Best Stock Scanners

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The New York Stock Exchange has 10 markets and is home to over 2,400 companies, each issuing their own shares of stock. On the NASDAQ, you’ll find even more listings, with 3,800 corporations offering shares of stock. 

With so many stocks, you might be wondering — how does anyone decide which stocks to buy or sell, and how do traders find new purchase opportunities? The answer to both of these questions is often a stock screener.

A stock screener is a tool used by traders to identify stocks that match a certain set of criteria. For example, you can use a stock screener to filter stocks by industry, price, the average number of shares that change hands in 1 day and more. Stock screeners are an essential tool for the beginner trader — especially if you’re getting ready to try day trading or swing trading and you aren’t sure which assets to buy and sell. 

Best Stock Scanners Right Now:

  • Best Simple Stock Scanner: Yahoo! Finance
  • Best for Intermediate Traders: TradingView
  • Best for Beginner Traders: Finviz
  • Best for Stocks: Benzinga Pro
  • Best for Options: BarChart
  • Best for Futures: TeleTrader

Best Stock Scanners for a Volatile Market

If you’re planning on taking advantage of the current market volatility, a stock screener can be an essential tool. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite stock screeners for traders of all skill levels. 

1. Best Simple Stock Scanner: Yahoo! Finance

If you use Yahoo for email, you might already receive stock market updates from Yahoo’s mailing list. But did you know that the media network also provides a simple, easy-to-use stock screener as well?

Yahoo Finance’s simple stock screener is free and perfect for beginners. 

Yahoo Finance’s stock screener is straightforward and simple enough for anyone to master. Its free version allows you to search for stocks under a certain price, on a particular exchange, by market cap and more. 

Yahoo offers free real-time screening quotes and charts, and you can create an unlimited number of watchlists and lots to organize the stocks you frequently trade. Yahoo Finance also offers a comprehensive mobile app and an expanded premium version that includes advanced metrics, daily trade suggestions and more.


  • Simple, intuitive layout perfect for beginners
  • Great mobile app
  • Free real-time quotes and streaming data


  • Very limited number of screening criteria
PriceStandard is free (4 services); $34.99 per month for Premium accounts
Real-Time ScannerIncluded
Mobile App CapabilityYes; free app for Apple and Android platforms
Alert FeatureYes
OffersFree Premium trial for 14 days

2. Best for Intermediate Traders: TradingView

If you’re looking for an expanded range of features with a simple design and layout, consider TradingView. TradingView offers a few different plan options, and there’s a free option if you’re only interested in testing out the features. TradingView allows you to view real-time streaming quotes on its paid accounts, and you can screen stocks using a wide range of fundamental and technical criteria. 

Combining solid charting options, fundamental and technical screening criteria and a design that most traders will master in as little as a few hours, TradingView is an excellent choice for intermediate traders.

Creating watchlists with TradingView is also a breeze, and you can create as many custom watchlists as you need. If you trade forex or cryptocurrencies with stocks, TradingView also offers custom screeners for these assets as well. Combining a smooth design with powerful tools, TradingView is our top choice for the intermediate trader.


  • 12 customizable chart types
  • Price, indicator and custom alerts available
  • Over 100 fundamental and technical screening criteria


  • 4 plan tiers make it more difficult to choose a paid option
  • Real time charting not available on free accounts
PriceFree to $59.95 per month depending on account type
Real-Time ScannerIncluded on paid packages
Mobile App CapabilityYes; free app for Apple and Android platforms
Alert FeatureYes
Offers30-day free trial

3. Best for Beginner Traders: Finviz

If you’re looking for the widest range of screening tools and charting options, be sure to consider Finviz and Finviz Elite in your search. Hundreds of screening criteria are available, including average volume, current daily volume, price, IPO date, beta, expected EPS growth and many more. Results are clearly laid out, and both novice and experienced traders will quickly master the platform. 

With a wide range of screening tools, custom charting options and up to 100 portfolios, Finviz Elite is a powerful tool for all traders.

Finviz Elite expands on the free version of the platform, offering real-time streaming data, advanced charting options, email alert features and more. Technical studies, more advanced sales and revenue data and layout customization is also available through Finviz’s paid account options. Traders can also access a few of the platform’s more advanced features by registering with their email account.


  • Simple platform layout
  • Widest range of screening tools
  • Widest range of email alert options


  • More expensive than other options
  • No free trial available (but can cancel and receive a refund during 1st month)
PriceFree to $39.50 per month depending on billing frequency and package
Real-Time ScannerIncluded on paid packages
Mobile App CapabilityN/A
Alert FeatureIncluded
OffersNo free trial. However, you can cancel at any time during your first month and receive a full refund. 

4. Best for Stocks: Benzinga Pro

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all the information needed to buy and sell stocks, look no further than Benzinga Pro. The comprehensive, all-in-one platform provides you with real-time charting and a massive range of indicators, screening criteria and alert options. Active traders, in particular, will love Benzinga Pro’s full calendar suite, which includes information on upcoming earnings reports, revenue announcements and other events. 

With a live news feed, real-time desktop and email alerts, customizable watchlists and more, it’s tough to beat Benzinga Pro’s complete stock trading information center.

One of Benzinga Pro’s most unique features is Audio Squawk, which allows you to save time and screen space by reading you the day’s key headlines. With a wide range of unique features and a ton of useful tools, Benzinga Pro is the top analysis platform for serious traders.


  • Real-time news feed
  • Audio Squawk features reads the headlines for you
  • Instant desktop and email alerts
  • Unusual trading activity monitor
  • Multi-security research capabilities


  • Most expensive analysis solution on the list
  • Some tools may not be suitable for beginners
Price$99 to $147 per month depending on package and billing frequency
Real-time ScannerIncluded
Mobile App CapabilityYes; Free app for Apple devices
Alert FeatureIncluded
Offers Trial14-day free trial

5. Best for Options: Barchart

Barchart is a comprehensive options screening tool you can use to explore daily options market opportunities. Sort by daily trading volume, days until expiration, closeness of the strike price and even “unusual trading volume” with Barchart’s screener. You can also view each hypothetical trade’s entry and exit price on a chart to better identify trends and signals, and you’ll also receive targeted Options Reports when you become a Barchart Premier account holder.

Quickly browse options, set up complex, multi-leg alerts and up your options trading with BarChart Premier. 

One of Barchart’s most impressive features is its complex alert system. You can set up alerts for price changes, volatility movements, technical indicators and more. Particularly tech-savvy traders can even link their TrendSpotter account and receive an alert when a buy or sell signal is reached. You can receive an instant notification on your email or via SMS when an alert is triggered. 


  • Complex, multi-leg SMS and email alert notifications available
  • BarChart Premier offers a hypothetical stock market simulator to explore options contracts without commitment
  • Up to 20 years of price data and research included with your account


  • No mobile app capabilities
  • Layout of the platform is a bit dated
Price$15.33 to $29.95 per month depending on billing frequency
Real-Time ScannerIncluded on paid accounts
Mobile App CapabilityN/A
Alert FeatureIncluded
Offers Trial30-day free trial

6. Best for Futures: TeleTrader

TeleTrader is a comprehensive stock screener and charting platform that gives individual traders access to professional-grade trading analysis tools. The TeleTrader desktop platform allows you to scan the futures market, view current price changes and even explore news stories related to your most frequently traded contracts all from 1 home screen. 

TeleTrader is a comprehensive futures screening and charting platform offering advanced capabilities for individual and institutional traders. 

TeleTrader also offers one of the most impressive apps we’ve seen when it comes to all markets. TeleTrader’s free app, available for both Apple and Android devices, offers interactive charting, real-time trading updates and charts, an easy-to-use currency converter and more. There’s even a unique app for Apple Watches and tablet users. TeleTrader’s app offers the full functionality of its desktop platform, and you can even set alerts to pop up on your cell phone or smartwatch depending on your preferences and indicators. 


  • Comprehensive and free desktop screener will be enough for most traders
  • Excellent mobile app with a host of unique features and charting tools


  • More in-depth tools only available to institutional investors
PriceFree; paid accounts available for institutional investors only
Real-Time ScannerIncluded
Mobile App CapabilityFree app available for Apple and Android devices
Alert FeatureIncluded
Offers N/A

Biggest Stock Gainers and Losers Right Now

Getting ready to dive into a new trading day? Before you open up your trading software and make your 1st trade of the day, check out our list of the top-moving stocks making waves on the market today. 


Session: May 28, 2020 4:00 pm – May 29, 2020 3:59 pm
Symbol Open Close Change Change % Volume
Buy KBLMW Stock – Trade for Free KBLMW
KBL Merger Corp. IV – Warrant
0.05 0.12 0.07 139.80% 80.88K
Buy NSPR.WS.B Stock – Trade for Free NSPR.WS.B
InspireMD, Inc. Series B Warrants, (Expiring March 14, 2022)
0.00 0.01 0.01 136.73% 0.86K
Buy ADAP Stock – Trade for Free ADAP
Adaptimmune Therapeutics
4.86 10.96 6.10 125.51% 60.39M
Buy GMBLW Stock – Trade for Free GMBLW
Esports Entertainment Group Inc. – Warrant
2.35 4.73 2.39 101.71% 24.03K
Buy SNOA Stock – Trade for Free SNOA
Sonoma Pharmaceuticals
5.41 10.02 4.61 85.21% 18.92M
Buy NDRAW Stock – Trade for Free NDRAW
ENDRA Life Sciences Inc. – Warrants
0.10 0.19 0.08 78.40% 0.20K
Buy ARYAW Stock – Trade for Free ARYAW
ARYA Sciences Acquisition Corp. – Warrant
2.74 4.60 1.86 67.88% 19.34K
Buy GMBL Stock – Trade for Free GMBL
Esports Entertainment
5.42 9.00 3.58 66.05% 4.65M
Buy LMFAW Stock – Trade for Free LMFAW
LM Funding America, Inc. – Warrant
0.02 0.03 0.01 65.00% 36.30K
Buy MFAC.WS Stock – Trade for Free MFAC.WS
Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp. Warrants, each warrant exercisable for one share of Class A Common Stock at an exercise price of $11.50
0.42 0.69 0.27 64.26% 1.12M
Buy MUDSW Stock – Trade for Free MUDSW
Mudrick Capital Acquisition Corporation – Warrant
0.79 1.19 0.40 50.63% 2.97M
Buy AVCTW Stock – Trade for Free AVCTW
American Virtual Cloud Technologies, Inc. – Warrant expiring 4/7/2020
0.06 0.09 0.03 50.00% 48.35K
Buy PAACR Stock – Trade for Free PAACR
Proficient Alpha Acquisition Corp. – Rights
0.16 0.24 0.08 49.94% 45.85K
Buy AGE Stock – Trade for Free AGE
AgeX Therapeutics, Inc. Common Stock
0.76 1.13 0.38 49.67% 4.12M
Buy CFFAW Stock – Trade for Free CFFAW
CF Finance Acquisition Corp. – Warrant
0.58 0.85 0.27 46.58% 24.43K
Buy ROSEW Stock – Trade for Free ROSEW
Rosehill Resources Inc. – Warrants
0.01 0.02 0.01 42.86% 26.25K
Buy PHIO Stock – Trade for Free PHIO
Phio Pharmaceuticals
2.24 3.17 0.93 41.29% 30.90M
Buy MNCLW Stock – Trade for Free MNCLW
Monocle Acquisition Corporation – Warrants
0.20 0.28 0.08 40.00% 13.13K
Buy SHLL.WS Stock – Trade for Free SHLL.WS
Tortoise Acquisition Corp. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one share of Class A common stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per share
0.32 0.44 0.12 37.50% 10.97K
Buy SGLBW Stock – Trade for Free SGLBW
Sigma Labs, Inc. – Warrant
0.13 0.18 0.05 36.64% 1.00K


Session: May 28, 2020 4:00 pm – May 29, 2020 3:59 pm
Symbol Open Close Change Change % Volume
Buy NERV Stock – Trade for Free NERV
Minerva Neurosciences
13.47 3.72 -9.75 -72.38% 40.26M
Buy LSACW Stock – Trade for Free LSACW
LifeSci Acquisition Corp. – Warrant
1.47 0.50 -0.97 -65.99% 2.94K
Buy DUOT Stock – Trade for Free DUOT
Duos Technologies Group
7.00 4.50 -2.50 -35.71% 0.21K
Buy ABIO Stock – Trade for Free ABIO
ARCA biopharma
19.21 12.62 -6.60 -34.33% 2.86M
Buy SKYS Stock – Trade for Free SKYS
Sky Solar Holdings
3.76 2.65 -1.11 -29.52% 21.85K
Buy BRBS Stock – Trade for Free BRBS
Blue Ridge Bankshares, Inc. Common Stock
20.75 14.65 -6.10 -29.40% 0.87K
Buy KBLMR Stock – Trade for Free KBLMR
KBL Merger Corp. IV – Rights
0.09 0.07 -0.02 -25.33% 7.61K
Buy GSMGW Stock – Trade for Free GSMGW
Glory Star New Media Group Holdings Limited – Warrant
0.04 0.03 -0.01 -25.00% 0.35K
Buy TGEN Stock – Trade for Free TGEN
0.86 0.65 -0.21 -24.43% 51.03K
Buy HUSN Stock – Trade for Free HUSN
Hudson Capital
0.70 0.53 -0.17 -24.29% 51.08K
Buy IEAWW Stock – Trade for Free IEAWW
Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives, Inc. – Warrant
0.03 0.02 -0.01 -23.67% 1.17K
Buy ZGYHW Stock – Trade for Free ZGYHW
Yunhong International – Warrant
0.13 0.10 -0.03 -23.08% 6.06K
Buy PAAC Stock – Trade for Free PAAC
Proficient Alpha
10.15 7.85 -2.30 -22.66% 50.78K
Buy TUES Stock – Trade for Free TUES
Tuesday Morning
0.31 0.24 -0.07 -22.58% 10.21M
Buy ARVN Stock – Trade for Free ARVN
44.85 34.84 -10.01 -22.32% 2.94M
Buy TBLT Stock – Trade for Free TBLT
ToughBuilt Industries
1.10 0.87 -0.23 -20.91% 13.47M
Buy CGC Stock – Trade for Free CGC
Canopy Growth
21.99 17.43 -4.56 -20.74% 12.75M
Buy SAQNW Stock – Trade for Free SAQNW
Software Acquisition Group Inc. – Warrant
0.63 0.50 -0.13 -20.63% 12.06K
Buy SHIPZ Stock – Trade for Free SHIPZ
Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp – Class B Warrant
0.03 0.02 -0.01 -20.40% 17.36K
Buy CLUB Stock – Trade for Free CLUB
Town Sports Intl Hldgs
1.00 0.80 -0.20 -19.98% 68.41K

Using Your Stock Screener Effectively

The right stock screener can greatly enhance your trading and help you identify more profitable trading opportunities. However, your screener is just one of the research tools you’ll need to stay on top of the market’s movements. Be sure that you’ve got a grasp on your trading fundamentals, a brokerage account that works with your needs and skill levels and a great source for daily market news before you trade. 

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