Best Stocks Under $20

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May 19, 2022

Cadre Hldgs (NYSE:CDRE)

Founded in 1964, Cadre Holdings, Inc. manufactures and distributes safety and survivability equipment that provides protection to users in hazardous or life-threatening situations in the United States and internationally, operating in two segments: Products and Distribution. The firm offers body armor products like concealable, corrections and tactical armor under the Safariland and Protech Tactical brand names, survival suits, remotely operated vehicles, specialty tools, blast sensors, accessories and vehicle blast attenuation seats for bomb safety technicians. Plus, CDRE sells bomb suits, duty gear, including belts and accessories, and other protective and law enforcement equipment comprising communications gear, forensic and investigation products, firearms cleaning solutions and crowd control products.

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Open20.040Close20.070Vol / Avg.79.609K / 94.063KMkt Cap754.352MDay Range19.800 - 20.16052 Wk Range16.580 - 31.370


Incorporated in 2008 and headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, REV Group, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes specialty vehicles, and related aftermarket parts and services in the United States, Europe, and internationally, operating in three segments: Fire & Emergency, Commercial, and Recreation. The Fire & Emergency segment provides fire apparatus equipment under the Emergency One, Kovatch Mobile Equipment, Ferrara, Spartan Emergency Response, Smeal and Ladder Tower brands, along with ambulances under the American Emergency Vehicles, Horton Emergency Vehicles, Leader Emergency Vehicles, Road Rescue and Wheeled Coach brands. The Commercial segment offers transit buses, type A school buses, sweepers, and terminal trucks under the Collins Bus, Eldorado National (California) and Magellan brands. The Recreation segment offers motorized and towable RV models under the American Coach, Fleetwood RV, Holiday Rambler, Renegade, Midwest and Lance brands.

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Open13.130Close12.890Vol / Avg.416.580K / 170.260KMkt Cap766.894MDay Range12.620 - 13.28452 Wk Range9.850 - 16.360

N-able (NYSE:NABL)

N-able, Inc. offers cloud-based software for managed service providers. This technology makes it possible for MSPs to transform digitally and grow small to medium-sized enterprises. Its software platform is an enterprise-grade solution that is effectively a scalable operating system MSP partners.

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Open14.450Close14.490Vol / Avg.280.696K / 759.236KMkt Cap2.638BDay Range14.430 - 14.71552 Wk Range8.440 - 15.440

Asure Software (NASDAQ:ASUR)

Asure Software Inc offers cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions delivered primarily as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It facilitates small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to develop their Human Capital to get to the next level, stay compliant, and allocate their time, money and technology toward growth. The company’s HCM suite, named AsureHCM, includes cloud-based Payroll and Tax, HR, a Time and Attendance software. Its HR services range from HR projects to outsourcing payroll to HR consulting services. The firm sells its HCM products in the United States.

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Open12.230Close11.930Vol / Avg.178.386K / 373.052KMkt Cap246.033MDay Range11.910 - 12.38952 Wk Range5.000 - 17.140


UiPath Inc. offers end-to-end automation platform services for RPA or robotic process management.

Last update: 3:59PM (Delayed 15-Minutes)
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Open17.850Close17.170Vol / Avg.17.322M / 9.275MMkt Cap9.635BDay Range16.970 - 18.29052 Wk Range10.400 - 22.300

Digital World Acq (NASDAQ:DWAC)

Digital World Acquisition Corp. focuses on effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization, or related business combinations, with technology-focused companies in the SaaS and technology, or fintech and financial services sector in the Americas.

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Open13.050Close12.810Vol / Avg.417.580K / 397.782KMkt Cap476.669MDay Range12.800 - 13.42052 Wk Range12.340 - 45.100

Verve Therapeutics (NASDAQ:VERV)

Verve Therapeutics, Inc. is a genetic medicines company engaging in developing gene editing medicines for patients to treat cardiovascular diseases. The firm also has a collaboration and license agreement with Beam Therapeutics Inc.

Last update: 4:00PM (Delayed 15-Minutes)
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Open17.790Close17.190Vol / Avg.368.693K / 700.614KMkt Cap1.065BDay Range17.150 - 17.83052 Wk Range10.700 - 42.860

Intuitive Machines (NASDAQ:LUNR)

Intuitive Machines, Inc. designs, manufactures and operates space products and services in the United States, with space systems and infrastructure that enable scientific and human exploration and utilization of lunar resources.

Last update: 4:00PM (Delayed 15-Minutes)
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Open8.480Close8.790Vol / Avg.1.061M / 1.270MMkt Cap140.251MDay Range8.200 - 9.58052 Wk Range6.600 - 136.000

Bioceres Crop Solutions (NASDAQ:BIOX)

Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp. and its subsidiaries provide crop productivity solutions, operating in three segments: Seed and Integrated Products, Crop Protection and Crop Nutrition.

Last update: 4:00PM (Delayed 15-Minutes)
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Open12.175Close12.080Vol / Avg.72.469K / 50.204KMkt Cap758.880MDay Range11.880 - 12.41052 Wk Range9.280 - 15.400

Youdao (NYSE:DAO)

Youdao, Inc. is an internet technology company that provides online services in the field of content, community, communication and commerce in China, operating through three segments: Learning Services, Smart Devices and Online Marketing Services.

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Open4.880Close5.030Vol / Avg.119.091K / 234.292KMkt Cap624.799MDay Range4.880 - 5.25052 Wk Range3.040 - 10.000

Lazydays Hldgs (NASDAQ:LAZY)

Lazydays Holdings, Inc. operates recreational vehicle (RV) dealerships under the Lazydays name in the United States.

Last update: 4:00PM (Delayed 15-Minutes)
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Open11.650Close11.660Vol / Avg.53.947K / 84.881KMkt Cap161.409MDay Range11.600 - 12.16052 Wk Range10.420 - 17.930


VCI Global Limited provides consulting services in Malaysia, China, Singapore and the United States, offering business strategy consultancy, including listing solutions, corporate finance, legal, investors relations and boardroom strategies consultancy.

Last update: 4:00PM (Delayed 15-Minutes)
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Open2.700Close2.650Vol / Avg.92.890K / 644.606KMkt Cap97.542MDay Range2.610 - 2.81052 Wk Range1.530 - 24.205

Kyndryl Hldgs (NYSE:KD)

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in New York City, Kyndryl Holdings, Inc. operates as a technology services company and IT infrastructure services provider worldwide, offering cloud services, core enterprise and cloud services, application, data and artificial intelligence services, digital workplace services, security and resiliency services, and network services/edge services.

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Open12.400Close12.430Vol / Avg.1.271M / 1.655MMkt Cap2.832BDay Range12.265 - 12.48052 Wk Range7.930 - 17.210

Monogram Orthopaedics (NASDAQ:MGRM)

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Monogram Orthopaedics, Inc. focuses on developing a product solution architecture to enable mass personalized optimization of orthopedic implants, aiming to develop and market robotic surgical equipment and related software, orthopedic implants, tissue ablation tools, navigation consumables and other miscellaneous instrumentation for use in reconstructive joint replacement procedures.

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Open4.140Close3.800Vol / Avg.289.705K / 826.009KMkt Cap117.485MDay Range3.720 - 4.29452 Wk Range4.020 - 48.990

Iovance Biotherapeutics (NASDAQ:IOVA)

Incorporated in 2007 and headquartered in San Carlos, California, Iovance Biotherapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company that focuses on developing and commercializing cancer immunotherapy products to harness the power of a patient’s immune system to eradicate cancer cells.

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Open8.000Close7.890Vol / Avg.3.560M / 4.852MMkt Cap1.771BDay Range7.720 - 8.04552 Wk Range5.280 - 13.435

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Stocks under $20 offer investors and traders a lower-cost alternative to more expensive stocks. Despite the misperception that lower-priced stocks carry more risk, the risk profile of many stocks under $20 compares favorably with stocks trading at much higher prices, as does the opportunity for profiting from investing in them. At the same time, you may need to be patient because $20 per stock can constitute quite a lot of money before the asset finally begins to rise, meaning that you may feel locked into these positions.

In addition, well-established stocks under $20 often pay dividends, which can be ideal for income-minded investors. Some stocks under $20 even have listed options, which can give you additional avenues of income if you wish to sell covered call options. You may also choose to buy and hold because, even though the price is just under $20, you see quite a lot of growth potential in these assets (or the growth of your portfolio at-large.)

Whatever your investing or trading goals might be, stocks under $20 cover a wide range of companies and can offer great opportunities for profit. At the same time, you must exit positions that are no longer profitable, allowing you to enter new positions that may be more profitable. You can repeat this process as often as you need, allowing you to optimize your portfolio over and over again, meaning that it can be much easier to rebalance your portfolio. Assessing your assets routinely is always an important move for the savvy investor.

Overview: Best Stocks Under $20

Our picks for best stocks under $20 include companies like precious metals and mining funds, manufacturers, retail firms, family entertainment companies, international e-commerce and internet businesses and much more. Each of these stocks represents a company with a unique product or service or one that already holds a prominent position in its field. At the same time, some of these stocks have only begun to rise. When you invest in stocks under $20, you need to know if you will hold the stock and watch it rise, swing trade when it rises or buy at the dip because you feel it has peaked for the time being.

Choosing stocks of this value can be complicated because there’s so much to consider. The stocks are officially “pricey”, but you need to decide if they are too pricey for you. At times, it’s worth the investment, but some people may prefer to invest in stocks that are a little lighter on their budget. For example, you could look into penny stocks, energy stocks and more as you aim to diversify your portfolio.

At the same time, remember that you need to spend money to make money in many cases. You should not be afraid of stocks that rise near the $20 mark, but you may need to budget for yourself so that you can spend with wisdom. As your portfolio grows, you may have more freedom to invest in more expensive growth stocks.

Best Online Brokers for Stocks Under $20

If you’d like to start trading or investing in stocks under $20, as well as stocks under $10 and stocks under $5, you can through any reputable broker with access to U.S. stock markets. Many online brokers, such as Charles Schwab, Magnifi, Vanguard, TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE, Robinhood and Firstrade, offer commission-free trading. More experienced, active and well-funded traders can use Interactive Brokers. A broker comparison table to help you choose among them appears below, and you are free to change your allegiances at any time. Plus, you can return to Benzinga whenever you want to learn more about choosing a brokerage.

Features to Look for in Stocks Under $20

  • Desirable product or service: To achieve success with stock investments, one of your first and foremost considerations should be whether the company has a viable product or service with significant current or anticipated demand for future earnings growth. However, companies that seem to go stale may no longer express the same growth potential that they once had.
  • Good financials: Reviewing the financial profile of the companies whose stocks you’re considering buying will give you a sense of the firm’s assets and liabilities. Pick companies with a solid and improving financial situation and avoid those facing serious business challenges. You can also look for companies whose earnings per share (EPS) do not yet reflect the future business scenarios you expect for them.
  • Analyst ratings: Because liquidity tends to be higher with stocks under but close to $20, many market analysts take the time to review and rate them. Their professional analysis can give you a good idea of whether a stock shows promise as an investment. Also, when a company’s stock receives a good review from a reputable analyst, it tends to attract buying interest in the stock. This then causes the stock’s market price to rise, meaning that you can see some value in the asset, which might allow you to draw value from these assets.
  • Quality management: You need to invest in companies that you believe are managed properly. If they’re not managed properly, they may not have the capacity to maintain their stock value. If that’s the case, you could spend more time worrying about these assets than managing your portfolio.
  • Growth potential: When you invest in stocks that have risen near $20, you may wonder if they can continue to soar. This is when you decide whether you want to hold the stock or cash out because you feel it cannot continue to grow as anticipated. At the same time, you may choose to invest for value, meaning you need to be far more patient.

Are Stocks Under $20 Worth Buying?

While some stocks under $20 are definitely worth buying and holding in your portfolio, you do need to do your research on a company before pulling the trigger. You also need to choose carefully because some stocks are on their way to 0 as their companies head toward insolvency, while others could be the next rising star. 

Consider looking for inexpensive companies to invest in with a popular product or necessary service and a respectable financial position. These companies will grow on you, but they need to seem healthy in the present so that they can, at the very least, maintain their value.

Also, if you plan on taking a large position or engaging in short-term trading in stocks under $20 per share, then choose those with decent market liquidity. If you’re not sure, using the appropriate broker can help you gather this information.