46 Emerging Technology And Mining Companies Giving 2020 Investor Recaps This Month

The following post was written and/or published as a collaboration between Benzinga’s in-house sponsored content team and a financial partner of Benzinga.

As we approach the end of what has been an extraordinary year, companies and investors alike are turning their attention to 2021—if they haven’t already. 

With that in mind, 15 companies will give investor updates this week as part of the Innovation Investor Conference, a virtual investor conference that is bringing together companies in future-focused industries like cloud computing, cannabis, augmented reality, and cryptocurrency. Each company is expected to give a recap of its 2020 operations and potentially provide forward-looking guidance to 2021. 

The conference will also feature a keynote presentation from Scott Powell, president and CEO of Skyline Corporate Communications Group, an investor relations firm for small-cap companies. Powell will discuss what green and red flags to look for when investing in small-caps. 

“When I’m wearing my investor hat I like to evaluate how well a company communicates to investors,” he said. “Are they reaching milestones that they've stated? I like a company that is communicative, that issues important press releases on a regular basis, companies that are transparent by regularly presenting at conferences and giving updates.”

In addition to the Innovation Investor Conference Thursday, the Metals and Mining Investor Conference, a two-day conference of global metals and mining companies, is next Tuesday and Wednesday. The executives will discuss their property positions, schedules, and will also take questions from investors. The conference will also feature a keynote presentation from Andrew Kaip, P. Geo, Managing Director Equity Research of Red Cloud Securities.

In all 46 companies will present at the two conferences, both of which are part of the Virtual Conference Investor Series (part of OTC Markets Group). 

Here’s the full schedule of presenters for this week’s Innovation Investor Conference and next weeks’ Metals and Mining Investor conference. Each presentation will also be available on demand.

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Innovation Investor Conference
December 3, 2020 Agenda

9:00 AM ET Keynote Presentation - Doing your Homework: Being Prepared for Investments in Small Cap Public Companies
Speaker: Scott Powell, President & CEO, Skyline Corporate Communications Group, LLC

9:30 AM ET Medexus Pharmaceuticals Inc. MEDXFMDP
Industry: Pharma Oncology
Speakers: Ken d’Entremont, Chief Executive Officer; Roland Boivin, Chief Financial Officer

10:00 AM ET DHH S.p.A (AIM Italia: DHH.MI)
Industry: Cloud Computing
Speaker: Giandomenico Sica, Executive President

10:30 AM ET AAC Clyde Space ACCMFAAC)
Industry: Satellite Services
Speaker: Luis Gomes, CEO

11:00 AM ET Protech Home Medical Corp. PTQQFPTQ
Industry: Healthcare
Speaker: Greg Crawford, CEO & Chairman

11:30 AM ET NexTech AR Solutions NEXCFNTAR
Industry: Augmented Reality
Speaker: Evan Gappelberg, CEO

12:00 PM ET Renavotio, Inc. RIII
Industry: Infrastructure Services
Speaker: Billy Robinson, CEO

12:30 PM ET Rhinomed Ltd. RHNMFRNO)
Industry: Healthcare
Speakers: Michael Johnson, Managing Director & CEO; Sean Slattery, Chief Financial Officer

1:00 PM ET Subversive Capital Acquisiton Corp  SBVCFSVC)
Industry: SPAC/Cannabis
Speakers: Michael Auerbach, Founder and Chairman, Leland Hensch, CEO of Subversive Capital Acquisition Corp.; Steve Allan, CEO of The Parent Company; Brett Cummings, CFO of The Parent Company, President of Left Coast Ventures; Dennis O’Malley, COO of The Parent Company, President of Caliva 

1:30 PM ET BIGG Digital Assets Inc. BBKCFBIGG
Industry: Digital Currency
Speaker: Mark Binns, CEO

2:00 PM ET White River Bancshares Company WRIV
Industry: Financial Services
Speakers: Brant Ward - Chief Administration Officer; Ed Riendeau - Chief Financial Officer; Scott Sandlin - Chief Strategy Officer; Jeff Maland - Chief Risk Officer

2:30 PM ET Applied Graphene Materials PLC APGMFAGM)
Industry: Graphene/Functional Materials
Speakers: Adrian Potts, CEO

3:00 PM ET FinCanna Capital Corp. FNNZFCALI
Industry: Cannabis
Speaker: Andriyko Herchak, CEO & Director

3:30 PM ET Cogstate Ltd. COGZFCGS)
Industry: Life Science
Speaker: Brad O'Connor, CEO

Industry: Tech (Manufacturing)
Speaker: Jim Payne, CEO & President

4:30 PM ET Thunderbird Entertainment Group Inc. THBRFTBRD
Industry: Entertainment
Speaker: Jennifer McCarron, CEO

Metals and Mining Investor Conference
December 8th Agenda

9:00 AM ET Keynote Presentation: Red Cloud Securities Inc.
Speaker: Andrew Kaip, P. Geo, Managing Director Equity Research

9:30 AM ET Bear Creek Mining Corp. BCEKFBCM
Speaker: Tony Hawkshaw, President and CEO

10:00 AM ET Blackstone Minerals Ltd. BLSTFBSX)
Speaker: Scott Williamson, Managing Director

10:30 AM ET Revival Gold Inc. RVLGFRVG
Speaker: Hugh Agro, President and CEO

11:00 AM ET Ascot Resources Ltd. AOTVFAOT
Speaker: Derek White, President and CEO

11:30 AM ET Windfall Geotek Inc. WINKFWIN
Speaker Information to Come

12:00 PM ET Fremont Gold Ltd. FRERFFRE
Speaker: Blaine Monaghan, CEO

12:30 PM ET Global Atomic Corp. GLATFGLO
Speaker: Stephen Roman, President and CEO

1:00 PM ET Ridgeline Minerals Corp. RDGMFRDG
Speaker: Chad Peters, CEO, President and Director

1:30 PM ET Unigold Inc. UGDIFUGD
Speaker: Joseph A Hamilton, Chairman and CEO

2:00 PM ET Calibre Mining Corp. CXBMFCXB
Speaker: Ryan King, VP Corporate Development & IR

2:30 PM ET Brixton Metals Corp. BBBXFBBB
Speaker: Gary Thompson, Chairman & CEO, President, Director

3:00 PM ET Contango Ore, Inc. CTGO
Speaker: Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, President and CEO

3:30 PM ET Silver Elephant Mining Corp. SILEFELEF
Speaker: Joaquin J. Merino, President

4:00 PM ET TRU Precious Metals Corp.  TRUIFTRU
Speaker: Joel Freudman, Co-founder and CEO

December 9th Agenda

9:00 AM ET First Vanadium Corp. FVANFFVAN
Speaker: Paul Cowley, President and CEO

9:30 AM ET New Pacific Metals Corp. NUPMFNUAG
Speaker: Gordon Neal, President

10:00 AM ET Idaho Champion Gold Mines Canada Inc. GLDRFITKO
Speaker: Jonathan Buick, President and CEO

10:30 AM ET Avidian Gold Corp. AVGDFAVG
Speakers: David C. Anderson - Chairman and CEO, Director; Steve Roebuck - President, Avidian Gold & High Tide Resources

11:00 AM ET First Mining Gold Corp. FFMGFFF
Speaker: Dan Wilton, CEO and Director

11:30 AM ET Irving Resources Ltd. IRVRFIRV
Speaker: Dr. Quinton Hennigh, Director and Technical Advisor

12:30 PM ET Benchmark Metals Inc. BNCHFBNCH
Speaker: Jim Greig, Director, President & Audit Committee Member

1:00 PM ET Contact Gold Corp. CGOLC
Speaker: Matt Lennox-King, President and CEO

1:30 PM ET Galane Gold Ltd. GGGOFGG
Speakers: Nicholas Brodie, CEO; Ravi Sood, Chairman

2:00 PM ET Golden Tag Resources Ltd. GTAGFGOG
Speaker: Greg McKenzie, Director, President and CEO

2:30 PM ET Summa Silver Corp. SSVRFSSVR
Speaker: Galen McNamara, CEO

3:00 PM ET Allegiant Gold Ltd. AUXXFAUAU
Speaker: Peter Gianulis, President and CEO

3:30 PM ET Josemaria Resources Inc. JOSMFJOSE
Speaker: Adam Lundin, CEO

4:00 PM ET Filo Mining Corp. FLMMFFIL
Speaker: Information to come 

TBD: Timberline Resources Corp. TLRSTBR
Speaker: Patrick Highsmith, President and CEO

The preceding post was written and/or published as a collaboration between Benzinga’s in-house sponsored content team and a financial partner of Benzinga. Although the piece is not and should not be construed as editorial content, the sponsored content team works to ensure that any and all information contained within is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge and research. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.


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