What Were Your Best And Worst Stock Buys? What Does The Zinger Nation Think?

Zinger Key Points
  • On Benzinga's Twitter account, one follower said he bought Tesla stock on his son's recommendation.
  • Another Benzinga Twitter follower said he bet on Visa in 2008 and still holds a significant part of the investment.

Admitting to success is a lot easier than failure and when it comes to stocks, not only is there money involved, but also questioning your — or your advisor's — judgment. And then there is the advice you hear in a coffee shop. (More on that later.)

Warren Buffett, the fifth-wealthiest person on the Forbes list, knows his way around stocks, but even he invests in a few clunkers that go with his moneymakers.

Finance website Insider Monkey said his three worst-performing stock picks for 2021 were: StoneCo Ltd STNE, a payment and management solutions company, founded in Brazil; Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited TEVA, a company that manufactures generic drugs and pharmaceutical ingredients, headquartered in Israel; and finally, T-Mobile US Inc. TMUS, headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, is a wireless network company.

Of course, Buffett has some winners. Insider Monkey ranked Wells Fargo & Company WFC, a financial services company, as his top stock for 2021, followed by Marsh & McLennan Companies MMC, a professional services firm, and Bank of America Corporation BAC, one of the largest banks in the U.S.

How well has his own company done? For the past year, the stock price for Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK-B) has ranged from $246.79 to 361.38, and is currently at $358.58. A quick look at the chart on Benzinga Pro and the stock has been climbing — with some speed bumps — for the past year.

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What are some of Benzinga's Zinger Nation best picks — and worst?

On Benzinga’s Twitter Inc TWTR account, @RetiredTennisBum said: “GNSS around 2000- 2022, Flat Panel chips before they became a commodity …. TSLA, my son recommended it and [Cathie] Woods [sic] confirmed it on CNBC while talking heads snickered.” Genasys Inc GNSS is an acoustic device company; Tesla Inc TSLA is a leading EV manufacturer.

@Knörzje 3000 said, “not very popular but Gazprom … payed [sic] sexy dividends over the years while I was waiting for an exit to come.” Gazprom PAO OGZPY is a Russian energy company.

@Benchpressers shared, “@pdsb at .69 in 2020 for cancer and COVID pipeline.” PDS Biotechnology Corp PDSB “was established with the goal of addressing some of the limitations of cancer immunotherapy,” its website stated.

@Alexf24 chimed in, “V at the IPO — dumb luck? Hell no. I knew it would go up. How could it not? That was 2008 — still have a good part of it.” Visa Inc V raised $17.9 billion in an IPO in 2008.

Worst trades? Taking a look at Benzinga’s Facebook page — and scrolling past the response about “my second wife” — we saw Sire Favour Onis state, “XRP,” which is the native cryptocurrency of Ripple, while Barton Heart said “Shiba was my worst trade! I picked it when I thought it will rise to 1 cent. No! I will never buy it again.” As Shiba Inu SHIB/USD is at 0.00002882 today, you probably may not want to buy it.

Talking about cryptocurrency, when Benzinga asked its Twitter followers “What bags are you holding?” — for those who don’t know, bag refers to an investment that is poorly performing — and with 477 responses, it seemed at first, there were a plethora of bad choices. Or those really dedicated to their choices, as there were quite a few proud hodlers of Baby Doge (CRYPTO: BabyDoge) or Floki Inu FLOKI/USD.

Me? I'm glad I bought Marathon Digital Holding Inc MARA and regret IQIYI Inc – ADR IQ, which proved to me to never listen to coffee shop chatter about what a hot stock is.

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