EXCLUSIVE: Virtual Events Center Being Built To Expand In-Person Metaverse Conference

EXCLUSIVE: Virtual Events Center Being Built To Expand In-Person Metaverse Conference

TerraZero and VentureBeat are partnering to build a virtual event center located in Decentraland, a 3D virtual world platform.

The event center will be launched in time for MetaBeat, a live, in-person event focused on the metaverse and associated technologies, to be held in San Francisco on Oct. 3-4, 2022.

The conference is expected to bring together over 1,500 metaverse decision makers and thought leaders from Roblox RBLX, Walmart WMT, Nvidia NVDA, Procter & Gamble PG, Chipotle CMG, T-Mobile TMUS and others. 

“People will jump into the scene with their avatars and move around the 3D space just like they would a real event,” said Brandon F. Johnson, Chief Experience officer at TerraZero in an email to Benzinga.

The metaverse is a concept for a future version of the internet in which users will be able to interact with each other in a 3D, immersive environment.

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Current technology has yet to further develop in order to reach a stage that fits most descriptions of what the metaverse should be, however a large number of companies are exploring early metaverse technologies to come up with innovative virtual experiences for their users.

Dan Reitzik, Founder and CEO of TerraZero, said that the virtual event center will be used not only by the MetaBeat event, but by other events as well.

There will also be opportunities to stream video into the event space, Johnson added, saying that in the future, users will be able to gain access to exclusive event areas by holding special tokens that would function like premium tickets/back-stage passes.

Having a presence in Decentraland allows anyone in the world to attend MetaBeat, says Johnson.

“Where an event/conference will only last a few days, the virtual conference center can be open 365-days per year, and serve as a constant hub for social gatherings, community building, brand awareness, outreach, and an emblem of innovation.”

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