Top News In Fintech And Beyond For April 11, 2022


👉 Top Things To Know In TradeFi:

  • Binance expanding asset services.
  • CME looking into more crypto futs. CME
  • Moneybox securing funding round.
  • flatexDEGIRO, Whitebox team up.
  • Robinhood added BTC withdrawal. HOOD BTC/USD
  • Vested Finance adds new funding.
  • raises trading API.

👉 Top Things To Know In Fintech:

  • Bitgo changes Galaxy Digital deal.
  • JPM’s Dimon on DeFi, blockchain. JPM
  • UK Treasury looks to create NFTs.
  • Metamask got integrated w/Apple.
  • Lucky eyeing MENA post-funding.
  • BoE fintech head joined Fireblocks.
  • Wyre is acquired by Bolt for $1.5B.
  • Cash App intros Lightning addition. SQ
  • Parametrix intros crypto insurance.
  • IBEX Mercado added a $4M seed.
  • Amazon, JPM renew card relation. AMZN
  • RITMO scores funds for payments.
  • Salt spotting fintech vulnerabilities.
  • Revolut intros Allianz offer to user.
  • MakerDAO teaming on bank loans.
  • Morningstar to buy LCD from S&P. MORN SPGI
  • Liquidity secures $775M its fintech.
  • Flash boys and crypto bros uniting.

👉 Interesting Reads:

  • $13T metaverse economy coming.
  • Jordan Peterson on bitcoin maxis.
  • Growing bets tether may see a run.
  • Why do celebrities believe in BTC.
  • Yellen talking CBDC development.
  • 2022 tax day: Trades, crypto, NFT.
  • Barclays traders get on NFT craze. BCS
  • Decentralization for Web3 builders.
  • Celebrities joined crypto, lose fans.

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