As EV Manufacturers Look To Reduce Fire Hazards, Electrovaya Aims To Offer The Safest Lithium Ion Battery In The Industry

As EV Manufacturers Look To Reduce Fire Hazards, Electrovaya Aims To Offer The Safest Lithium Ion Battery In The Industry

As electric vehicles (EVs) from Tesla Inc. TSLA, General Motors Co. GM, Ford Motor Co. F and Stellantis NV STLA catch fire in the wake of Hurricane Ian, manufacturers have placed renewed urgency on finding safer, less fire-prone batteries to power their EVs. 

The outbreak of EV fires mirrors the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 when over 300 EVs manufactured by Fisker Inc. FSR caught fire in Newark, New Jersey.

To address those serious safety issues, Electrovaya Inc. EFLVF has spent decades refining its proprietary Infinity Battery platform to offer one of the safest lithium-ion batteries on the market. Here’s what sets its technology apart from the rest. 

Solving Lithium Ion Battery Safety Issues Remains An Industry Wide Challenge

Leading EV battery suppliers like LG Energy Solution Ltd. (KRX: 373220), Panasonic Holdings PCRFY and Contemporary Amperex Technologies Co. Ltd. (SHE: 300750) have been working hard to improve the safety of their technology but still face regular recalls. That’s because lithium-ion batteries are fire-prone by nature. The liquid electrolyte that the battery’s charge flows through is a highly flammable solvent.While certain design features can help minimize safety and fire risk, defective materials, damage, or the gradual degradation of materials with time can all make the battery more vulnerable to failure. 

Electrovaya’s Infinity Battery Aims to Set the Standard for Safety in Lithium Ion Technology 

To make its Infinity Battery platform as safe as possible, Electrovaya uses a pouch cell design with a proprietary electrolyte optimized to withstand high temperatures and a unique woven ceramic separator that can withstand extreme heat. 

That design ensures multiple levels of thermal protection to decrease the likelihood of a fire while the pouch cell design offers a final stop-gap safety measure to contain any fire within the sub-module where it ignited, thereby preventing flames from escaping the enclosure.

In addition to the safe design of the battery cells themselves, Electrovaya has developed its own cloud-based Battery Management System that monitors battery health, temperature and charging state to anticipate repairs and maintenance needed as well as automatically shut down the battery when it detects unsafe conditions. It’s features like these that helped the battery successfully pass safety testing to receive UL 2580 certification, an industry safety standard for EV batteries. 

The technology, having already been used to power about 20,000 Daimler smart cars, Electrovaya says batteries with the Infinity Technology has had zero safety incidents to date, making them one of the few lithium ion battery platforms have no known safety incidents.

Featured photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

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