Don't Feel Like A Happy Meal? Burger King Has The Solution

Restaurant Brands International Inc QSR's Burger King chain is raising mental health awareness with a jab at rival Mcdonald's Corp MCD: an "unhappy meal."

What Happened

Burger King introduced Wednesday a new lineup of boxed meals in select cities that take a swipe at the Golden Arches' Happy Meal and dovetail with Mental Health Awareness Month. Burger King said in a press release "no one is happy all the time," so its guests can order meals ranging from the "Yaaas Meal" to the "DGAF" meal.

Burger King is partnering with Mental Health America to promote the fact that it's "OK to not be OK."

Why It's Important

Burger King's jab at McDonald's isn't the first of its kind. A 2017 marketing campaign featured a sinister Ronald McDonald double. Another targeted campaign against McDonald's includes a video montage of men named Ron or Ronald McDonald eating Taco Bell's new breakfast lineup on camera.

What's Next

The fast food war continues to intensify, with rival chains looking for new and creative ways to take market share away from their rival. McDonald's is investing heavily in its business to continue dominating the food space, including store remodels and most recently a $300-million acquisition of Dynamic Yield to better enhance the in-store and drive-through experience.

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Photo courtesy of Burger King. 

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