Western Sanctions On Russia Jeopardizes Satellite Launches To Space: Reuters

  • In the coming years, U.S. rocket companies remain burdened with ferrying hundreds of satellites to space as sanctions sideline the Russian space launch industry, Reuters reports.
  • Tesla Inc TSLA's Elon Musk owned SpaceX, Astra Space Inc ASTR, and Rocket Lab USA Inc RKLB will likely fill the vacuum. However, the industry officials doubt their capacity to ramp up quickly.
  • More than 800 satellites under 100 kilograms would likely be put in orbit this year alone, nearly double the number of launches in 2021.
  • Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck saw issues from SpaceX, AST SpaceMobile Inc ASTS, and OneWeb built satellite networks during the launch of the mega-constellations as the new vehicles continued to outweigh the high launch cadences.
  • Russia maintained an over 16% share of the global launch market over the past five years. A French-Russian joint venture Starsem also launched the Soyuz rockets.
  • An analyst saw the "new space companies" like SpaceX, Rocket Lab, and Astra Space as the winners from the surging demand.
  • Experts saw Amazon.com Inc's AMZN blockbuster launch contracts for Project Kuiper incentivize rocket makers to speed up production.
  • An analyst, SpaceX's Starship could crush pricing in the commercial market on Musk's whims.

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