Wife Nikki pleads for his return through her attorney, David Glass

LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Nicole Boyd Margera, wife of world-famous stuntman, actor, director, and multi-talented performer, born Brandon Cole Margera, who started his illustrious career with MTV's Jackass series, is issuing an all-out appeal for her husband to return to the Florida rehab center where he has been undergoing treatment for his addiction issues since earlier this year.

According to partner at Enenstein, Pham & Glass, David J. Glass, Nikki Margera's attorney, Nikki, along with her young son, are in full support of Bam's return to complete the program. Ostensibly, Bam Margera has blamed his wife for his troubles and the reason for his abrupt departure on both occasions.

"Now," says Glass, "we don't know the whereabouts of Bam, and naturally my client is extremely worried for his well-being and safety."

Typical with many addicts who continue to refuse to take accountability for his/her/their shortcomings in overcoming addiction, Bam Margera continues to blame others," Glass states. "Namely his former wife. My client has remained stalwart in her commitment to continue to support her husband in his recovery.  Glass, who is not only a Certified Family Law Specialist, a high distinction given by the State Bar of California, he also holds a PhD in Psychology and was once a practicing therapist. "This is all too familiar," says Glass. "Until an addict can take responsibility and own their issues, and they stop blaming others for their own shortcoming, it is impossible to enjoy a full recovery." Glass adds, "Even after a number of failed attempts, my client is still willing to support her husband."

According to Glass, Nikki Margera even temporarily relocated from California to Florida to be near her troubled spouse while he underwent treatment, hopeful they might be able to reunite as a family. But, after Bam left the facility a second time unauthorized, she returned to her home in California. "Once again, she has had to seek help from friends and family for the basics--food and shelter." Glass explains.

Married for eight years, Nicole Margera has been and remains steadfast in support of her husband's sobriety and career. "She sought court intervention for support late last year when her husband refused to pay my client the support ordered by the court," Glass says.

Nearly 18 months ago, Mrs. Margera uprooted her life when the married couple moved from their hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania so the daredevil star could pursue viable career opportunities in Los Angeles. In the past couple of years, the family has moved several times.

Bam Margera, 41, is known as a skateboarder, stunt performer, television personality, and filmmaker. He came to prominence in the early 2000s as a reality stunt star.
After his enormous success in Jackass, he went on with MTV to create the spin-off shows, Viva La Bam and Bam's Unholy Union. He also went on to co-write and direct his films, Haggard and MInghags. Additionally, he has had great success with his work on music videos.

According to Glass, Nicole intentionally filed for child custody and child and spousal support rather than divorce last year. Not long ago, she was encouraged by his willingness to participate in the addiction and mental health treatment he knew he so desperately needed. "Now he can't be found," Glass says. "On behalf of Nikki and their four-year-old son, we ask that Bam come forward."

"We love Bam, both as a husband and father," Nicole Margera reaffirmed. "We pray that he will return to the rehab facility to complete his treatment; so that he can return to us well and healthy," she said.

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