Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to retrieve high-quality logos for companies around the world? Benzinga offers a comprehensive suite of company logos in multiple formats. Current formats include full color, grayscale and company marks. Transparent background logos will be available in the near future.

The company logo API has coverage of all stocks trading on major US exchanges, ASX, TSX major OTC listing and fund families. The database is constantly used as logos change and companies come to market.

Our goal at Benzinga is to provide the best solution possible for company logos. This includes:

  • 24-hour turn around for additional database requests
  • Manual review of every logo added to the database to ensure accuracy

Logos provide a unique user experience that resonates especially strong with less seasoned investors who often more readily recognize a logo than a ticker symbol or company name.

Brokerages like TradeZero are adding Benzinga’s Corporate Logos to their UI to make their mobile app “pop” and help clients better identify with their holdings.

Read documentation here.


Data field descriptions

symbol Ticker symbol
cik CIK security identifier
isin ISIN security identifier
name Company name
exchange Name of exchange the security trades on
created Created timestamp (UNIX)
updated Last updated timestamp (UNIX)
original Url for the original logo
90 x 60_white Url for the logo with a white background
90 x 60_grayscale Url for the logo with a grayscale background

Benzinga’s data samples are intended to provide a data sample large enough for testing data quality and application for the financial markets. These sample files demonstrate a sample of the formats and content that can be delivered.

Please refer to for all your API integration needs, including parameter queries and a look at our entire offerings.


What are some use cases of the Logo API?

The Logo API is a database of corporate logos across the Wilshire 5000 plus 1000 other popular tickers.  This data is used to add life to media sites, brokerages, research platforms – essentially any place that has information about companies.

How accurate is the company logo API?

We have a system in place that notifies our data team when companies update their brand guidelines.  Partners have never had an issue ensuring creatives are up to date on their platform.

What is the file type?

Logos are PNGs.

What is the file size?

Logos are delivered as 300×300 pixels.

What is returned by the API?

Links to the database that is updated and maintained by Benzinga.

Can I see an example?

You can see integration examples on our quotes pages.