Meta Quest Pro Available At $400 Discount Now — A Good Bargain Or Still Too Pricey?

Meta Quest Pro Available At $400 Discount Now — A Good Bargain Or Still Too Pricey?

Meta Platforms Inc.‘s META most recent VR device Meta Quest Pro is now available at a discounted price on AMZN — but still it might be expensive for some consumers. 

What Happened: Three months after its launch, Meta Quest Pro is available for $1,110 on Amazon. Consumers can avail of a 27% discount, or $400, on the device launched in October last year. 

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Meta Quest Pro was originally priced at $1500, making it a device on the expensive side of the spectrum. However, this VR marvel might not be for everyone, even with the discount on offer now. 

According to Meta, Quest Pro is the first headset they’ve built that integrates inward-facing sensors with the ability to capture natural facial expressions and eye tracking. 

Why It’s Important: Meta Quest Pro is 50% more powerful than Quest 2, considering it comes with a Snapdragon XR2+ chipset and 12GB of RAM, among other things, according to Engadget. 

However, with all the features, Meta Quest Pro weighs over a pound and a half, making it relatively uncomfortable to wear for extended periods than its predecessor, Quest 2. 

Meta’s rival in the headset category, Apple Inc. AAPL, is currently preparing to launch its first MR headset later this year. It is expected to be more expensive than Meta Quest Pro and will likely have the powerful M2 chip

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