Hillary Clinton Says This US Politician 'Somewhat Like' Queen Elizabeth II: 'Gutsiest Woman In Politics Now'

Zinger Key Points
  • Hillary Clinton used Queen Elizabeth II as an analogy for a member of Congress.
  • Former Secretary of State also praises Vice President Kamala Harris
  • Clinton's new show "Gutsy" is airing on AppleTV+, a streaming platform owned by Apple

Less than three days after Queen Elizabeth II's death, a famous politician likened a member of Congress to the legendary head of the royal family. But was that comparison made too soon?

What Happened: Queen Elizabeth II, the head of the British monarchy for 70 years, died last Thursday at the age of 96. 

Former First Lady and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was interviewed on “State of the Union,” a weekly show on Warner Bros. Discovery-WBD CNN.

“I think Nancy Pelosi is the gutsiest woman in politics right now,” Clinton said, praising the Speaker of the House for overcoming challenges and fighting for values that she strongly believes in.

“Somewhat like the Queen to be drawing an analogy,” Clinton added.

Clinton also praised current vice president Kamala Harris as someone who is gutsy and breaking new ground.

“She’s doing it with good humor, and a smile on her face, despite the challenges that come with the role.”

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Why It’s Important: Clinton’s appearance on CNN came as her new show “Gutsy” began airing on Apple TV+ AAPL on Sept. 9. The show sees Clinton and her daughter Chelsea interview “gutsy” women.

Clinton previously met Queen Elizabeth while serving as the First Lady of the United States and also as Secretary of the State under President Barack Obama.

The comments from Clinton came on the day that Queen Elizabeth’s casket began its final journey as part of the multi-week period of mourning the former leader.

The support for Pelosi being the gutsiest woman comes as she and her husband have drawn scrutiny for their stock and options transactions. 

Clinton also celebrated Queen Elizabeth and shared memories with her over the years.

“One of my favorite memories is when Bill and I stayed with her and Prince Philip on the Britannia, what used to be a royal yacht, as we commemorated the 50th anniversary of D-Day. So we were in close quarters,” Clinton said. “The Queen Mother was there. It was just like being with a family that was having a good time together despite the solemnity of the occasion.”

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be held on Sept. 19. It is unknown if Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, will be in attendance. USA Today reports that Buckingham Palace didn’t grant President Joe Biden permission for a U.S. delegation, which means former presidents may only attend if they have their own invitation.

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