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The Bears were out in style today. Still holding $AAPL $WFMI. Sore Losers on $BIDU


As I write this post, we are close to triple digit losses on the dow. As a trader, they say once you let a position go, don't look back. I cant help but look at the BIDU)" ticker="NASDAQ%3ABIDU">BIDU trade this week. The trade was right, the timing was wrong. We could have held and not taken a loss, however we needed to be prudent and cut our loss as the price went against us. For any of you who did decide to hold and go beyond the risk parameter we had setup, you had a nice gain today.

We are in the green with the AAPL)" ticker="NASDAQ%3AAAPL">AAPL position today. As mentioned earlier I think we break $195 and dont mind taking it home.

WFMI)" ticker="NASDAQ%3AWFMI">WFMI is another story. Its going against us here and strong on a down day. It may run up a bit again tom. Again going to give is some room before making any decisions on it.

Back at you tom.

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