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AdaptHealth (NASDAQ:AHCO) Stock, Insider Trading Activity

AdaptHealth: Insider buying and selling updated today.

Insider Shares Owned
Insider Percentage Owned
Institutional Shares Held
Institutional Percentage Held
Mar 12, 2024James FlynnDEERFIELD MANAGEMENT COMPANY LP SERIES CDeerfield Mgmt IV LPDEERFIELD PARTNERS LPDeerfield Private Design Fund IV LPDeerfield Mgmt LP10% OWNER-350K$10.90-$3.82MSELL-2.94%11.548863MMar 08 - Mar 12View
Dec 06, 2023David S. Williams IIIDIRECTOR-2.255K$9.30-$20.97KSELL-7.04%29.779KDec 04View
Aug 14, 2023Albert Prast*CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER0$8.44-$2.30MSELL-OPTIONS0.00%110.578KAug 10View
Aug 14, 2023Jason Clemens*CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER720$14.10$10.15KBUY0.37%194.12KAug 10View
Aug 14, 2023SkyKnight Aero Holdings LLCSkyKnight Capital LPSkyKnight Capital Management LLCSkyKnight Capital Fund II LPSkyKnight Capital II GP LLCMatthew Ebbel-325.627K$14.03-$4.57MSELL-5.35%5.765326MAug 10 - Aug 11View
Feb 08, 2023Everest Hill Group Inc-540K$20.75-$11.21MSELL-4.05%12.805008MFeb 06View
Feb 03, 2023Everest Hill Group Inc-100K$21.00-$2.10MSELL-0.74%13.345008MJan 31 - Feb 01View
Jan 20, 2023Everest Hill Group Inc10% OWNER-4.789K$22.00-$105.36KSELL-0.04%13.445008MJan 18View
Jan 17, 2023Everest Hill Group Inc10% OWNER-350.201K$20.03-$7.01MSELL-2.53%13.499797MJan 12 - Jan 13View
Jan 12, 2023Everest Hill Group Inc10% OWNER-200K$20.00-$4.00MSELL-1.43%13.799998MJan 10View
Dec 13, 2022Daniel BuntingCOO - FIELD OPERATIONS108.55K$12.32-$1.92MSELL-OPTIONS144.60%183.619KDec 09View
Nov 14, 2022Shaw RietkerkCOO - CENTRALIZED SERVICES-75K$22.52-$1.69MSELL-33.61%148.148KNov 10View
Nov 14, 2022Everest Hill Group Inc10% OWNER-23.583K$23.00-$542.41KSELL-0.17%13.999998MNov 11View
Nov 03, 2022Everest Hill Group Inc10% OWNER-51.858K$23.00-$1.19MSELL-0.37%14.023581MNov 01 - Nov 02View
Nov 01, 2022Everest Hill Group Inc10% OWNER-10.437K$23.00-$240.05KSELL-0.07%14.075439MOct 28View
Oct 28, 2022Everest Hill Group Inc10% OWNER-165.968K$22.00-$3.65MSELL-1.16%14.085876MOct 26View
Oct 26, 2022Everest Hill Group Inc10% OWNER-114.032K$22.00-$2.51MSELL-0.79%14.251844MOct 25View
Oct 25, 2022Everest Hill Group Inc10% OWNER-14.605K$22.00-$321.31KSELL-0.10%14.365876MOct 24View
Oct 19, 2022Everest Hill Group Inc10% OWNER-105.395K$21.05-$2.22MSELL-0.73%14.380481MOct 17 - Oct 18View
Oct 14, 2022Everest Hill Group Inc10% OWNER-110.602K$22.01-$2.43MSELL-0.76%14.485876MOct 13View
Sep 27, 2022Everest Hill Group Inc10% OWNER-900K$19.53-$17.58MSELL-5.81%14.596478MSep 14 - Sep 23View
Sep 01, 2022David S. Williams IIIDIRECTOR-2.254K$18.19-$40.99KSELL-12.29%16.085KAug 31View
Aug 30, 2022Everest Hill Group Inc10% OWNER-525K$23.35-$12.26MSELL-3.36%15.119834MAug 10 - Aug 12View
Aug 23, 2022Christopher JoyceGENERAL COUNSEL-100K$22.20-$2.22MSELL-32.17%210.89KAug 16View
Jun 21, 2022SkyKnight Aero Holdings II LLCSkyKnight Capital LPSkyKnight Capital Management LLCMatthew EbbelDIRECTOR100.2K$16.78$1.68MBUY3.19%3.243256MJun 16 - Jun 17View
Jun 16, 2022SkyKnight Capital LPSkyKnight Capital Management LLCMatthew EbbelSkyKnight Aero Holdings II LLCDIRECTOR100K$17.07$1.71MBUY3.29%3.143056MJun 14View
Jun 15, 2022SkyKnight Capital Fund II LPSkyKnight Capital II GP LLCMatthew EbbelDIRECTOR100K$17.22$1.72MBUY1.16%8.70587MJun 13View
Jun 13, 2022SkyKnight Capital Fund II LPSkyKnight Capital II GP LLCMatthew EbbelDIRECTOR13.922K$17.44$242.76KBUY0.16%8.60587MJun 09 - Jun 10View
Jun 03, 2022SkyKnight Capital Fund II LPSkyKnight Capital II GP LLCMatthew EbbelDIRECTOR35.091K$17.57$616.50KBUY0.41%8.591948MJun 01View
May 27, 2022SkyKnight Capital Fund II LPSkyKnight Capital II GP LLCMatthew EbbelDIRECTOR200$17.50$3.50KBUY0.00%8.556857MMay 25View



Is Insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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