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The Chefs' Warehouse (NASDAQ:CHEF) Stock, Insider Trading Activity

The Chefs' Warehouse: Insider buying and selling updated today.

Insider Shares Owned
Insider Percentage Owned
Institutional Shares Held
Institutional Percentage Held
Dec 28, 2023Tim McCauleyCHIEF ACCOUNTING OFFICER-6K$30.04-$180.24KSELL-9.49%57.242KDec 27View
Nov 15, 2023Tim McCauleyCHIEF ACCOUNTING OFFICER-6K$25.23-$151.38KSELL-8.67%63.242KNov 14View
Nov 13, 2023Katherine OliverDIRECTOR855$23.52$20.11KBUY2.34%37.437KNov 10View
Nov 13, 2023Joseph M CugineDIRECTOR850$23.29$19.80KBUY1.96%44.221KNov 10View
Oct 04, 2023Tim McCauleyCHIEF ACCOUNTING OFFICER-6K$20.24-$121.44KSELL-7.97%69.242KOct 03View
Aug 09, 2023Joseph M CugineDIRECTOR1K$29.58$29.58KBUY2.36%43.371KAug 09View
Aug 09, 2023Katherine OliverDIRECTOR855$29.12$24.90KBUY2.39%36.582KAug 09View
Mar 14, 2023Katherine OliverDIRECTOR982$30.54$29.99KBUY3.13%32.334KMar 13View
Mar 13, 2023Joseph M CugineDIRECTOR1K$30.40$30.40KBUY2.57%39.978KMar 13View
Aug 30, 2022Katherine OliverDIRECTOR1.211K$32.93$39.88KBUY4.02%31.352KAug 29View
Aug 29, 2022Joseph M CugineDIRECTOR602$33.02$19.88KBUY1.57%38.978KAug 29View
Jun 29, 2022Alexandros AldousGENERAL COUNSEL-20K$40.00-$800.00KSELL-14.67%116.367KJun 27View
May 04, 2022James LeddyCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-1K$39.00-$39.00KSELL-0.78%126.965KMay 03View
Nov 12, 2021Christopher PappasPRESIDENT AND CEO-300K$35.32-$10.60MSELL-10.31%2.610826MNov 09View
Nov 05, 2021James LeddyCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-1K$37.00-$37.00KSELL-0.88%112.573KNov 03View
Nov 02, 2021James LeddyCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-1K$35.00-$35.00KSELL-0.87%113.573KOct 29View
Jun 08, 2021Patricia LecourasCHIEF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER-2K$32.04-$64.08KSELL-1.61%122.153KJun 07View
Apr 29, 2021John PappasVICE CHAIRMAN-300K$33.26-$9.98MSELL-28.35%758.128KApr 27 - Apr 29View
Apr 20, 2021Tim McCauleyCHIEF ACCOUNTING OFFICER-2K$33.18-$66.36KSELL-3.11%62.3KApr 19View
Mar 19, 2021Alexandros AldousGENERAL COUNSEL-20K$30.69-$613.81KSELL-14.14%121.472KMar 18View
Nov 19, 2020Tim McCauley-2K$20.84-$41.68KSELL-4.23%45.255KNov 18View
Mar 12, 2020Joseph M Cugine955$19.81$18.92KPURCHASE4.09%24.311KMar 12View
Oct 09, 2019John PappasVICE CHAIRMAN0$28.42-$733.17KSELL-OPTIONS0.00%1.314601MOct 07View



Is Insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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