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Here's What Happened When Reddit Finance Was Asked: 'Are You Happy With Your Job?'

Here's What Happened When Reddit Finance Was Asked: 'Are You Happy With Your Job?'

Reddit is one of the most popular websites in the world. In its finance section, one user asked: "Are you happy with your job and what do you do?"

Users responded in a variety of ways.

Redditors Respond

The most popular response was the one posted by Animosaro, who said: "No, I am a student and its [sic.] a hateful process." The statement was up-voted 16 times.

Others in the financial field are more content with what they do.

User titanrunner2 declared:

"Yes. I'm a financial analyst for a large media company. I enjoy the entertainment aspect of my job as well as the perks! Financially speaking, I relish the opportunity to support the people making the decisions that impact how we consume content and how wet can do so while making a profit."

Interested in titanrunner2's response, another user asked: "Should I be an economics & accounting major(BA) or a financial mathematics (BS) major in order to be a financial analyst?"

The answer: "Not necessarily."

FrDax is also happy with work. "Corp dev it's the best," the user wrote.

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Work Hours

Others addressed hours.

User jongrows, an "investment analyst at a middle market IB," wrote work is okay for now, but said they will likely "get burnt out at some point."

The analyst explained:

"I'm in the office 60 to 70 hours per week, but people never stop emailing me for stuff that needs ‘a quick turn around.' If that time were included, it would probably be 65 to 75. I have a 1hr commute to and from the office as well. It's not as bad as 80 hours, and I'm not pulling all nighters, but it's still a lot of time. Too much to spend in an office my entire life that's for sure."

EmoDistressedCat, a "Financial analyst at a large organization (non-investment)," also declared being happy with what they do.

"Work is still challenging and there are lots of nice people to joke around with. Pretty good pay, great benefits," the user wrote.

"During the busiest weeks, I'll clock 50 hours max; but on normal days, I stroll into work around 830, take an hour lunch around 1230, and leave around 5 at the latest."

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How To Get Started

Levils is a "Financial modeling consultant [works] on loads of interesting projects with a variety of people." The user also described how they entered the field.

"After a few years as an engineer I decided it wasn't for me, and took an entry level job as a corporate finance analyst (this was mid-2007 when that was easy to do - I think this is again the case in Australia and the UK). While in that role I passed the CFA exams to cement the career change.

"I've worked in a variety of specialist modeling roles since," the user added.

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