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Equitrans Midstream (NYSE: ETRN)

6.36 0 (0%)
5.87 - 11.52

Equitrans acquired EQM Midstream in mid-2020, consolidating the midstream family. Equitrans now own EQM assets directly versus just unit ownership. EQM Midstream provides gathering, transmission, and water services to primarily Appalachian producers in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. With a current price-to-earnings ratio of 8.1, Equitrans Midstream recently announced that its earnings call for the third quarter will be on November 2, 2021. Equitrans Midstream Corporation was incorporated in 2018 and is headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

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Valvoline (NYSE: VVV)

28.81 -0.02 (-0.07%)
26.695 - 37.965

Valvoline produces, markets, and sells automotive maintenance products, particularly lubricants, to retail outlets and installer customers worldwide. The company caters to do-it-yourself customers by selling products to auto-parts stores and leading mass-merchandisers via direct sales and distributors. Valvoline targets the do-it-for-me segment by selling products to car dealers, general repair shops, and third-party quick-lube chains. This past quarter, Valvoline posted an outstanding 64.4% growth in earnings, as well as a 53.5% quarterly revenue growth, displaying a much higher growth rate than its competitors. Recently, Valvoline’s stock has been experiencing an increase in volume, even eclipsing its 52-week high this past week.

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Devon Energy (NYSE: DVN)

55.20 0.09 (0.16%)
24.05 - 79.4

Devon Energy, based in Oklahoma City, is one of the largest independent exploration and production companies in North America. The firm’s asset base is spread throughout onshore North America and includes exposure to the Delaware, STACK, Eagle Ford, Powder River Basin, and Bakken plays. With a whopping 52 week price range from 7.73 – 41.94 and current price of 41.88, Devon Energy has shown a jump in share price that very few companies in the sector have experienced. With oil prices rising due to the increased demand and lower supply due to the global energy crisis, Devon Energy may continue to emerge from the recent market correction.

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Energy Fuels (AMEX: UUUU)

4.92 0.01 (0.2%)
4.32 - 11.39

Energy Fuels Inc is the uranium producer. It holds three of America’s key uranium production centers: The White Mesa Mill in Utah, the Nichols Ranch ISR Facility in Wyoming, and the Alta Mesa ISR Facility in Texas. Its producing White Mesa Mill is the only conventional uranium mill in the US and has a licensed capacity of approximately 8 million pounds of U3O8 per year. Nichols Ranch is in production and has a licensed capacity of approximately 2 million pounds of U3O8 per year. Alta Mesa is currently on standby. In addition, it also produces vanadium.  Currently one of the most trending tickers, Energy Fuels occupies an abundance of Benzinga’s search increment due to its price increase as commodities have been skyrocketing recently.

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Energy Stock Movers

Catch the latest price movements of energy stocks from today’s trading session.

The data provided below is intended for educational purposes only, we have included the session dates for your reference.

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Premarket Energy Stocks
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
Market Energy Stocks
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
BPT 21.76 1.29 6.3% Trade
IMPP 0.4443 0.024 5.76% Trade
TGA 3.58 0.19 5.6% Trade
CVI 35.17 1.67 4.98% Trade
SJT 9.02 0.34 3.91% Trade
CRGY 12.96 0.48 3.84% Trade
MTDR 48.3 1.71 3.67% Trade
GTE 1.19 0.04 3.47% Trade
HLX 3.2 0.1 3.22% Trade
AMPY 6.75 0.21 3.21% Trade
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
BORR 3.96 -0.65 -14.1% Trade
NEXT 4.06 -0.38 -8.56% Trade
GLOP 5.25 -0.3 -5.41% Trade
FLNG 26.31 -1.08 -3.95% Trade
CSAN 13.4 -0.5 -3.6% Trade
WDS 20.87 -0.69 -3.21% Trade
USWS 0.91 -0.029 -3.11% Trade
ICD 3.04 -0.09 -2.88% Trade
TRMD 13.16 -0.39 -2.88% Trade
SNP 43.54 -1.25 -2.8% Trade
After Hours Energy Stocks
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
HPK 26.9 1.28 4.99% Trade
GTE 1.18 0.03 2.6% Trade
KLXE 4.44 0.11 2.54% Trade
ENLC 8.7 0.2 2.35% Trade
IMPP 0.43 0.01 2.35% Trade
UROY 2.32 0.05 2.2% Trade
RIG 3.39 0.06 1.8% Trade
RCON 0.675 0.011 1.7% Trade
SD 15.93 0.26 1.65% Trade
DNN 0.9888 0.016 1.62% Trade
Symbol Last Price Change % Change Trade
HNRG 5.18 -0.23 -4.26% Trade
GLNG 22.11 -0.64 -2.82% Trade
USWS 0.92 -0.019 -2.05% Trade
CLNE 4.42 -0.06 -1.34% Trade
HUSA 4.53 -0.06 -1.31% Trade
AM 8.95 -0.1 -1.11% Trade
PUMP 9.9 -0.1 -1% Trade
CEI 0.3934 -0.004 -0.99% Trade
CTRA 25.54 -0.25 -0.97% Trade
AR 30.37 -0.28 -0.92% Trade

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The energy sector is made up of companies that are highly involved in activities relating to the production, exploration, refining, or transportation of consumable fuels, such as coal, oil, and gas. These companies often engage in activities relating to constructing or providing drilling equipment or oil rigs and handle energy-related services. This sector includes some of the world’s most well-known and largest companies, such as Exxon Mobil, Marathon Petroleum, Chevron Corp., and ConocoPhillips. 

Stocks in the energy sector, which are holistically represented by the 

Vanguard Energy ETF (VDE), have broadly outperformed the market as VDE has provided investors with a return of 93.61% over the past 12 months, above the S&P 500’s total returns of 23.88%. 

Here are the top traditional energy stocks with the highest growth, greatest value, strongest momentum, and most searches on Google.

Overview: Energy Stocks

There are 2 basic categories of energy stocks you can invest in — renewable and nonrenewable energy stocks. 

Companies that produce and distribute energy generated from resources of limited availability such as coal, natural gas and oil are categorized as nonrenewable energy stocks. Businesses that generate revenue from the production and distribution of energy from unlimited resources such as solar, wind and hydropower plants are considered clean or renewable energy stocks. 

Since there is tremendous demand for energy from countries all over the world, stocks from both of these energy sectors can become promising investments for you. Moreover, the recent developments in climate change and global warming may lead to a resurgence of clean energy stocks in the near future. 

Best Online Brokers for Energy Stock

Sign up with an online broker to track and trade energy stocks at your convenience. 

These platforms come equipped with a powerful stock screener for fast trading. You can apply custom filters to find stocks as per your financial goals. For instance, you could set a price range to display all the available stocks under $10 and get instant results. 

Take a look at these premier online brokers to improve your trading strategy. 

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Features to Look for in Energy Stock

  • Earnings Per Share: The earnings per share (EPS) of a stock is the measure of a company’s profitability. It is calculated by dividing the net income of a company by the number of its outstanding shares. 
  • Price-Earnings Ratio: The price-earnings ratio (P/E) is used to identify overpriced and undervalued stocks. The lower the P/E ratio, the more returns you are likely to make from the stock. Many stocks under $5 tend to have the lowest P/E ratios on the stock exchange. 
  • Dividend Yield: Many stocks from the energy sector attract long-term traders by giving quarterly or annual dividends to its shareholders. Keep a tab on the dividend rates every quarter to assess their profit potential.  

Contribute to Cleaner Energy

Innovations from clean energy companies are making life safer and smarter. The judicious use of renewable energy is the need of the hour. And every dollar you invest in energy stocks with eco-friendly operations can prove to be precious in the future. 

Looking to learn more about investing in energy? Check out Benzinga’s guides to the best coal stocks, the best renewable energy ETFs and the best solar stocks.


To create a specific set of companies and their respective stocks that fall under a certain criteria, we utilized a screener to examine the top stocks under each criteria. For value companies, we analyzed the companies with the lowest forward P/E, current P/E, and P/E/G multiples; for growth companies, we analyzed high earnings and revenue growth – weighing them equally; for momentum, we looked at price growth in the past 52 weeks; for trending tech, we examined the stocks with the highest percent of search increment on Benzinga.