Bird Global Inc Class A
At close: Dec 20

Bird Global Inc Class A (OTC:BRDS) Stock, Insider Trading Activity

Bird Global Inc Class A: Insider buying and selling updated today.

Sep 21, 2023Ivan John BitoveDIRECTOR50K$1.07$53.50KBUY50KSep 20View
Aug 22, 2023Michael WashinushiINTERIM CEO AND CFO-12.33K$0.00$0.00SELL-7.01%163.674KAug 18View
Aug 22, 2023Stewart LyonsPRESIDENT-12.33K$0.00$0.00SELL-3.91%302.798KAug 18View
May 23, 2023Shane TorchianaCEO2.5K$2.74$6.85KBUY0.03%7.922014MMay 19View
May 22, 2023Travis VanderZandenDIRECTOR45K$2.85$128.25KBUY0.18%25.178128MMay 19View
May 22, 2023Ivan John BitoveDIRECTOR35K$2.66$93.25KBUY0.81%4.337392MMay 19View
May 17, 2023Travis VanderZandenDIRECTOR250K$0.11$27.77KBUY1.00%25.133128MMay 17View
May 15, 2023Shane TorchianaCEO150K$0.11$16.35KBUY1.93%7.919514MMay 15View
May 15, 2023Travis VanderZandenDIRECTOR1.25M$0.12$143.75KBUY5.29%24.883128MMay 15View
Apr 04, 2023Keebler Philip RyanDIRECTOR250K$0.15$37.96KBUY250KMar 27 - Mar 29View
Mar 23, 2023Michael WashinushiCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER80K$0.13$10.24KBUY1.85%4.400094MMar 22View
Mar 22, 2023Michael WashinushiCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER320.094K$0.13$40.45KBUY8.00%4.320094MMar 21View
Mar 21, 2023Travis VanderZandenDIRECTOR1M$0.13$130.00KBUY4.42%23.633128MMar 21View
Mar 20, 2023Shane TorchianaCEO200K$0.13$26.00KBUY2.64%7.769514MMar 17View
Sep 08, 2022Yibo LingCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-200.365K$0.43-$85.62KSELL-7.24%2.568851MSep 06View
Sep 08, 2022Alan Gregory WrightCONTROLLER-5.385K$0.43-$2.30KSELL-1.25%425.037KSep 06View
Sep 08, 2022Rebecca HahnCHIEF COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER-4.598K$0.43-$1.96KSELL-0.40%1.142814MSep 06View
Sep 08, 2022William RushforthCHIEF VEHICLE OFFICER-30.978K$0.43-$13.24KSELL-1.12%2.734657MSep 06View
Sep 08, 2022Shane TorchianaPRESIDENT-29.962K$0.43-$12.80KSELL-0.90%3.294514MSep 06View
Sep 08, 2022Lisa MurisonGENERAL COUNSEL AND SECRETARY-37.598K$0.43-$16.07KSELL-7.21%483.564KSep 06View
Jun 15, 2022William RushforthCHIEF VEHICLE OFFICER-42.337K$0.56-$23.71KSELL-1.51%2.765635MJun 13View
Jun 15, 2022Lisa MurisonGENERAL COUNSEL AND SECRETARY-1.43K$0.56-$800.80SELL-0.27%521.162KJun 13View
Jun 15, 2022Shane TorchianaCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-40.747K$0.56-$22.82KSELL-1.21%3.324476MJun 13View
Jun 15, 2022Alan Gregory WrightCONTROLLER-8.626K$0.56-$4.83KSELL-1.96%430.422KJun 13View
Jun 15, 2022Rebecca HahnCHIEF COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER-7.172K$0.56-$4.02KSELL-0.62%1.147412MJun 13View
Jun 01, 2022Yibo LingCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-496.203K$0.78-$388.82KSELL-15.20%2.769216MMay 27View
Jun 01, 2022Alan Gregory WrightCONTROLLER-6.525K$0.78-$5.11KSELL-1.46%439.048KMay 27View
Jun 01, 2022William RushforthCHIEF VEHICLE OFFICER-22.014K$0.78-$17.25KSELL-0.78%2.807972MMay 27View
Jun 01, 2022Shane TorchianaCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-238.471K$0.78-$186.87KSELL-6.62%3.365223MMay 27View
Nov 04, 2021Scott K McNeillCO-CEO8.25625M$10.00$4.30MBUY530KNov 04View
Nov 04, 2021James E MutrieDIRECTOR8.25625M$10.00$4.30MBUY530KNov 04View



Is Insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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