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Why's It Called That? The Story Behind LUV, FUN, MMM And Other Tickers

Why's It Called That? The Story Behind LUV, FUN, MMM And Other Tickers

Do You Know The History Of These Tickers?

Have you ever wondered why Southwest Airlines has the ticker LUV? Or why is CRM? At first glance, a ticker may not have much meaning, but sometimes they tell an interesting story. Some company tickers serve as a window into its history, industry and even product.

Harley Davidson (NYSE: HOG)

Harley-Davidson motorcycles have been referred to as “hogs” for years. Unbeknownst to most, the origin of the name comes from the racing industry. In the 1920s Harley Davidson had an official racing team known as the “Wrecking Crew.”

A member of the Wrecking Crew, Ray Weishaar, got a pet piglet that was adopted as the team mascot.

The team started a tradition of taking a victory lap with the pig on the gas tank. Fans and media alike began calling the team the “Harley Hogs.” Over time the term Hogs became synonymous with Harley Davidson motorcycles and the ticker HOG was born.

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Cedar Fair (NYSE: FUN)

It is one of the largest amusement park companies in the world and they pride themselves as being “in the business of fun.” The company is mainly known for Cedar Point but owns and operates many other amusement parks throughout America.

The main purpose of going to an amusement park is to have fun and the company wants to display its commitment to that through its ticker FUN.

Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV)

At first glance, the ticker is obviously a play on the word “love.” But that still doesn’t explain what love has to do with the airline company.

Southwest flight attendants used to dress in love-related costumes and serve in-flight snacks called “love bites” and “love potions,” which were essentially peanuts and cocktails. It also helps that the company is headquartered at Dallas Love Field.

Whenever you see a Southwest airplane is the sky, just know that LUV is in the air.

Ferrari (NASDAQ: RACE)

You may know them as sports cars, but this company has deep roots in the racing industry. In 1939, Enzo Ferrari left Alfa Romeo under the provision that he could not use the Ferrari name for four years, as he made racing cars for them under Scuderia Ferrari. He soon after founded Auto Avio Construzioni and made the Tipo 815 in 1940.

Serving as the racing division for Alfa Romeo and other accomplishments, the company has earned the ticker RACE. Ferrari is still big in the racing scene as the Formula One team Scuderia Ferrari, which was revived after Enzo Ferrari was able to use his name for businesses again.

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Most people may know Salesforce as the new hot tech IPO, but may not actually know what it does. Luckily for you, their business is their ticker. They make customer relationship management, or CRM, software.

Atlassian (NASDAQ: TEAM)

Feeling collaborative? You should join a TEAM. The company develops products with the goal of making teamwork easier and more efficient for businesses. 

National Beverage (NASDAQ: FIZZ)

If you ever drunk a LaCroix you’d understand why the National Beverage’s ticker is FIZZ. Besides the popular sparkling water brand, the company produces many other carbonated drinks, such as Faygo and Rip-It. 


The ticker for 3M is obvious, but the story behind the company’s name is the real trivia here. Most people now recognize the company for its iconic yellow Post-It Notes and Scotch tape, they actually started as a mining company called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.

The original intention of the company was to mine for corundum and sell to manufacturers that made grinding wheels. That didn’t hold up for long as the company was, unbeknownst to them, actually selling a worthless mineral called anorthosite.

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Slack Technologies (NYSE: WORK)

Slack wants you to get work done. The self-titled software aims to make workspace collaboration seamless and more efficient, allowing you to work together, sans all the frustration.

Spirit Airlines (NYSE: SAVE)

Travelling can be expensive. Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier and wants to offer you the cheapest ticket you can find. It’s only right that its ticker, SAVE reflects that. While the ticket itself may be cheap, additional fees can hike up the price.

Honorable Mentions

Steinway Musical Instruments

The company is known for producing pianos and paid tribute to one of the most well-known pianists through the ticker (NYSE: LVB), which are the initials of Ludwig van Beethoven.

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