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Trump Allies To Reportedly Address 'Anti-White Racism' Through Civil Rights Law Reinterpretation: 'Biden's Un-American Policy Will Be Terminated Immediately'
Biden Impeachment Probe Hasn't Found A 'Specific Crime,' Says Don Bacon: 'I Do Think We're Probably Nearing The Conclusion'
Former House Speaker Says Republicans Will 'Lose More Seats' With Trump's 2024 Candidacy: 'Suburban Swing Voters...Just Don't Like Him'
Liz Cheney Slams Trump's Bible Sale, Urges Him To Buy One Instead — Read The Verse 'Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery'
Ken Buck Has No Regrets On Leaving Congress: It's A 'Dysfunctional Place' With Inability To Set Priorities
GOP Berates Marjorie Taylor Greene's Move To Oust House Speaker Mike Jhonson: 'This Isn't Good'
Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls GOP Majority A 'Complete Failure' Over Spending And Border Strategy
Marco Rubio As Vice President? Florida Senator Says, 'I've Never Spoken To Anybody In The Trump World About It'
Potential Foreign Sources of Trump's Debt Settlement Funds Worry His Ex-Lawyer: 'This Is No Joke'
Melania Trump Chooses Barron Over Husband's 2024 Presidential Campaign: She 'Dislikes A Petting Zoo'
Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Democrats Of Plotting To Ban Tiktok For Election Interference: 'Get Ready For A New Crackdown'
Trump-Backed Leadership Carries Out Shake Up At RNC, Dozens Of Employees Fired
Nikki Haley Says 'Thousands Of People' Are Coming To Her Rallies Because They Crave 'Normalcy'
Joe Biden Invites Donald Trump For Bipartisan Effort On Immigration Bill Amid Border Crisis: 'Why Don't We Just Get Together And Get It Done?'
Nikki Haley Sounds The Alarm On Dwindling Republican Fortunes In Colorado Due To Ex-President: 'Donald Trump Cannot Win'
Trump Vs. Biden: Extremism Emerges As Top Voter Concern, Giving One Candidate A Slight Edge, Poll Shows
'Simple But Very Shocking:' El Salvador's Pro-Bitcoin President Thinks He Knows Why US Collects Taxes Despite Ability To 'Print Unlimited Amounts Of Money Out Of Thin Air'
Trump Said He Won't Allow CBDCs, Now His Party Is Proposing A Bill To Halt The Introduction Of Such 'Programmable Money'
Trump's Legal Bills Should Not Be Paid By The RNC, Says Committeeman: Spend Funds 'Solely On Winning Elections'
Trump-Era Official: Nikki Haley's South Carolina Performance Should Ring GOP's Fire Alarm: 'She's Powering Through'