Best High-Volume Penny Stocks

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April 23, 2024

Kaixin Holdings (NASDAQ:KXIN)

Kaixin Auto Holdings is a provides of own and used car dealership. It focuses on brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, and Porsche. The company primarily generates revenues from sales of used cars, as well as fees obtained from a role as a channel partner for third-party auto financing and other value-added service providers. Its operating segment includes Automobile sales and others. The company derives maximum revenue from Automobile sales segment. Geographically, it derives revenue from China.

Last update: 6:13PM (Delayed 15-Minutes)
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Vol / Avg.738.858K / 1.318MMkt Cap3.426M
Day Range0.123 - 0.13552 Wk Range0.112 - 6.660

Enzolytics (OTCPK:ENZC)

Enzolytics Inc is headquartered in Plano, Texas and researches and develops proprietary peptides for the scientific research and pharmaceutical sectors.

Last update: 3:59PM (Delayed 15-Minutes)
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Vol / Avg.25.395M / 9.929MMkt Cap10.194M
Day Range0.003 - 0.00552 Wk Range0.002 - 0.132


Sundial Growers Inc is engaged in producing and marketing cannabis for the adult-use market. Some of its products are Lemon Riot, Daydream, Zen Berry, Twilight, Tropical Bliss, Pillow Talk, Citrus Punch, and others. The company’s primary focus is on producing and distributing inhalable products and brands (flower, pre-rolls, and vapes). some of its brands include Sundial, Top Leaf, Palmetto, and Grasslands.

Last update: 6:21PM (Delayed 15-Minutes)
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Vol / Avg.4.908M / 5.445MMkt Cap541.953M
Day Range1.850 - 2.08052 Wk Range1.250 - 2.670

Finding the best high-volume penny stocks is important to everyday traders. These can offer amazing gains when executed. The process of finding the best of these is very challenging for traders. Sometimes you can assume that a stock is a high-volume penny stock, only to realize it's not. 

Major stock markets are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many stocks are suffering from an overall drop. Investors are becoming more skeptical each day about investing options. But high-volume penny stocks are still experiencing massive volume. Good stocks have high trading volumes, which means low liquidity. If a penny stock has a high volume you can identify the market and stock momentum and confirm the trend in the stocks. 

High-volume stocks indicate upswings in an industry or a particular company, therefore a sustainable move. If a stock has low volume, then it means the stock isn’t experiencing enough trades. Stocks can have 0 trading volume. This means the exchange has stopped accepting nor processing any trading transactions (buy/sell) associated with that particular stock. Increased demand for a stock can be seen from its trading stock volume.

Not all of these stocks are worth considering. Still, some of these stocks should definitely be avoided. As a trader, if you want to buy this type of stock, research them before investing.

Quick Look at the Best High-Volume Penny Stocks:


Penny stocks are most often issued by small companies and trade below $5 per share. Trading volume represents the number of stocks traded on a particular day, including both buy and sell orders. While trading volume is different from dollar volume. Dollar volume is the stock share price multiplied by the trading volume. These stocks lack a clear definition. 

To define a high-volume penny stock, you need to check whether it meets the requirement of a penny stock. After that, you look at the trading stock volume. You can find a high stock volume trading under $0.10. You might think a 1 million trading stock volume is high only to realize the stock doesn’t fit into the category of high-volume penny stock. 

Which Penny Stocks Are Most Profitable?

Penny stocks are available in different sectors, and each sector experiences different trading volumes in 1 day. As a trader, you need method of defining what a high-stock volume is. This can be done using a minimum average benchmark for daily trading. You can use 2 million as the smallest trading daily average when determining the minimum average benchmark for daily trading.

The top 10 penny stocks cannot guarantee you a profit, but they show you where investors are most “invested” right now. You might also search for things like:

  • High volume penny stocks today
  • High volume penny stocks under $1
  • High volume penny stocks under 10 cents
  • Best biotech penny stocks
  • Best cyber security penny stocks
  • Best retail penny stocks, etc.

These stocks do not come with a certainty of impressive returns on investment. The attractive feature of these types of stocks is that you can sell them when you want to. Low-volume penny stocks are prone to erratic price movements and therefore harder to sell. Most traders use an online stock screener to find their most preferred high-volume penny stocks.

Calculating the daily trading volume is easy. The figures can also be accessed from various exchange platforms. What is most important is understanding the trading volume. Trading volume can predict the sustainability of price trends. It’s one of the critical factors to consider when investing or trading.

Best Online Brokers for High-Volume Penny Stocks

Some traders struggle to find the best penny stocks. This is due to a lack of an effective strategy. The best option is to have someone help select the best high-volume penny stock for you. You can find experienced and reliable online brokers that can locate and assess the best-performing high-volume penny stocks. Consider our recommended list of best online brokers.

Are Penny Stocks Worth Buying in 2021?

Stock market volatility can be scary to some traders. There are abundant lucrative opportunities for investors who are not afraid of the risk. One such opportunity is investing in high-volume penny stocks. Although penny stocks are risky, they offer big payoffs. As a trader, a good trading strategy is important when investing in the right high-volume penny stock. The perfect trading strategy involves researching various stocks thoroughly before picking your best high-volume stocks.

Are there penny stocks on your watchlist? It’s worth considering once you understand how they work and how they differ from higher-priced stocks.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are high-volume penny stocks?


High-volume penny stocks are stocks that are traded in high volumes.


Are penny stocks a good investment?


As long as you do your due diligence, penny stocks can be a good investment.


What are some good high-volume penny stocks?


Benzinga offers a list of the best high-volume penny stocks above.