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Forex Broker Services – Part II


Forex brokers provide their services in two ways:
• Phone-in Service: where people can call in and trade. Phone-in trading has its demerits because forex market information changes fairly rapidly. So if you are calling your broker and even if it connects in the first try, the forex market information would already have changed several times.
• Online Brokers: These are brokers who provide clients with an online platform to trade independently. Online brokers provide traders with the opportunity to trade and book profits as and when they realize a real time market movement.

Choosing an online broker is an important step in forex trading. An investor should base his/her decision regarding the choice of forex broker on the following parameters:
Trading & Analysis Tools: Always choose a brokerage firm which provides trading tools that can seize the real market information by instant and automated trade execution and those analysis tools that can truly depict the market conditions.

Charting and News Information: Choose a broker who provides free charting capabilities and technical analysis news information.

Leverage: Choose a broking firm that offers high leverage. Leverage is basically the amount an investor can trade with respect to his/her deposit with the broker. For example, a broker offering a leverage ratio of 100:1 offers 100 units of a currency for per unit deposit.

To find out about the other parameters, please click here.

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