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'Algorithms Manage Everything': One Israeli Company's Mission To Make Marijuana Growing Effortless

The state-by-state legalization of cannabis has made thousands of strains legally available. Many cannabis users still find growing their own weed appealing — and others may have the need to grow cannabis due to a lack of nearby dispensaries. read more

Greenbox And The Power Of Cannabis-Dispensing Robots

Powered by an interactive touch screen, Greenbox’s robots dispense multiple types and strains of cannabis products, from edibles to flower to CBD, in one transaction. read more

JJ O'Brien Of PAX Labs Talks Cannabis Partners, Brand Heritage, E-Cig Lessons

Pax Labs is one of the cannabis industry's longest-running brands. The vaporizer company began with dry flower and expanded to oil cartridges as market demand shifted. read more

Meet The Cannabis Extracts Company Giving Farmers 70% Profit On Trim

Sisu Extracts is one the biggest cannabis extraction companies you've probably never heard of. This lack of name recognition is not a result of failure. In the Golden State, Sisu Extracts is a powerhouse for distillates and other extracts. If you've ever used a vape pen in California, there's a high probability Sisu's oil was inside. read more

'No Error To Correct': Why The High Court Turned Down Alpenglow Botanicals' 280E Petition

In late June, the Supreme Court declined to hear a petition concerning federal tax code 280E. read more

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