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Watch Live Stock Market News

PreMarket Prep show covers the breaking financial news and highlights of the day.

Moon Or Bust

Tune in to Moon Or Bust, where we discuss everything about altcoins and the DeFi space.

Benzinga Live Show

Daily Trade Idea Show

Live Trading With Benzinga

Join all your favorite Benzinga personalities as they trade through the market open. Options trading, swing trading, day trading live

The Roadmap

Exclusive NFT Interviews with the teams behind your favorite projects!

Futures Trading with NinjaTrader

Welcome to Futures Trading with NinjaTrader, where we talk about what the futures markets are, how they work, and how to trade futures.

The Raz Report

Sandy Munro $TSLA $FUV $F | #RazReport Episode 11| Stock Market Live
Kevin O'Leary AKA Mr. Wonderful | #RazReport Episode 10
ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood Exclusive Full Interview | Benzinga #RazReport Episode 9
Axon CEO Rick Smith | #RazReport  Episode 8

In the Raz Report, Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick sits down with a different high-profile guest each episode for a longform conversation.

Cannabis Hour

This Analyst Is Lowering Price Targets On These Leading Stocks | Benzinga Cannabis Hour LIVE 🔴
We Got A Tour From Planet 13 CEO! – A Deeper Look Into The World's Largest Dispensary
MJBiz 2021 Coverage – Interview w/ Óskare Capital | Benzinga Cannabis LIVE 🔴
LIVE from MJBiz Con! | Top Cannabis News! Benzinga Cannabis Hour

Benzinga Cannabis Hour is a weekly show that focuses on the latest news and business trends in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Insider

Welcome to the Cannabis Insider! Benzinga’s Cannabis Insider is a live weekly show for cannabis investors in day trading where we share with you the major cannabis trading tips and trends for cannabis investors!

Benzinga Pro Webinar Series

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. ET, Join the Benzinga live webinars to become a better trader.