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With Psychedelics Access Expanding, Is A Cannabis-Like Market On The Horizon?

A flurry of activity in recent months has propelled psilocybin and other psychedelic drugs into the headlines. The substances have been a topic of discussion on Capitol Hill, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat, at the forefront of the movement. read more

The Rebel's Handbook: All About High Times' New CEO And His Plans To Turn The Company Around

Over almost half a century, High Times has undergone radical transitions. Conceived as a single-issue lampoon of Playboy in 1974, High Times has since become a globally recognized cannabis brand. read more

Harvest Health CEO Discusses The Company's 'Head Start' In CBD

Harvest Health & Recreation Inc (OTC: HRVSF) has four areas of focus, CEO Steve White told Benzinga: team development, acquisition via winning licenses or buying companies, long-term brand development and always keeping an eye on its ROI. read more

Meet The Newest Accelerator For Minority-Owned Cannabis Businesses

Growing a cannabis business in any sector can be challenging. But facing the hurdles of the very competitive cannabis sector, where regulations are unclear and often conflicting, and new players are entering the space every day, is even more challenging. read more

Valens Exec: Cannabis Oil Market Is Being 'Substantially' Underestimated

Valens Groworks Corp (OTC: VGWCF) is working to make a mark in the areas of custom manufacturing and white label services in cannabis. read more

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