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TTM Technologies (NASDAQ:TTMI) Stock, Insider Trading Activity

TTM Technologies: Insider buying and selling updated today.

What is Insider Activity?

Insider trading activity involves company insiders, such as executives, directors, and employees, engaging in transactions of their own company's stock. Insiders' buy and sell transactions provide valuable insights into their confidence in the company's future performance.

What are TTM Technologies Inc Insiders Doing?

At TTM Technologies Inc, recent insider activity has drawn attention. Over the last 30 days, insiders have reported selling a total of 85.53K shares worth $1.66M, meanwhile, insiders have report no purchases in the last 30 days.

Notable Recent Insider Buys and Sales

  • On June 19, 2024, Douglas Soder, the company's SEE REMARKS sold 2.6K shares for $19 each.
  • On May 8, 2024, Tom Clapprood, the company's PRESIDENT A&D RADAR SYSTEMS sold 5K shares for $17.78 each.
  • On May 13, 2024, Martin Dale Knecht, the company's SVP INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY sold 7.03K shares for $18.14 each.

Ownership Statistics for TTM Technologies Inc

Institutional Shares Held
Institutional Percentage Held
Jul 03, 2024Douglas SoderEVP, PRESIDENT-9.71K$20.00-$194.28KSELL-4.53%204.49KJul 03View
Jun 27, 2024Douglas SoderEVP, PRESIDENT-15.29K$20.03-$306.17KSELL-6.66%214.21KJun 26View
Jun 27, 2024Jeff JankowskyPRESIDENT, A&D C4ISR-10.00K$20.04-$200.41KSELL-14.23%60.27KJun 26View
Jun 26, 2024Robert FarrellPRESIDENT C&C-7.52K$18.99-$142.87KSELL-24.68%22.96KJun 24View
Jun 26, 2024Philip TittertonEVP & COO-32.09K$18.99-$609.40KSELL-16.92%157.53KJun 24View
Jun 26, 2024TONY SANCHEZVP, CORPORATE CONTROLLER-10.92K$19.00-$207.43KSELL-33.68%21.50KJun 24View
Jun 21, 2024Douglas SoderSEE REMARKS-22.40K$19.05-$426.73KSELL-9.45%214.57KJun 20View
Jun 20, 2024Douglas SoderSEE REMARKS-2.60K$19.00-$49.40KSELL-1.09%236.97KJun 18View
May 13, 2024Martin Dale KnechtSVP INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY-7.03K$18.14-$127.51KSELL-7.24%90.02KMay 10View
May 13, 2024Douglas SoderSEE REMARKS-25.00K$18.01-$450.26KSELL-9.45%239.57KMay 10View
May 08, 2024Tom ClapproodPRESIDENT A&D RADAR SYSTEMS-5.00K$17.78-$88.91KSELL-9.57%47.26KMay 07View
May 07, 2024Joseph Anthony SandeenPRESIDENT, AMI&I BUSINESS UNIT-23.68K$17.53-$415.16KSELL-45.77%28.06KMay 06View
Feb 20, 2024Robert FarrellPRESIDENT C&C-721.00$15.63-$11.27KSELL-3.47%20.04KFeb 16View
Feb 13, 2024Tom ClapproodPRESIDENT A&D RADAR SYSTEMS-3.50K$16.48-$57.67KSELL-6.28%52.26KFeb 12View
Feb 02, 2024TONY SANCHEZVP, CORPORATE CONTROLLER-328.00$14.15-$4.64KSELL-1.41%22.93KFeb 02View
Nov 20, 2023Robert FarrellPRESIDENT C&C-940.00$14.54-$13.67KSELL-4.33%20.76KNov 16View
Aug 23, 2023Shawn PowersEVP, HUMAN RESOURCES-10.00K$14.95-$149.50KSELL-10.44%85.81KAug 22View
Aug 08, 2023Martin Dale KnechtSVP INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY-20.00K$15.09-$301.72KSELL-18.07%90.68KAug 08View
Aug 08, 2023Daniel J WeberEVP, GENERAL COUNSEL-16.00K$14.91-$238.51KSELL-14.73%92.60KAug 07View
Aug 08, 2023Shawn PowersEVP, HUMAN RESOURCES-8.00K$14.90-$119.22KSELL-7.71%95.81KAug 07View
Aug 08, 2023Catherine GridleyEVP, A&D BU PRESIDENT-10.00K$14.91-$149.09KSELL-8.62%106.07KAug 07View
Aug 08, 2023Robert FarrellPRESIDENT C&C-4.03K$14.95-$60.27KSELL-15.67%21.70KAug 07View
Jun 26, 2023TONY SANCHEZVP, CORPORATE CONTROLLER523.00$13.43-$149.08KGRANT2.30%23.26KJun 22 - Jun 23View
Mar 02, 2023Daniel J WeberEVP, GENERAL COUNSEL-8.60K$13.51-$116.22KSELL-8.54%92.09KMar 01View
Aug 09, 2022Todd SchullEVP AND CFO-20.00K$15.95-$318.90KSELL-7.76%237.76KAug 09View
Aug 09, 2022Daniel J WeberEVP, GENERAL COUNSEL-10.00K$16.36-$163.59KSELL-10.56%84.74KAug 08View
Aug 09, 2022Kent William HardwickSVP GLOBAL SALES AND EMS-5.00K$16.29-$81.47KSELL-5.69%82.89KAug 08View
Jun 27, 2022TONY SANCHEZVP, CORPORATE CONTROLLER-7.50K$12.13-$91.00KSELL-25.65%21.75KJun 23View
Jun 27, 2022Philip TittertonEVP & COO-19.17K$12.13-$232.55KSELL-18.03%87.20KJun 23View
Jun 23, 2022TONY SANCHEZVP, CORPORATE CONTROLLER6.36K$12.67-$56.30KGRANT27.79%29.25KJun 21 - Jun 22View
Jun 23, 2022Philip TittertonEVP & COO21.90K$12.67-$133.23KGRANT25.93%106.37KJun 21 - Jun 22View
Nov 15, 2021TONY SANCHEZVP, CORPORATE CONTROLLER-493.00$14.35-$7.07KSELL-2.11%22.89KNov 15View
Aug 03, 2021Keung Tai ChungSEE REMARKS-17.86K$14.09-$251.76KSELL-40.36%26.39KAug 02View
Jun 24, 2021Philip TittertonEVP & COO17.99K$14.37-$141.99KGRANT34.73%69.79KJun 22 - Jun 23View
Jun 24, 2021TONY SANCHEZVP, CORPORATE CONTROLLER6.26K$14.36-$58.35KGRANT36.57%23.38KJun 22 - Jun 23View
Jun 22, 2021Philip TittertonEVP & COO-10.52K$14.46-$152.07KSELL-16.88%51.80KJun 21View
Jun 22, 2021Philip TittertonEVP & COO-10.52K$14.46-$152.07KSELL-16.88%51.80KJun 21View
Jun 22, 2021TONY SANCHEZVP, CORPORATE CONTROLLER-4.44K$14.46-$64.24KSELL-20.61%17.12KJun 21View
Jun 01, 2021Kent William HardwickSVP GLOBAL SALES AND EMS-1.50K$15.19-$22.79KSELL-1.91%77.04KJun 01View
May 21, 2021Keung Tai ChungSEE REMARKS-6.49K$15.10-$98.04KSELL-12.79%44.25KMay 21View
Apr 06, 2021Douglas SoderSEE REMARKS-55.81K$15.00-$837.11KSELL-25.13%166.26KApr 05View
Apr 06, 2021Todd SchullEVP AND CFO-35.00K$15.00-$525.00KSELL-14.54%205.76KApr 05View
Apr 01, 2021Philip TittertonEVP & COO-4.64K$14.45-$67.01KSELL-6.93%62.31KMar 30View
Apr 01, 2021Philip TittertonEVP & COO-4.64K$14.45-$67.01KSELL-6.93%62.31KMar 30View
Apr 01, 2021TONY SANCHEZVP, CORPORATE CONTROLLER-3.50K$14.45-$50.62KSELL-13.98%21.57KMar 30View
Apr 01, 2021TONY SANCHEZVP, CORPORATE CONTROLLER-3.50K$14.45-$50.62KSELL-13.98%21.57KMar 30View
Mar 02, 2021Kent William HardwickSVP GLOBAL SALES AND EMS-1.50K$14.33-$21.50KSELL-1.84%80.10KMar 01View
Dec 02, 2020Kent William Hardwick-1.50K$13.31-$19.96KSELL-1.88%78.15KDec 01View
Nov 19, 2020Kent William Hardwick-4.00K$12.95-$51.81KSELL-4.78%79.65KNov 18View
Nov 17, 2020TONY SANCHEZ-494.00$12.91-$6.38KTAX-1.93%25.07KNov 16View
Aug 28, 2020Keung Tai Chung-41.15K$11.94-$491.40KSELL-44.78%50.75KAug 26View
Aug 27, 2020Anthony Princiotta-6.56K$11.89-$78.02KSELL-30.63%14.87KAug 26View
Jul 02, 2020Dov Zakheim0.00$10.52-$39.20KOPTION EXERCISE0.00%99.70KJun 30View
Jun 24, 2020TONY SANCHEZ7.74K$10.98-$48.81KGRANT OR AWARD43.42%25.56KJun 22View
Jun 24, 2020Jon Pereira-5.63K$10.98-$61.84KTAX-23.46%18.37KJun 22View
Jun 24, 2020Philip Titterton19.13K$10.98-$115.50KGRANT OR AWARD45.47%61.20KJun 22View
Mar 31, 2020Daniel J Weber-4.64K$9.87-$45.79KTAX-12.26%33.20KMar 30View
Mar 31, 2020Philip Titterton-4.64K$9.88-$45.83KTAX-9.93%42.07KMar 30View
Mar 31, 2020TONY SANCHEZ-3.50K$9.87-$34.57KTAX-16.43%17.82KMar 30View
Mar 31, 2020Jon Pereira-4.64K$9.88-$45.81KTAX-16.20%24.00KMar 30View
Mar 03, 2020Daniel J Weber-4.70K$12.92-$60.73KTAX-11.05%37.83KMar 02View
Mar 03, 2020Philip Titterton-4.70K$12.92-$60.74KTAX-9.14%46.71KMar 02View
Mar 03, 2020TONY SANCHEZ-3.46K$12.92-$44.75KTAX-13.97%21.33KMar 02View
Mar 03, 2020Jon Pereira-4.70K$12.92-$60.73KTAX-14.10%28.64KMar 02View
Mar 02, 2020Anthony Princiotta-26.00K$13.01-$338.35KSELL-47.56%28.66KFeb 27View
Feb 24, 2020Daniel J Weber-15.20K$13.52-$328.33KGRANT OR AWARD-26.33%42.53KFeb 20 - Feb 21View
Feb 24, 2020Jon Pereira0.00$13.31-$120.88KGRANT OR AWARD0.00%33.34KFeb 20 - Feb 21View
Dec 18, 2019Todd SchullEVP AND CFO-50.00K$15.00-$750.00KSELL-18.46%220.89KDec 16 - Dec 18View
Nov 15, 2019TONY SANCHEZVICE PRESIDENT & CONTROLLER-494.00$12.70-$6.27KSELL-1.95%24.79KNov 14View
Sep 03, 2019Daniel J WeberSVP, GENERAL COUNSEL & SEC.-20.00K$10.70-$214.00KSELL-25.73%57.73KAug 30View
Aug 29, 2019Anthony PrinciottaSEE REMARKS-23.22K$10.09-$234.34KSELL-31.12%51.41KAug 28View
Aug 21, 2019Keung Tai ChungEVP/ASIA PACIFIC BUS DEVELOP.-29.84K$10.58-$315.74KSELL-38.08%48.52KAug 19View
Aug 14, 2019Kent William HardwickSR. VICE PRESIDENT - SALES-1.88K$10.65-$20.00KSELL-2.56%71.51KAug 13View



Is insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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