$10 Bet Could Be Worth $74,000 If This NFL Team Wins Monday Night Football

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  • One sports bettor could have a ticket predicting the winner of 15 Week 4 NFL matchups, with one leg left to hit.
  • The bettor is choosing to let the ticket ride instead of cashing out the bet.
$10 Bet Could Be Worth $74,000 If This NFL Team Wins Monday Night Football

One sports bettor might be a little more anxious watching the Monday Night Football National Football League game for Week 4. With a large potential profit on the line, here’s the story of a $10 bet that could turn into a massive payout.

What Happened: In Week 4, a total of 16 NFL games will be played. One sports bettor, who goes by @DenneyTaylor on Twitter, placed a bet on 15 of the NFL games taking place on Sunday and Monday, picking the winning teams of each contest.

The bettor placed a 15-leg parlay, which is a bet that has to have all the outcomes correct to win the entire bet. While the bet didn’t have the same massive payout as one placed by rapper Drake earlier in the week, the huge payout comes from a relatively small bet amount.

A $10 bet was placed with FanDuel, a unit of Flutter Entertainment PDYPY, that pays out $74,702.67 if all 15 selected NFL teams win.

Through the first 14 legs, the bet is still in play, and now puts the final leg, of the Los Angeles Rams beating the San Francisco 49ers, as the game that decides if the bet cashes or goes to $0.

The bettor correctly picked several upsets including the Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals all to win their Week 4 matchups.

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What’s Next: The Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers play in Week 4’s Monday Night Football contest, a game that can be seen on ESPN, a unit of The Walt Disney Company DIS.

“Hey @RamsNFL so I’m passing up on $23k and riding with y’all but I feel like I want to be wearing a Cooper Kupp jersey when we win. Any ideas I’ll be in Vegas tomorrow for the game. Asking for a friend… ??” the bettor tweeted.

FanDuel offered a cash payout of $23,099.63 for the bettor to cash out after the first 14 legs hit and not have to worry about the outcome of the Monday Night Football matchup.

“I think that’s disrespectful because I put a lot of hard work into this 15-legger. We riding. Let’s go Rams!”

Along with taking the cash-out option, the bettor could also hedge his bet, by placing a large wager on the 49ers to win Monday's matchup, netting him a profit with either outcome. The 49ers are 1.5-point favorites on FanDuel at the time of writing. 

The bettor also had the opportunity to cash out the slip for $17,300.84 prior to the Sunday Night Football matchup that saw the Chiefs beat the Buccaneers.

The potential large parlay payout comes after last week’s $65,000 parlay that paid out nearly $3 million. Like the bettor in this case, that winner decided against taking the cash-out option and let the bet ride on the last leg.

Rapper and actor Drake placed a $208,644.85 bet earlier this week with a 3-leg parlay picking the Dolphins, Ravens and Cowboys to win. The bet would have paid out $2,248,273.49 on a win, netting Drake a profit of over $2 million.

Only the Cowboys won in Drake’s bet, losing the rapper over $200,000.

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