Trump's Companies Got A Thorough Cleaning After He Became President, Says Former CFO

Trump's Companies Got A Thorough Cleaning After He Became President, Says Former CFO

The former CFO of Donald Trump's company detailed efforts made by him and his fellow executives to clean up payment practices after his boss became president of the United States.

What Happened: Allen Weisselberg testified for the second day against the companies of the former president in November and touched on the practice of providing untaxed benefits, reported Rolling Stone. 

"We were going through an entire cleanup process at the company after Mr. Trump became president so that everything was done properly," said Weisselberg.

The former CFO said that the executives went through "all the practices we'd been utilizing over the years and … we corrected everything we had to correct," according to Rolling Stone.

Why It Matters: The finance boss' testimony comes in the wake of a plea deal he made with prosecutors who charged Weisselberg with 15 counts for receiving nearly $1.7 million in untaxed benefits, noted Rolling Stone.

Under the deal, Weisselberg is reportedly required to testify truthfully and if he does so, he faces nearly five months in jail. Failure to comply could see him sentenced to a hard time in prison.

The Trump Organization, which is also indicted in the trial, won't plead guilty. Weisselberg has not budged on testifying against Trump despite the efforts of the prosecution. 

The Trump loyalist has admitted that he conspired to evade taxes through off-the-books payment methods which spanned a Manhattan apartment and leases on two Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

This story was originally published on Nov. 18, 2022.

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