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Check out today's biggest energy stock movers.

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Pioneer Natural Resources (NYSE: PXD)

146.59 -0.595 (-0.4%)
Volume 84.70K Market Cap 31.78B
145.25 - 148.225
67 - 169.49
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HollyFrontier (NYSE: HFC)

33.43 -1.09 (-3.16%)
Volume 1.24M Market Cap 5.43B
33.27 - 34.53
16.81 - 42.39
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EOG Resources (NYSE: EOG)

68.46 -0.53 (-0.77%)
Volume 1.89M Market Cap 39.96B
67.13 - 69.14
31.22 - 77.145
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Valero Energy (NYSE: VLO)

68.81 -1.5 (-2.13%)
Volume 3.64M Market Cap 28.13B
68.15 - 70.48
35.44 - 84.39
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ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP)

49.62 -0.435 (-0.87%)
Volume 4.76M Market Cap 67.09B
49.19 - 50.08
27.53 - 61.14
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Energy Stock Movers

Catch the latest price movements of energy stocks from today’s trading session.

The data provided below is intended for educational purposes only, we have included the session dates for your reference.

Premarket Energy Stocks
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
KLXE 8.73 1.28 17.18% Trade
TRCH 1.785 0.235 15.16% Trade
ICD 3.54 0.44 14.19% Trade
FTK 1.435 0.155 12.1% Trade
INDO 5.74 0.39 7.28% Trade
MMLP 2.3901 0.16 7.17% Trade
SBOW 9.1 0.57 6.68% Trade
BTU 4.06 0.22 5.72% Trade
GBR 3.92 0.2 5.37% Trade
NC 22.8 1.02 4.68% Trade
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
SNMP 0.6728 -0.062 -8.41% Trade
VIST 2.67 -0.16 -5.66% Trade
UUUU 5.27 -0.26 -4.71% Trade
CEI 0.702 -0.035 -4.7% Trade
TELL 1.82 -0.085 -4.47% Trade
NVGS 9.56 -0.44 -4.4% Trade
LPG 13.2 -0.6 -4.35% Trade
PDS 25.39 -1.09 -4.12% Trade
REGI 57.66 -2.45 -4.08% Trade
URG 1.04 -0.04 -3.71% Trade
Market Energy Stocks
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
MMLP 2.38 0.15 6.72% Trade
ESTE 7.19 0.34 4.96% Trade
IO 2.18 0.1 4.8% Trade
GBR 3.89 0.17 4.56% Trade
PHX 2.39 0.09 3.91% Trade
CLNE 10.73 0.4 3.87% Trade
TRCH 1.61 0.06 3.87% Trade
AMTX 19.25 0.67 3.6% Trade
CRK 4.96 0.17 3.54% Trade
SNMP 0.76 0.025 3.47% Trade
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
AXAS 2.41 -0.06 -2.43% Trade
HNRG 1.9 -0.045 -2.32% Trade
FTI 7.01 -0.16 -2.24% Trade
SSL 16.55 -0.34 -2.02% Trade
TTI 2.4 -0.03 -1.24% Trade
EURN 8.44 -0.1 -1.18% Trade
HFC 34.07 -0.4 -1.17% Trade
TOT 44.32 -0.48 -1.08% Trade
TS 21.39 -0.23 -1.07% Trade
BP 24.72 -0.24 -0.97% Trade
After Hours Energy Stocks
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
PHX 2.33 0.11 4.95% Trade
TRCH 1.84 0.05 2.79% Trade
CEI 0.707 0.007 1.01% Trade
AR 9.24 0.08 0.87% Trade
CDEV 3.84 0.03 0.78% Trade
UEC 2.7 0.02 0.74% Trade
DNN 1 0.007 0.67% Trade
CVI 19.02 0.08 0.42% Trade
EXTN 2.95 0.01 0.34% Trade
SBR 33.17 0.11 0.33% Trade
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
FTSI 22.51 -0.22 -0.97% Trade
UGP 3.86 -0.02 -0.52% Trade
CLR 25.23 -0.08 -0.32% Trade
PARR 14.03 -0.04 -0.29% Trade
CEIX 9.01 -0.02 -0.23% Trade
LPI 33.21 -0.07 -0.22% Trade
CQP 39.97 -0.08 -0.2% Trade
ET 8.06 -0.015 -0.19% Trade
TDW 12.21 -0.02 -0.17% Trade
WTI 3.08 -0.005 -0.17% Trade

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The world runs on energy. Many global industries have thrived due to companies generating massive amounts of energy, day in and day out. The energy produced from oil, natural gas, coal, solar, wind and nuclear resources has fueled the growth of developing and industrialized countries. 

Companies from the energy sector can have a similar effect on your portfolio, provided that you invest your money behind them today. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you invest in top-performing energy stocks on the market.      

Overview: Energy Stocks

There are 2 basic categories of energy stocks you can invest in — renewable and nonrenewable energy stocks. 

Companies that produce and distribute energy generated from resources of limited availability such as coal, natural gas and oil are categorized as nonrenewable energy stocks. Businesses that generate revenue from the production and distribution of energy from unlimited resources such as solar, wind and hydropower plants are considered clean or renewable energy stocks. 

Since there is tremendous demand for energy from countries all over the world, stocks from both of these energy sectors can become promising investments for you. Moreover, the recent developments in climate change and global warming may lead to a resurgence of clean energy stocks in the near future. 

Best Online Brokers for Energy Stock

Sign up with an online broker to track and trade energy stocks at your convenience. 

These platforms come equipped with a powerful stock screener for fast trading. You can apply custom filters to find stocks as per your financial goals. For instance, you could set a price range to display all the available stocks under $10 and get instant results. 

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Features to Look for in Energy Stock

  • Earnings Per Share: The earnings per share (EPS) of a stock is the measure of a company’s profitability. It is calculated by dividing the net income of a company by the number of its outstanding shares. 
  • Price-Earnings Ratio: The price-earnings ratio (P/E) is used to identify overpriced and undervalued stocks. The lower the P/E ratio, the more returns you are likely to make from the stock. Many stocks under $5 tend to have the lowest P/E ratios on the stock exchange. 
  • Dividend Yield: Many stocks from the energy sector attract long-term traders by giving quarterly or annual dividends to its shareholders. Keep a tab on the dividend rates every quarter to assess their profit potential.  

Contribute to Cleaner Energy

Innovations from clean energy companies are making life safer and smarter. The judicious use of renewable energy is the need of the hour. And every dollar you invest in energy stocks with eco-friendly operations can prove to be precious in the future. 

Looking to learn more about investing in energy? Check out Benzinga’s guides to the best coal stocks, the best renewable energy ETFs and the best solar stocks.

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