Covey Analyst Metrics

Covey is an open community of hundreds of analysts, created to find and reward the best, for anyone to copy, so we can all win. Benzinga scraped data on the top 10% of analysts from month n, then invested in them in month n+1. The chart shows the performance (starting at 1.0) from investing in the best analysts on Covey compared to the S&P. Think you can beat a Covey analyst, join for free here:, want to invest in their ideas check out the tables below.

Using the same strategy as above, Benzinga compiled the ideas of the best analysts on Covey and what they are buying and selling over the last 30 days.

What is Covey?

Join Covey by creating a virtual portfolio of equity, etf, or crypto ideas. Learn, compete, and share Hedge Fund level data of your real time portfolio! At the end of every month Covey rewards analysts with tokens that represent a share in the value of the community database.

The best investment analysts are not managing our money. There is so much talent that wants to become an investment manager, but unless they went to the “right” school or have the “right” connections it is extremely hard to launch a fund. On the other side, retail investors want access to great managers but they are shut out of Hedge Funds due to high minimums and they don’t trust Mutual Funds due to poor historical performance and a lack of innovation.

To find the next great athlete we scour the world, spend millions, and rely on data. Let’s do the same to find the next great manager, for anyone to copy, generating higher returns for more people.

Covey is bringing a transparent, peer-powered, and risk-free approach to investing.