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Medical Marijuana Gets Big Push Into The Traditional Medical Community

Medical Marijuana Gets Big Push Into The Traditional Medical Community
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Dozens of cannabis companies are developing technologies and systems to help doctors prescribe medical marijuana. Others are building specialized clinics that focus solely on medical marijuana treatment options.

But are they taking the right approach? Is this even the right time?

Patients traditionally have been given a variety of options to treat an illness or injury, making it difficult for them to see medical marijuana as a standalone treatment option. However, science is starting to show it is one.

The Risks Of Prescribing Cannabis

Prescribing medical cannabis in a context of federal illegality is no joyride.

Doctors who prescribe medical marijuana aren't covered by malpractice insurance. In addition, patients aren't reimbursed for the visit by their insurance companies.

Many medical professionals also feel they don’t have enough information. A recent New England Journal of Medicine survey says 76 percent of physicians support medical marijuana, but don’t have enough research and knowledge to move forward.

Health care professionals recognize the benefits of medical marijuana, but have yet to use it as an option in treatments.

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A Potential Solution

Seeking to address some of the issues generated by the lack of knowledge around medical cannabis and the risks associated with unclear regulations, The Fresh Toast forged a relationship with a health care social networking site that reaches 66 percent of active U.S. physicians last year. The name of the site wasn't disclosed at time of publication.

This week, the company launched a quality content pilot program aimed at providing health care professionals with trusted knowledge, seeking to drive conversation with patients. More than 45,000 physicians were engaged in this targeted initial outreach.

The Fresh Toast founder and publisher JJ McKay says this is the first step in their medical marijuana division as they plan to work with 90 percent of doctor offices in the U.S. and Canada by first quarter 2020.

"The industry needs to have more focus in adapting to health care processes and work to meet medical professionals and patients in an environment of acceptance," McKay told Benzinga.

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