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Coronavirus [COVID-19] – A Global Pandemic

Updated 3/29/2020 3:12am

Datasource: John Hopkins University & Medicine, Corona Virus Resource Center

The Spread of the Coronavirus

March 26th

New Yorker's Hit hard as American Death Toll Passes 1,000

March 25th

Global confirmed cases surge past 500,000

March 05th

The Coronavirus surpasses 100,000 cases globally

February 28th

Global cases hit 86,000 as first American dies

February 21st

2 confirmed cases found in Iran

February 21st

South Korean church linked to outbreak, infecting more than 200

February 14th

First coronavirus death in Europe reported in France

February 13th

More than 14,000 new cases in Hubei Province

February 09th

3,600 passengers quarantined on Diamond Princess

February 02nd

First death reported outside of China

January 20th

The United States, among the first other countries to confirm cases.

January 11th

First death reported in China

December 31st

Chinese authorities treated dozens of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause.

Status of the Coronavirus the United States

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