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October 15, 2021
3 Commas
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3Commas is a crypto trading platform that offers novices and experts tools to become a profitable crypto trader. Its range of educational resources, dashboard to track your different exchanges and library of bots and algorithms can give you a major edge. 

3Commas offers a range of affordably priced plans and an intuitively-designed trading platform so you can set and tweak your trading parameters.

Best For
  • All skill levels
  • Those who want full access to all exchanges
  • Investors looking for customization
  • Comprehensive education and learning tools
  • Affordable, scalable plans for traders of all levels
  • User-friendly dashboard with all the features you need in 1 place
  • Access all major crypto exchanges in 1 platform
  • Responsive customer service
  • Library of bots you can view and copy
  • Onboarding process is long and possibly overwhelming for beginners
  • May experience some minor lag in the mobile app

3 Commas Ratings at a Glance

3Commas Quick Summary 

Overall4.5 Stars
Fees and Account Minimums4 Stars
Ease of Use4 Stars
Education5 Stars
Customer Support5 Stars
Offerings4.5 Stars
Mobile App3.5 Stars

3Commas Fees and Account Minimums

3Commas offers 4 different plans, including a basic plan that's free of charge. Also, there are no other fees or requirements beyond your monthly subscription fee for its premium plans. However, since the platform integrates with other exchanges, you may need to pay transaction fees associated with your cryptocurrency exchange.

Take time to compare the pricing of each plan to the activity in your portfolio. Advanced traders can afford to (and should) spend a little extra money to get the services they need. Start small, only invest money you can afford to lose and increase spending as your portfolio expands.

Free Plan$0.00
Starter Plan$22 per month
Advanced Plan$37 per month
Pro Plan$74 per month

3Commas Ease of Use

Even beginners can easily navigate 3Commas’ desktop and mobile app. During the onboarding process, you’ll connect to your preferred exchange and choose a trading bot based on the type of trades you’re interested in. If you have a paid plan, you'll be able to use multiple trading bots at once.

You can customize bots to your preferences so you don’t have to glue yourself to your computer screen all day. Bots can do everything from selecting the currency and the amount to invest in certain assets. This way, you don't need to place buy and sell orders manually.

You’ll also choose your trading pair, investment amount, target profits and other details during the onboarding process. You can adjust these later, but this detailed onboarding process makes it possible to streamline the trading process later. You can also use the preferences and settings you establish to optimize your trades based on your target profit and risk tolerance.

Keep in mind, the onboarding process can seem overwhelming for beginners due to the variety of parameters that need to be set up. If you haven’t done much trading before this, you might feel unsure when it asks you which type of bot to add.

You can choose either a simple bot or a composite bot. A simple bot can trade 1 coin pair (like Bitcoin and U.S. dollars). A composite bot can trade multiple coin pairs. Once you choose your bot, you build its trading strategy step by step, including the following details:

  • Coin pair(s) it will trade
  • Maximum number of active trades
  • Base order size
  • Long or short trading strategy
  • Order type

If you have no background in cryptocurrency or trading strategy, we highly recommend going through the trading school courses. These courses will help you figure out which parameters to set for both manual and automatic trades.

You’ll find the user interface a breeze once you gain that foundation. It’s easy to execute trades, check your total portfolio value, gains, rebalances and anything else you need to do right from the dashboard. 

Here are some of the most convenient features we found on 3Commas:

  • Ability to place orders on multiple crypto exchanges in one window
  • 1 Simple app that gives you access to the best liquidity
  • Push notifications to alert you to significant events 
  • 3Commas' smart trade platform allows you to add take profit and stop loss levels to every trade

3Commas Education

Members get access to the 3Commas trading school, paper trading and an active learning community. You can sign up with no knowledge of cryptocurrencies, bot trading or technical analysis and learn how to be a successful trader at your own pace.

The trading school includes all plans and features, 4 courses covering crypto basics to trading strategies and how to build a trading bot on the 3Commas platform.

The platform also offers paper trading so you can practice your strategies and try out your bot in a simulated crypto market before you put your actual money on the line. This is a great tool for beginners, as well as more advanced traders who want to test out a new strategy under real market conditions.

In addition to courses and practical tools, the platform also has an active learning community where other traders can discuss the lessons, share ideas and help each other understand the material.

3Commas Customer Support

Most users find 3Commas customer service very responsive and willing to solve any issues or answer questions about the platform or trading. 

You can contact the firm through the following channels:

Customer Support 
Payment Information 
Website Contact Page

3Commas Offerings

3Commas offers 4 tiers of service: Free, Starter, Advanced and Pro. 

The free plan includes the following features:

  • Manual buying and selling on 18 cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Ability to view and copy trade bots
  • One DCA, Options, HODL and Grid Bot
  • One Active SmartTrade
  • Short algorithms
  • Long algorithms
  • Automated portfolio balancing
  • Unlimited Scalper Terminal
  • API access

You can join right away with the free plan and take advantage of all the training, education, paper trading and other learning tools they offer without having to pay a monthly fee. This is a great way to get started, since you'll be able to see whether or not you'll benefit from the platform before actually paying for it.

Once you finish the courses and develop a trading strategy that works with your investment goals, you can upgrade to one of the more advanced plans. With these more advanced plans, you can start putting your new trading skills to work!

The more advanced plans have additional features like smart sell, options bots, GRID bots and DCA bots. Choosing the right plan comes down to how much you plan to trade and whether you want to trade options and futures.

While the free plan includes some basic features, you have limited access to most of what 3Commas has to offer. If you want to do more serious trading, we recommend a paid plan.

3Commas Mobile App

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll have access to the mobile app. What's more, the mobile app has all the features of the desktop version, so you can perform the same types of trades directly from your smartphone.

This makes it convenient to check in on your trades from anywhere. But the mobile app doesn’t run quite as smoothly as the desktop version yet. The developers are continuing to update it, but you’ll notice some delays in the notifications and the mobile smart trading platform. 

Overall Rating for 3Commas

While the smart sell, smart cover and intuitive dashboard all make this a great platform for manual trading, 3Commas is best suited to aspiring bot traders. If you’re not interested in automated or algo trading, you won’t utilize all the features the platform has to offer. Instead, signing up for a typical cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase or Gemini may better suit your needs.

User Reviews


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

I didnt have a problem with 3 comma's . Used the DCA bots successfully for 4 months making decent profit. Market crashed then tried my own thing.


How do you use this product to boost your finances?

This company is a total waste of time, energy and money. We set up bots on Trading View (TV) and wondered why we where getting into trades at different prices and times as stated on TV only to find some orders where taking up to 9 minutes to be actualised

3commas user

How do you use this product to boost your finances?

I wouldn't recommend 3commas at all. It has significant bugs that make it more of a liability than a benefit and their support always says it's not their fault. Don't say you weren't warned when you lose $$$ because it screws up.

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