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Trump's Niece Says Ex-President's Support Within Party Waning After Republican Defector's Bold Move To Biden Camp: 'Sign Of More Good Things To Come'
Trump's Niece Says Ex-President Has Made It Clear He Wants To Be Authoritarian Upon Returning To Office: 'Once That Happens, He Will Not Be Stopped'
Trump's Niece Says Her Uncle's Role In DeSantis-Led Florida Abortion Ban Is Undeniable: 'Chilling Reminder Of Precarious State Of Women's Rights...'
Trump's Niece Says Ex-President Could Face Criminal Charges Over His PACs' Sketchy Transactions: 'Donald's Legal Quagmire Deepens'
Trump's Niece Says Ex-President Could See Potential Imprisonment As Opportunity: 'Donald Is Facing Real-Time Consequences For His Transgressions'
Donald Trump's Niece Mocks Him For Falling Asleep During Criminal Trial: 'I'm A Little Worried That Narcolepsy Runs In The Family'
Trump's Niece Says Ex-President Has Never Faced 'Constellation Of Horrors He's Currently Experiencing' Amid Stack Of Criminal Trials: 'Not Going To Sit Well With Him'
Trump's Niece Says Ex-President's Mandatory Courtroom Presence Will Give Jury Front-Row Seat Of His Bad Behavior: 'Donald Is Finally Confronting His Criminal Charges'
Trump's Niece Says Ex-President's Legal Team Taking 'Stroll In Minefield:' 'Every Step Triggers Another...Setback'
Trump's Niece Says Jared Kushner Should Be Held Accountable For Nexus With Authoritarian Governments: 'Critical We Shine A Light On This'
Trump's Niece Says Ex-President May Have Committed One Of His 'Biggest Mistakes' As Letitia James 'Closer To Liquidating Donald's Assets'
Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump, Elon Musk Reacts After RFK Jr. Calls President 'Much Worse Threat' And More: This Week In Politics
Trump's Niece Says NY Attorney General Letitia James Doing Perfect Job Holding Ex-President Accountable Every Step Of Way: 'No One Can Sidestep The Law'
Trump's Niece Tells How Florida Supreme Court Abortion Ruling Could Trigger 'Seismic Shift' In Red State And 'Give Donald Nightmares'
Mary Trump Says Uncle Donald 'Willing To Do Business With Anyone' After Reports Emerge Trump Media Was Bailed Out By Russian-American Businessman Under Federal Probe
Trump's Niece Says Ex-President's 'Scheme Might Already Be Backfiring' After TMTG Stock Plunge Erodes His Net Worth: 'Donald's Bubble Pops'
Trump's Niece Says Biden's Massive Fundraising Success A Signal He's 'Formidable Contender:' 'Donald Is Finally Losing Ground'
Trump Stripped Of One Of His 'Go-To Tools' By New York Judge, Says Ex-President's Niece As Hush Money Election Interference 'Shaping Up To Be Worst Case Scenario'
Trump's Niece Says Ex-President 'Faces Better Chance' Of Being A Convicted Criminal Before 2024 Election: 'That Will Prove Extremely Detrimental'
Trump's Niece Flags Key Factor That Could Make It Hard For Him To Reach Swing Voters: 'Large Portions Of The Electorate…Increasingly Tired Of Him'
Trump's Niece Says Ex-President's 'Unvarnished Fascism' Will Be 'His Own Undoing' As It Fractures Republican Voters
'Cracks In Donald's Armor:' Trump's Niece Warns Ex-President's Behavior Could Become 'Even More Volatile' Amid 'Worst-Case' Legal Scenario
Biden Vs. Trump Showdown May Edge Towards A Slim Victory For This Candidate — How Crucial Are Swing Votes For The Incumbent?