2020 Presidential Election

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Melania Trump's Ex-Aide Clarifies Her Quiet Stance Amid Ex-President's Legal Issues: 'She Will Show Up...When She Wants To'
DeSantis Distances Himself From Trump's 2020 Election Theories: '...Did Not Prove To Be True'
Donald Trump Appears Like 'A Scared Puppy' In Court, Says Nancy Pelosi: 'He Looked...Concerned About The Fate'
Donald Trump's Threatening Response To Legal Challenges: 'If You Go After Me, I'm Coming After You!'
Trump Ally Accused Of 'Orchestrating' Voting Machine Tampering Faces Charges In Michigan
Trump Knew He Lost 2020 Election To Biden, Says Former AG Barr: 'It Would Not Come Out Very Well For Him'
Trump Takes Third Indictment In His Stride, While His World Remains Calm, Unperturbed: 'Not A Shock'
Trump Reportedly Conceded Biden's 2020 Win To Top Military Advisor Ahead Of Jan. 6 Riots: 'We're Going To Give That To The Next Guy'
Donald Trump Asks After Yet Another Indictment, 'Why Didn't They Bring This Ridiculous Case 2.5 Years Ago?'
Donald Trump's Ex-Lawyer Says Former President Is 'Panicking' Over Legal Challenges: 'He's Thinking How Bad This Is Going To Be'
Trump Trying To 'Gaslight' Republicans, Says Former White House Aide — 'You Better Get Behind Me. I'm Gonna Be President Again'
Rudy Giuliani Admits To False Accusations Against Georgia Election Workers
Arizona Republican Who Backed Trump In 2020 Now Funds PAC Against Him — And Supports 'Man Of Action' DeSantis
Trump Target Letter Accuses Him Of Defrauding US, Violating 2 Other Federal Statutes In 2020 Election Overturn Probe
Trump Hints New Indictment As 2020 Election Probe Heats Up: 'Dropping All Charges Against Me For Lack Of A Case'
Elon Musk Calls Out AP Over 'Rigged' Election Allegations On Twitter: 'Back Up Your Claims…Or Retract Your Story'