off Detroit

Detroit Free Press

October 4, 2015

The Detroit Free Press officially announces Benzinga's upcoming move to a new downtown Detroit office space, along with hopes for Detroit and vision for company as a whole. 

TradeKing Adds Benzinga's Top Stories and Alerts to Award-Winning TradeKing LIVE Platform

Business Wire

August 12, 2015

TradeKing's new Home Page widget updates throughout the market day with top news stories from Benzinga.

Benzinga Creates Jobs With Its Move To Downtown Detroit

Model D Media

December 2, 2014

Model D spoke with Benzinga CEO & Founder Jason Raznick about the company's previous need for software developers and the current pending relocation to Detroit's downtown area.

Financial News Start-Up Heading To Detroit

Detroit Free Press

November 13, 2014

The Detroit Free Press covers Benzinga's office relocation to downtown Detroit scheduled for February 2015.

Benzinga: The Detroit-based Online Investing Tool for Average Joes


August 13, 2014

Techonomy profiled Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick recently ahead of the Techonomy Detroit conference to learn more about the Benzinga, Benzinga Pro and Marketfy services and also about the current scene for small businesses in Detroit.

Look Who's In The Stock Market Now: Millennials


July 20, 2014

CNBC's Stephanie Landsman's missive on millennials in the stock market quoted Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick on the surprising demographic shift in Benzinga readers over the last few years.

Detroit's Startup Revolution: How the Motor City is Driving Entrepreneurship

State Budget Solutions

July 9, 2014

State Budget Solutions' Hannah Oh covered the status of Detroit's conducive environment to 'savvy entrepreneurs' in her latest missive from July 9, 2014, including mentions of Benzinga as well as Detroit Lives!, Bizdom and Detroit Venture Partners.

Startup Nation's 'How To Break Out In A Competitive Market'

Startup Nation

June 28, 2014

This episode of Startup Nation focused on how entrepreneurs are figuring out a way to break out in highly competitive, firmly entrenched business sectors. Host Jeff Sloan was accompanied by Guest Co-Host, Norm Pappas. Guests included Jason Raznick from Benzinga and Ari Techner from Scratch Golf.

Creating A New Brand For Financial News In Michigan

Nieman Lab

April 22, 2014

Neiman Lab's Joseph Lichterman spent the day at Benzinga HQ getting a feel for the business and its span of financial news involvement.

My Jewish Detroit Covers "Doarchist" Jazon Raznick

My Jewish Detroit

April 2014

An exclusive interview with Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick that covers Benzinga's game-changing path to becoming a virtual Wall Street.

5 Michigan Financial Tech Startups To Watch Out For


March 14, 2014

Michipreneur's Amanda Lewan listed Benzinga as one of the great financial tech startups to watch out for due to its ''fresh, quick, and informative approach to financial news." Other startups listed were Larky, Wisely, VerifyValid and Protean Payment.  

MetroMode Covers Benzinga's Latest Products & Employees


February 27, 2015

MetroMode quoted CEO Jason Raznick on Benzinga's latest advancement with financial products and employee expansion.

ForexLive Partners with Benzinga Professional for Wider Depth of Content


November 20, 2013

On November 20, 2013, the partnership between ForexLive and Benzinga Professional was announced that subscribers would have access to a greater depth of information and access to the latest trends that impact the forex market.

Semi-finalists develop pitches

The Michigan Daily

November 23, 2013

Benzinga Founder Jason Raznick and Developer Adam Bratt were guest speakers at the 1000 Pitches Summit in Palmer Commons at the University of Michigan to push ideas and innovations.

TEDx at University of Michigan Dearborn


October 19, 2013

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick spoke on the TEDxUMDearborn stage and shared his story of overcoming obstacles, founding Benzinga in his basement and how he saw Michigan battle with the economic recession.

30 in Their Thirties: Jason Raznick


October 4, 2013

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick was named an honoree of DBusiness "30 in Their Thirties," for his passion as a "startup junkie," and serial entrepreneur.

Second Annual JVS Rising Entrepreneur Award


June 3, 2013

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick passed the torch of the JVS Rising Entrepreneur Award to Pam Turkin, found of Just Baked at the 16th Annual Strictly Business Networking and Awards Luncheon.

Crain's Detroit '40 Under 40'

Crain's Detroit Business

September 30, 2012

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick, was honored by Crain's Detroit as one of Detroit's top 40 business people under the age of 40.

Consumer Losing Steam?


July 5, 2012

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick appeared on CNBC's lunchtime Fast Money segment to discuss bank stocks and strategies for netting positive returns with them.

Money Matters

Fox 2 Detroit

July 25, 2012

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick stopped by the Fox 2 News Detroit studio to talk about Benzinga, the company's progress, and its future.

JVS Rising Entrepreneur Award

Strictly Busness

June 11, 2012

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick was honored by JVS when he was given the JVS rising entrepreneur award.

Michigan Startups Need Skilled Employees, Not Empty Promises

Huffington Post

March 12, 2012

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick put together a piece for the Huffington post about hiring struggles in the Detroit area, and the need for technology-trained talent.

Dow Strategy


March 2, 2012

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick appeared on CNBC to discuss the outlook for the market and the current trading environment.

Groupon Founders Turn Turn To Financial News With Benzinga Investment

The Wall Street Journal

May 26, 2011

The Wall Street Journal put together a piece on an investment made by the founders of Groupon in Benzinga.

At What Point Will Inflation Curtail Consumer Spending?

Fox Business

April 8, 2011

Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick visited the studios of Fox Business to address the effects of consumer spending on inflation.