The Impeccable Stock Software Review

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June 1, 2021
The Impeccable Stock Software
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The Impeccable Stock Software is a stock picking service with a focus on swing trading. The service separates itself from the pack by offering a variety of features for a very affordable price. Many stock picking services charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month for their alerts, but the Impeccable Stock Software offers its full suite of services for less than $100. The site is geared toward novice traders and there’s a trove of tutorials and trials for potential clients to get their feet wet. However, beginners aren’t the only ones who can find utility from the tools offered here.

Best For
  • Swing traders
  • Novice investors
  • Traders looking for actionable information
  • More affordable than competitors
  • Precise information and profit goals
  • Diverse community
  • Only for certain types of traders

The Impeccable Stock Software Ratings at a Glance

The Impeccable Stock Software was launched in November 2020 under the Impeccable Investor brand. Impeccable Investor has established a 300,000 follower social media presence in just 3 short years and over 10,000 students have participated in its trading courses.

As a stock picking service, the Impeccable Stock Software employs a trend-following strategy with a focus on math and probabilities. There are 3 different product packages to choose from, each offering a different level of services. Impeccable Stock Software provides a lot of bang for your buck and is one of our more highly-rated stock picking services.

The Impeccable Stock Software Product Selection

“Stop Guessing, Start Profiting” is the motto of Impeccable Stock Software and its program aims to take the uncertainty out of trading. Three different tiers are available, each with a different price point depending on the level of service provided.

At each of the three service levels, you get access to core features like the Impeccable Stock Analyzer and Impeccable Stock Screener. The analyzer and screener can be used to find stocks that match your designated criteria, but the search options are much more robust than those found at traditional brokers.


Search equities based on P/L potential, trend, recommendation level and DCF value. You can even use prebuilt screens like Stocks Ready to Explode or Steady Safe Growers.

In addition to the analyzer and screener, clients also get email notifications, video breakdowns and access to plenty of research material. All tools and features are explained with helpful video tutorials as well.

The Impeccable Stock Software Pricing

The Impeccable Stock Software offers 3 service tiers, each with an affordable price point considering the features included. Here’s a breakdown of the plans:

  • Basic ($27 per month): The simplest package gives clients 300 monthly searches on the Impeccable Stock Analyzer and another 30 monthly searches on the Stock Screener. Basic package clients also get email alerts, mobile app access and daily video breakdowns. You’ll also get access to the community through a private group chat.
  • Premium ($47 per month):  The Premium plan has all the bells and whistles of the Basic, only with 1,000 monthly Stock Analyzer searches and unlimited use of the Stock Screener. Premium clients also get chat support and Research Overload access, featuring sector analysis, economic dates and an earnings calendar.
  • Pro ($97 per month): All the features included from the Premium package, adding both the Stock Analyzer and Stock Screener with unlimited uses. You’ll also get 500 custom watchlists and research tracking IPOs, different portfolios and insider trading updates. Advanced charting tools are available at this tier and you’ll get priority support on the chat line.

Also, 3 packages have a 2-month free discount if you sign up for an annual subscription. All tiers also get the Stockflix service, which champions itself as “Netflix for stocks.”

The Impeccable Stock Software Promotions

There’s only one promotion currently offered by The Impeccable Stock Software, but it’s a big one — a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. Not every stock-picking service will be a good fit as investors all have different styles and goals. But with a 14-day free trial, prospective clients can fully immerse themselves in the product and explore all its features. And since you aren’t putting down a credit card, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to cancel and getting charged.

The Impeccable Stock Software Customer Service

There’s no phone support for customer service, but clients can reach its Stock Software via email and (a personal favorite) the chat. The chat option appears as a small blue box in the right bottom corner of each page, but hours aren’t posted and response times can vary. The FAQs section also contains over 50 articles discussing how to use the site, plus a few on different trading techniques and types of securities.

The Impeccable Stock Software User Experience

Navigating the Stock Software is simple. You’ll only need your name, email and a password for your account to start the 14-day trial and access to the software is granted in seconds. Once on board, you’ll find a series of menu bars at the top of the screen and a search bar with over 150,000 available securities.


Here’s a shot of the Stock Analyzer, which provides an analysis snippet and a plan for trading. The Stock Screener is also easy to use and the results contain detailed trading strategies and plans. For example, the list of Great Buys shows stats like trend score, risk to reward and actionable info like take profit and stop-loss levels. 


The Stockflix section can be accessed through your Account settings tab, which has a programming lineup like Sunday market commentary, Quick Tutorials, 101 Masterclasses and older, more target videos like How to Grow a Small Account.

The Impeccable Stock Software is a great stock picking service for beginners and novices since the platform doesn’t have much of a learning curve and the info provided is succinct and easy to understand.

The Impeccable Stock Software User Benefits

Many stock-picking services aim at high net worth clients who are willing to shell out large sums for advice on how to plow their money into the markets. Most of these stock pickers fail to deliver on the promises of easy wins and even if they do make some good calls, a large membership fee eats into much of your profits.

The Impeccable Stock Software is a place where novice traders can feel like they’re getting bang for their buck. With pricing as low as $27 per month, a small account can afford to be built up slowly without worrying about monthly dues. Learning on the job is the reality for any type of trader and its Stock Software recognizes that by making its services affordable and crystal clear. 

The Impeccable Stock Software Overall Rating

The Impeccable Stock Software is an affordable alternative to some of the high-flying stock gurus giving out weekly stock picks for exorbitant sums. With a low price point of $27 per month, one or two winning trades will more than make up for the cost. More importantly, the service allows beginners to learn about how the plumbing of the market works while still heeding the advice of “less is more.”

There are some bells and whistles here, but not many. One of the reasons the site is able to charge so little for its service is because of the lack of frills and unnecessary tools. The ideal client is a swing trader, so overdoing the technical analysis aspects could be a turn-off. Novice traders can also benefit since the barriers to entry are low and the knowledge and experience gained should be positive, at least down the road. The 14-day free trial is worth taking a look at — click on the link here.

The Impeccable Stock Software vs Competitors

As mentioned above, there is no shortage of competitors to services like The Impeccable Stock Software. However, we find it’s able to differentiate itself in these key ways:

  • Price: Let’s face it, this is the most crucial point for most people, especially novice investors. If you’re just starting to build a portfolio, a costly stock selecting service could seriously dampen your profits. The Impeccable Stock Software has an affordable setup for beginners and doesn’t charge nearly as much for the premium stuff as alternative services.
  • Actionable info: If you’re just beginning your life as a swing trader, you don’t need vague suggestions and encouragement. You need to know where to look for the stocks that fit your trading criteria and how to take action. The Impeccable Stock Software provides entry points, exit points and probability projections for all its recommendations.
  • Strong community: The service has a 14-day trial for all new users who want to get a tryout, and one of the main selling points during that trial run is the trading community. Impeccable Stock Software has an active Discord server and over 1,200 paying clients. Even the customer service offers a personal touch that adds to the community aspect. 

The Impeccable Stock Software Tutorial

One of the best aspects of The Impeccable Stock Software is the frequency of videos to explain certain topics or breakdown how different features of the site can be used. The Impeccable Investor YouTube page is loaded with helpful hints — here’s the Stock Software tutorial:

Frequently Asked Questions


Which chart is best for trading?


It depends on your style of trading and level of expertise. For new swing traders, pennant or flag chart patterns usually have high success rates.


Which time frame is best for day trading?


Day traders need to have precise entry and exit points since their profit margins are thinner than swing traders. Using 5-min, 3-min, or even 1-min chart time frames aren’t uncommon.

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