Super Bowl Champ Marvin Washington Talks Cannabis-Derived Therapeutics For Athletes, Isodiol's Leadership In CBD

From famed rapper The Game to TV’s Montel Williams, Bob Marley’s son Julian Marley to Snoop Dogg, celebrities across the board are increasingly getting involved in the cannabis industry.

One of the forefathers of this movement is Super Bowl champion Marvin Washington.

The former defensive end (in the NFL from 1989-1999) with the New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos has been participating in the cannabis space for more than four years now, and is — in diverse extents — involved in six companies currently. There is one, however, he seems to hold particularly dear: ISODIOL INTERNATIO COM NPV ISOLF ISOL.

CBD For Athletes

A few weeks ago, the World Anti-Doping Agency, in charge of drug testing among Olympic athletes and usually sets the criteria for anti-doping in most sports across the globe, removed CBD from its list of banned substances. While other natural and synthetic cannabinoids like THC remain prohibited, CBD will be allowed starting in 2018.

“This was a huge announcement by WADA,” Washington told Benzinga. “WADA has ruled that CBD is not a performance-enhancing substance. I know that, eventually, sports leagues in America will reach the same conclusion. The first, biggest thing we need to do is get the federal prohibition off cannabis.”

Washington has become an advocate of CBD as an alternative to opioids, a problem disproportionately affecting athletes in the U.S. Explaining that “most ailments and illnesses come from having some sort of inflammation in the body,” he argues “CBD can do the same thing as opiates, acting as an anti-inflammatory.”

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“We also know that CBD is a neuroprotector and antioxidant for the brain,” Washington said, highlighting the importance of this aspect of the substance for sports like football, soccer and lacrosse, where head traumas are a widespread problem.

“CBD can help these athletes feel better during their career, ultimately prolonging it. Then, when their career is over, they don’t leave the game with any addiction or health issues,” he added. “I’ve seen guys leave the game addicted to opiates, but I’ve never seen anybody leave the game addicted to cannabis.

“Once CBD gets widely accepted in the sports leagues, it’s going to become widely accepted in society,” becoming an alternative to fight the opioid epidemic currently hitting the U.S., he said.

Cannabis And Soccer

The rest of the world calls it football or fútbol; we call it soccer. No matter what name we pick, this is the most popular sport in the world by almost every measure, with teams like Manchester United PLC MANU and JUVENTUS F.C. NPV JVTSF even trading on major stock exchanges. So, why are there no notable soccer players involved in cannabis-therapeutics advocacy?

“The main issue is education. If American football falls, then I think we are going to look at every other sport. … We still don’t have a cannabis advocate from soccer really speaking up; but once they see what it can do for American football and all the other sports, I think you are going to see guys from the different leagues in Europe or Latin America step up,” Washington responded.

“We definitely need to educate a high-profile soccer player to speak out about the different benefits of the cannabis plant. Once you educate them, you have a far-reaching audience because soccer is all over the world … and whole countries in Europe and Latin America are making cannabis legal and researching its benefits.”

Meet Isodiol

“In my opinion, Isodiol is the leading CBD company in the country,” Washington said. “At least in terms of bioavailability and bioactivity of the CBD, I believe it’s the best.”

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Even though it is largely focused on cannabis-derived products, Isodiol is, in fact, diversified raw ingredients, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical products company. There are five brands under the Isodiol International umbrella (Isodiol, IsoSport, CBDXtreme, CannaCeuticals and Pot-O-Coffee) making all sorts of things, from skin care products to CBD-infused coffee.

As one might expect, Washington is most involved with IsoSport, a joint venture he and Isodiol created to make CBD products aimed at athletes. The line includes CBD-infused beverages, as well as CBD capsules, pain creams, powders, drops and sprays.

“Exciting things are happening. Isodiol International is starting to become a full pharmaceutical company; we are making a move down in South America,” the former NFL player said.

Readers should note that getting into the South American market can be huge for a North American company, as most countries that have legalized cannabis-derived products in the region only allow for imports at the time, but not for local production. This means that they will need foreign companies to provide product for every patient, for the time being.

“I can see Isodiol being the dominant company in the CBD space, not only in the U.S., but in the whole world,” Washington said, pointing out that he believes the firm will soon be able to compete with early-entrant GW Pharmaceuticals PLC- ADR GWPH, even becoming the The Coca-Cola Co KO or PepsiCo, Inc. PEP of cannabis therapeutics.

“If I was looking to invest in the space I would do my research. I think Isodiol is wide and deep, and quite undervalued right now. We are in Canada, in the U.S., and South America, and on our way to becoming a full pharmaceutical company, also getting into the THC side and hops,” said Washington. “As I mentioned earlier, I’m involved with six companies in the cannabis industry. I love them all but I believe Isodiol is my first-round draft pick, the star of my cannabis portfolio.”

Image Credit: Javier Hasse

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