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Why Dr. Oz Wants You To Stop Eating Breakfast

Why Dr. Oz Wants You To Stop Eating Breakfast

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day like we were told at a young age? Dr. Mehmet Oz, better known as simply Dr. Oz, is making the case against eating anything in the morning.

What Happened

Dr. Oz explained last week his new lifestyle plan called "System 20" on Fox's "Fox & Friends." He said there are 20 steps people can take to reduce their chances of chronic illness by 20%. One of the "wisest ways" to stay healthy is to partake in intermittent fasting -- that is no eating between 7 p.m. and 11 a.m. the next day.

Ironically, breakfast is far from the most important meal of the day as giving it up will increase endurance, resiliency, and mental focus, he said. Consuming food during an eight-hour window may take some practice to get used to at first but the body "won't think you are starving" in the morning and your "body will sleep better" at night knowing it doesn't need to work harder to digest food.

Wahlberg Isn't Buying It

Mark Wahlberg considers himself among the fit actors in Hollywood and says he knows a thing or two about dieting. He sticks to a strict daily routine, including eating breakfast each morning at 3:15 a.m. before partaking in a high-intensity workout program called F45.

"I don't care what Dr. Oz says, I gotta have my breakfast before working out," he told TMZ. "That's my preference. I know a lot of people do a lot of intermittent fasting and stuff like that, but you know what you do [instead]? You go to F45 and get that 45-minute workout better than any workout out there, and you start getting in shape."

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