As Cyber Attacks Continue To Escalate, Experts Say Bolstering Cyber Defense Is A Priority For Companies And Government Agencies

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The tension between Russia and Ukraine has arguably reinforced the need for cybersecurity in companies and government agencies. Before Russia invaded Ukraine, U.K.’s National Cyber Security Center (NCS) called on businesses to strengthen their online defenses from potential cyber-attacks from Russia.

The Current State Of Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a stern warning about the risk of cyberattacks on the U.S. that originate in Russia. As a result of the threat, the cybersecurity industry expects to benefit as businesses and government agencies increase their spending on cyber defense.

According to CNBC, Alphabet Inc. GOOGL revealed its plans to invest more than $10 billion over the next five years to strengthen cybersecurity while Microsoft Corp. MSFT said it committed $20 billion over five years to deliver advanced security tools.

The conflict in Ukraine has caused a spike in cybersecurity stocks such as Zscaler Inc. ZS, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. CHKP, NortonLifeLock Inc. NLOK as well as cybersecurity exchange-traded funds (ETFs) like the Global X Cybersecurity ETF BUG.

Visium Technologies Inc. VISM, a pre-revenue company based in Fairfax, Virginia, says its proprietary cybersecurity solution built on exclusive licensed technology used by US Army Cyber Command can fortify the companies’ and government agencies’ cyber defenses amid the current crisis and future attacks.

Visium And Its Cybersecurity Technology

Visium is a provider of real-time cybersecurity analytics, automation, and predictive visualization technology. Visium’s solutions are designed and developed  to help businesses and governments protect their data, business applications and IoT on their networks and in the cloud.

The company’s main product is a graph database modeling, analysis and visualization platform called TruContext. Visium claims TruContext is a simple and efficient approach to visualize an enterprise’s cybersecurity posture thereby providing real-time actionable security information to the security analyst before, during, and after an attack.

The platform is designed to help security analysts and users gain insights into cyber threats by simultaneously ingesting data captured from multiple sources and performing analyses so the security analyst  can make informed decisions to secure the network. TruContext can also reportedly be used to detect vulnerabilities and exploits using MITRE’s ATT&CK framework . Visium’s license agreement with MITRE gives them exclusive license rights to CyGraph, the patented technology developed by MITRE for US Army’s cybersecurity defense, a tool used in cyber warfare analytics for cybersecurity situational awareness.

Apart from its original cybersecurity functionality, Visium states that TruContext has a broad range of applications, including analyzing and predicting fraud cases in healthcare, optimizing production lines in the manufacturing industry and performing forensic analysis.

As Visium begins to build out their reseller and partnership network, the company should see revenue from both commercial and government contracts in the near future. 

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice.

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