Yewno|Edge Review

Benzinga reviews Yewno|Edge, the new powerful investment research platform that seeks to empower investors through artificial intelligence and alternative data.

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securely through Yewno|Edge's website

1 Minute Review

Yewno|Edge is the answer to “information overload” for investment research. This powerful AI-driven platform is the only one of its kind that transforms massive amounts of fundamental and alternative data into actionable investment insights. By extracting hidden company and concept relationships across these data sources, Yewno|Edge identifies hot spots that would have otherwise gone undetected so that you can be ahead of the market.

Best For

  • Access to alternative data
  • Speeding up your research
  • Enhanced insights into factors affecting stock and portfolio performance


  • Offers in-depth knowledge of the market at your fingertips
  • AI allows Yewno Edge to process thousands of news articles, documents, company relationships and ideas to make portfolio determinations
  • Uncovers hidden risks in a portfolio


  • The product is not yet optimized for mobile
securely through Yewno|Edge's website

Who’s Yewno|Edge For?

Investment advisors, portfolio managers, financial analysts, hedge fund managers and really anyone else who is tracking the markets will find Yewno|Edge a tremendous help.

Yewno|Edge: Platform and Tools

Using the Yewno|Edge platform is like having a team of analysts at your fingertips reading and processing thousands of news articles and documents per day. Yewno’s technology uncovers hidden risks in your portfolio in real time. You can easily find what concepts – companies, themes, events, and more – are impacting your portfolio intraday. Yewno|Edge also lets you construct concept-based portfolio strategies Four modules exist within the Yewno|Edge platform:

  • Company insights: View fundamental and alternative company data, real-time pricing, sentiment, and more.
  • Portfolio exposure: View global factors and exposures affecting your portfolio. Ranging from ideas to themes to events and even people, you can see how concepts like tariffs, data privacy, and social responsibility are impacting your investments.
  • Strategy builder: Research and build customized investment strategies based on concepts like robotics, eSports or the cannabis economy with on-the-fly backtesting up to five years.
  • Alerts: Set up alerts to be notified when market anomalies occur and impact your portfolio.

Yewno|Edge: Pricing

Yewno offers a 2-week free trial for new customers, so you don’t have to commit to an annual or monthly fee. If you decide Yewno|Edge is for you after the free trial, you have two subscription options: 

  • Individual account: $150 per month for a single user, but, for a limited time, new users can sign up for only $135/mo  
  • Enterprise account: Contact financesales@yewno.com for a custom quote

Yewno|Edge: Security

Your privacy and security are incredibly important. Yewno uses physical, managerial, and technical safeguards that are designed to improve the integrity and security of information.

Yewno|Edge: Customer Support

Clients can contact Yewno with questions and for support through edge.support@yewno.com.

Other Products Offered by Yewno Finance

Data Feeds

  • Core Networks Data Feed
  • Alpha Matrix Data Feed
  • Country Exposures Data Feed
  • ESG Data Feed
  • Judicial Risk Data Feed
  • Emerging Technologies Data Feed
  • Patent Analytics Data Feed
  • Cannabis Economy Data Feed
  • Government Exposure Data Feed
  • Sentiment Signal Data Feed
  • Market Anomalies Data Feed

Index strategies

  • NASDAQ Yewno Global Disruptive Benchmark Index
  • NASDAQ Yewno Global Disruptive ex-disputable Benchmark Index
  • iSTOXX® Yewno Developed Markets Blockchain Index
  • Nasdaq Yewno Future Mobility Index
  • ETFs
  • Coincapital STOXX Blockchain Patents Innovation Fund (BITCF)
  • Amundi STOXX Global Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF (GOAI)

Knowledge Graph APIs To learn more about any of these products, you can reach out to financesales@yewno.com

Final Thoughts

Yewno is an award-winning AI company whose patented Knowledge Graph technology extracts data to an extraordinary degree across financial services, education, publishing, life sciences and government to uncover even the most minute data.

It’s amazing what you don’t know right now regarding the markets, and Yewno provides you with tools that get you closer than ever to knowing market activities before they even seem to happen. If you’re a portfolio manager, investment advisor, financial analyst or retail investor, you need to have an edge on research so you can direct your clients’ portfolios.

If you want to do it with a precision that’s unlike any other platform in history to an unprecedented degree, Yewno has more than got you covered. 

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