That Makes Cents Episode 3: The Head, Heart, And Hand Of Financial Advice

That Makes Cents Episode 3: The Head, Heart, And Hand Of Financial Advice

In Episode 3 of That Makes Cents, an eMoney Advisor podcast powered by Benzinga, Benzinga’s Spencer Israel speaks with Jess Liberi, head of product at eMoney, and James Werner, co-founder of Silicon Hills Wealth Management at the 2019 eMoney Summit in Austin.

It’s an open secret in financial advising that, though they’re trying to achieve the same goals for their clients, when it comes to how to do it, financial advisors don’t agree on much. Case in point: ask 10 financial advisors what the most important tool in their toolbox is, and you’d probably get 12 different answers.

So how do you build a technology platform for financial advisors, when financial advisors can’t always agree on what they need? Such is the challenge for Jess Liberi. As the person who oversees eMoney’s UI, UX, and innovation teams—that last one is, in her words, the team “that throws spaghetti at the wall and sees what sticks”—she’s responsible for building all of the tools for advisors who work with them, and shaping how those tools look.

In an effort to build the toolbox for every financial advisor, Liberi communicates with as many advisors as she can—like James Werner, the co-founder of Silicon Hills Wealth Management.

At Silicon Hills, Werner is the lead advisor to about 120 clients, where he primarily handles the charitable planning and asset management parts of the business.

We brought Liberi and Werner together for the latest episode of That Makes Cents to talk about the central relationship between advisors and technology, and how the two can best work together to give the best financial advice.

The episode also covers:

  • Why we’re in a “giving recession” (11:15)
  • The role technology provides in financial advice (09:48)
  • What kind of feedback eMoney gets from advisors (17:49)

Listen to the full episode of That Makes Cents below.

Spotify embed:

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