14 SPACs That Palantir Technologies Has Invested In Or Partnered

14 SPACs That Palantir Technologies Has Invested In Or Partnered

Palantir Technologies Inc PLTR is one of the most well-known publicly traded companies. The data analytics company is increasing its investments in the SPAC space, which caught the attention of Barron’s recently.

Palantir’s SPAC Investments: Barron’s reports Palantir has invested in 10 SPACs according to a recent disclosure and has made additional investments since then. The company has also partnered with some other SPACs and de-SPACd companies.

Here is a look at the SPACs Palantir has invested in or partnered.

1. Kredivo: This leading digital consumer credit platform in Southeast Asia is going public with VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings II VPCB. The SPAC merger values the company at $2 billion. Palantir was among the investors as part of a $120 million PIPE.

Kredivo is the largest and fastest-growing "buy now, pay later" companies in Indonesia. The company has more than four million customers and is going public to continue its growth in the fast-growing e-commerce segment in Southeast Asia.

2. AdTheorent: Palantir invested in a PIPE on the SPAC deal with MCAP Acquisition Corp MACQ that values AdTheorent at $775 million.

AdTheorent uses machine learning as a programmatic digital advertising company, offering customers specific business outcomes.

“We’re extremely excited about Palantir’s investment and their belief in our long-term vision for our business,” AdTheorent CEO Jim Lawson told Benzinga in an interview on “SPACs Attack” recently.

A partnership between the two companies will help make data more efficient for customers. Partnering with Palantir can help identify data insights quickly and find relationships between data, Lawson said.

3. Fast Radius: Palantir, Goldman Sachs GS and United Parcel Service, Inc. UPS were among the investors in a $100 million PIPE for the SPAC merger between Fast Radius and ECP Environmental Growth Opportunts Corp ENNV. The merger values Fast Radius at $1.4 billion.

Fast Radius designs and makes physical products for customers using proprietary software. The company is seeking to lead the way as the first cloud manufacturing digital supply chain company in the Industry 4.0 market. Fast Radius has worked with more than 2,000 customers including 45 Fortune 500 companies.

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4. Wejo: Virtuoso Acquisition Corp VOSO is acquiring connected vehicle company Wejo in a deal valuing the company at $800 million. Palantir is an investor and partner with the company. Microsoft Corporation MSFT and General Motors Company GM are also investors.

Wejo plans to become the manufacturer-agnostic industry standard for connected vehicle data. The company plans to offer services to help with segments like smart city, traffic management, advertising, fleet management, insurance, mobility and payments.

Wejo works with 17 OEMs and Tier 1 automotive companies.

5. Origin Materials: PepsiCo PEP, Danone and Nestle SA NSRGY own around 11% of Origin Materials, a company that went public via SPAC merger.

Palantir was not an investor in the company but announced a partnership in June with Origin Materials. The partnership will see Origin Materials deploy Palantir’s Foundry technology to help with the support the acceleration of internal operations to help companies decarbonize supply chains to net zero.

Origin Materials is exploring commercial opportunities with Palantir and is now a Palantir customer.

6. Babylon Health: Palantir is an investor in Babylon Health, a company merging in a SPAC deal with Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp KURI valuing the company at $4.2 billion.

Babylon Health covers more than 24 million people across four continents. The company offers Babylon 360 and Babylon Cloud Services to help reduce costs and provide better health care for its members.

7. Roviant Services: Drug discovery company Roviant Sciences is going public with Montes Archimedes Acquisition Corp MAAC valuing the company at $5 billion. Palantir was part of a $200 million PIPE on the deal.

Roivant owns stakes in several drug discovery companies and is working to develop transformative medicines using a combination of physics and machine learning. The company has more than 40 drugs in development including 8 that have had positive Phase 3 studies.

8. Sarcos Robotics: Valued at $1.3 billion, Sarcos Robotics announced a SPAC deal with Rotor Acquisition Corp ROT. Palantir joined in the $220 million PIPE on the SPAC merger.

Sarcos is a leader in industrial robotic systems, developing robotic systems for the workforce. The company is seeking to enhance productivity, reduce occupational injuries and equalize employment opportunities. Sarcos plans on deploying a robot fleet through its Robotics-as-a-Service solution.

9. Lilium: Electric vertical takeoff and landing company Lilium is one of several in the sector to go public via SPAC merger. The company announced a SPAC merger with Qell Acquisition Corp QELL valuing the company at $3.3 billion. The merger includes a $450 million PIPE that counts Palantir as an investor along with Baillie Gifford, BlackRock, PIMCO and Tencent Holdings ADR TCEHY.

The company has showcased a seven-seat Lilium Jet that can reach speeds of 175 miles per hour and travel 155 miles with 30x fewer components that traditional commercial aircraft.

10. Celularity: Clinical stage biotechnology company Celularity Inc CELU went public via SPAC deal valuing the company at $1.7 billion. After the merger was announced, Celularity added Palantir as an investor and partner of the company. The company will use Palantir’s software capabilities to accelerate research and development activities.

11. Boxed: E-commerce company Boxed is going public with Seven Oaks Acquisition Corp SVOK in a deal valuing the company at $900 million.

Boxed offers bulk consumables through its website, offering services for businesses and consumers who want to stock up. The company also licenses its own technology to large enterprise retailers.

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12. Pear Therapeutics: End-to-end platform for prescription digital therapeutics company Pear Therapeutics is going public with Thimble Point Acquisition Corp THMA in a deal valuing the company at $1.6 billion.

The company has three FDA-approved products and a pipeline of additional product candidates. Pear is a leader in developing prescription digital therapeutics. Palantir was part of a $125 million PIPE for the SPAC deal.

13. Tritium: A SPAC merger between Tritium and Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp II DCRN was announced in May valuing the company at $1.2 billion.

Tritium is the only pure-play, DC fast-charging manufacturing company with a global sales and support reach with a presence in 41 countries across four continents. The company has provided 2.7 million charging sessions in its lifetime and sold more than 4,400 DCFC chargers.

In July, Palantir announced it was investing in the PIPE for the merger. The companies entered into a subscription agreement that will see Tritium use the Palantir Foundry platform.

14. BlackSky: Geospatial intelligence, imagery and data analytics company BlackSky is going public via SPAC merger with Osprey Technology Acquisition Corp SFTW valuing the company at $1.1 billion.

Palantir co-founder Peter Thiel was among the investors on the PIPE of the merger.

The company’s goal is to establish a constellation of 30 high-resolution multi-spectral satellites in the future capable of monitoring locations on Earth every 30 minutes.

BlackSky and Palantir announced a pilot program to combine high-resolution imagery and deep analytics from global monitoring from space and real-time insights.

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