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November 30, 2020

Do you have a reliable news source you use to research which stocks you want to buy and sell? Without doing your due diligence and researching the stocks, bonds and funds that you buy, you aren’t investing for the future — you’re essentially gambling and hoping for the best.

The right financial market news source can make it easier to understand exactly what’s happening on the markets each day. The most successful traders know just how important it is to keep up with market movements and review their stock market news source before they begin investing or trading for the day. But with so many news sources claiming to be the best, how can you possibly choose which option is right for your needs?

Our guide to the best stock market news sources will help you make the decision. We’ll also introduce you to a few of our favorite places to open a brokerage account, as well as some of the stocks making waves on today’s market landscape.  

Best Stock Market News Sources

There are hundreds of paid and free sources for stock market news on the internet. The best option for you will vary depending on the level of experience you have as an investor, the types of assets you’re interested in learning more about, your budget and more.

Not sure where to begin your search? Consider a few of our top choices below. 

Benzinga Pro
Best For
  • All Trading Levels
securely through Benzinga Pro's website

Best Overall: Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro is a stock market screening and news platform that provides you with up-to-the-second information on all of the investment opportunities you’re interested in. From new and groundbreaking information straight from the Benzinga team news desks to real-time price movement and news alerts delivered straight to your inbox, Benzinga Pro provides you with actionable information you can use before the market moves.

Among Benzinga Pro’s most unique features are its BZ Wire news feed, which helps you easily sort through news and stories to focus on the assets and investments that matter to you. Simply enter a ticker or keyword to filter stories in a fraction of a second. 

No time to read each story? Items on the feed also include “sentiment indicators” that instantly tell you how experts predict the market will react to each time. With fast results and easy sorting features, Benzinga Pro is your winning shop for stock market news. 

The Motley Fool
Best For
  • Investing Advice
securely through The Motley Fool's website

Best for Straightforward Recommendations: The Motley Fool

If you’re a less experienced investor, you might have trouble interpreting stock market news reports and press releases. If you’re looking for straightforward stock and investment recommendations written clearly that anyone can understand, consider investing in a newsletter from The Motley Fool.

The Motley Fool is an investment and financial advising service best known for its Stock Advisor platform, which provides you with 2 recommended stocks each month. The Motley Fool’s stock recommendations have traditionally outperformed key market indicators like the S&P 500, which can make this paid service a viable option for investors looking for simple, straightforward recommendations. If you’re a casual, long-term investor who doesn’t need a constant stream of market news and who has limited time to perform due diligence, The Motley Fool might be right for you. 

Yahoo! Finance
securely through Yahoo! Finance's website

Best for Free Reports: Yahoo! Finance

Not every investor has hundreds of dollars to spend on their stock market news source. If you’re looking for a reliable, free option for market news, be sure to check out Yahoo! Finance. Yahoo! Finance is a news aggregation site that provides you with access to financial news for a wide range of sources, including names like Reuters, Bloomberg, and many more. Yahoo! Finance also provides access to in-house reporting on a daily basis.

Although Yahoo! Finance offers a Premium account feature that allows you to save investments and track movements over time, its free features are impressive. Simply look up a ticker or company name to view a custom news feed and expert recommendations related to the asset you’re interested in. While you’ll need to pay to access more advanced reports and features, Yahoo! Finance offers among the most viable free news feeds we’ve seen.  

securely through Morningstar's website

Best for Detailed Expert Reports: Morningstar

If you already have a stock brokerage account, your broker might already provide you with access to Morningstar research reports. Morningstar is a financial research company that provides investors with access to detailed research reports that summarize the investment’s potential return and risk factors. Morningstar’s website also features a comprehensive news feed that provides you with daily market updates and expert analysis articles.

No time to read the full Morningstar report? Each analysis report features a sidebar section that summarizes the author’s opinions, as well as a star rating that symbolizes the potential for the investment’s longevity. 

Best For
  • Beginners
securely through finviz's website

Best for Analytics: Finviz

Though Finviz isn’t primarily focused on providing a fundamental analysis news feed, it can be an extremely valuable asset for investors focused primarily on technical analysis. Finviz’s powerful stock screening tool allows you to sort stocks and funds by current volume, charting pattern, dividend yield, price and dozens of other criteria. Quotes, performance analysis tools and charting options are also available for assets beyond stocks — including cryptocurrencies, futures and forex currencies.

Though you’ll need to subscribe to Finviz’s elite service to access real-time data, the platform’s screening tools are impressive with both free and paid options. If you’re an investor that uses technical analysis as your primary trading strategy, be sure to test out Finviz’s free tools.  

How Stock Market News Helps Traders

Having a reliable source for stock market news bookmarked on your computer is absolutely essential for both novice and professional investors. Stocks and funds can change prices on a second-by-second basis. Knowing exactly which assets you want to invest in and how those assets may move each day can give you a better idea of when to enter the market. Stock market researchers dedicate hours of time to providing you with tools and research you can use to choose each day’s investments.

Having the right stock market news source can be especially important for those who employ a short-term trading strategy, as these investors usually rely on a mix of both technical and fundamental analysis. Some investors who focus on day trading, scalping or other short-term strategies do hours’ worth of research before the market opens to ensure that they’ll be able to get in on the top investing opportunities of the day at the price target they set. 

Today’s Stock Movers

Still searching for the best stock market news source for your needs? Get a quick glance at today’s market conditions and the market’s top movers with our chart below.  

Stock Movers



TickerCompany±%Buy Stock
WRAC/UWilliams Rowland Acq$10.60-95.36%0.3KBuy/Sell
SQNSSequans Communications$0.89-65.21%116.8KBuy/Sell
CPOPPop Culture Gr$3.67-44.57%2.5MBuy/Sell
SMSISmith Micro Software$0.49-40.16%273KBuy/Sell
HOLOMicroCloud Hologram$6.69-39.24%4.8MBuy/Sell
GBNHGreenbrook TMS$0.13-37.8%2.5MBuy/Sell
UPLDUpland Software$2.82-36.2%197KBuy/Sell
ARIZArisz Acq$7.53-32.71%33KBuy/Sell
ICUSeaStar Medical Holding$0.77-30.91%5.2MBuy/Sell
VEROVenus Concept$1.30-30.11%520.7KBuy/Sell
AAOIApplied Optoelectronics$14.29-29.76%3.3MBuy/Sell
FOXFFox Factory Hldg$47.72-26.57%350.4KBuy/Sell
TGLTreasure Global$0.06-26.09%7.7MBuy/Sell
CRGECharge Enterprises$0.05-25.83%17.9MBuy/Sell
IXHLIncannex Healthcare$4.77-25.36%98.8KBuy/Sell
Get in real-time
Session: Feb 22, 2024 4:00PM EST - Feb 23, 2024 3:59PM EST

Best Stock Brokers

As a retail investor, you cannot buy and sell stocks directly from other investors. Instead, you’ll need to open an account with a brokerage firm, which you will invest through. A broker is a financial corporation or a team of finance professionals licensed to buy and sell stocks and other assets on your behalf with your instructions. When you decide to invest, you’ll place an order through your broker’s online platform. Your broker will then execute your order when possible, following the instructions laid out in your order. Most brokers also provide additional benefits to account holders — like digital practice trading accounts and education centers.

If you don’t already have a brokerage account, you’ll need to open one before you can begin investing. Consider a few of our top choices for online brokerage accounts below if you aren’t sure where to begin your search. 

Getting Started in the Stock Market

No matter if this is your 1st time investing or if you’re a seasoned trading professional, having a reliable source for stock market news is a prerequisite to successful trading. Unfortunately, not every stock market news source is equally as reliable or trustworthy. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has warned that a number of unreliable parties are using seemingly legitimate stock newsletters to commit fraud. This makes it especially important to know exactly where the advice you’re taking is coming from.

Be wary of stock market newsletters or news sources that guarantee that you’ll make money on an investment or who claim to know for certain how an asset will move in price. Even the most experienced stock trading professional cannot predict the market’s movements with 100% certainty. 

You should also be skeptical of any stock market newsletter that pushes urgency or pressures you to buy into an asset immediately — this could be a sign that the newsletter’s authors own the underlying asset and are attempting a pump-and-dump scheme. If all else fails, remember the old adage: “If an opportunity seems too good to be true, it probably is.” 

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