5 Things You Might Not Know About Dogecoin Co-Creator Billy Markus

Dogecoin DOGE/USD has been one of the most talked-about cryptocurrencies and storylines in the investing world of 2012. Co-creator Billy Markus, who goes by Shibetoshi Nakamoto on Twitter, has been active with engaging with fans and sharing stories and memes about Dogecoin.

Here are five things you might not know about the Dogecoin co-creator. Click here to listen to the full interview on the Moon or Bust Podcast.

1. Sold Dogecoin in 2015: Markus sold his entire Dogecoin stake in 2015 for what he said was enough to buy a used Honda Civic. Markus clarified to Benzinga earlier this year that he didn't actually purchase a Honda Civic, instead using the proceeds to help pay rent.

Markus sold $10,000 worth of crypto that was valued at $2 million earlier this year. He sold Doge after being laid off and being worried about his savings dwindling at the time.

Markus has joked about the return of Doge since selling and how a savings account has a 0.75% APR instead.

“This was all my crypto too, I had Litecoin and Bitcoin and DOGE and a bunch of other ones,” Markus said.

Bitcoin traded at $258.55 at the time, DODGE at $0.0002 and Litecoin at $3.93. Bitcoin BTC/USD and Dogecoin were both up over 20,000% since the sale as reported earlier this year. Litecoin LTC/USD was up over 5,000 earlier this year.

Earlier this year, Markus bought Dogecoin for the first time in eight years, something he vowed he would never do again.

“I have checked the price 7 times so far since then. I was up 10% and now it’s back to up 3%,” Markus tweeted after his purchase.

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2. No Longer Part Of Dogecoin Team: Markus says he left the Dogecoin project in 2014 due to harassment and death threats, according to his website.

“Jackson and I handed it off to some very competent core devs, who have kept the project maintained ever since,” Markus said.

Markus says on his website it's unlikely he will return to work on Dogecoin.

3. Creates NFTs: Markus has gotten into the non-fungible token market selling what he calls “Crappy Dogecoin doodles.” After selling an NFT for 1,500% over asking price, Markus began to create more. There are 14 NFTs from Markus for sale on Rarible right now.

Markus has also been gifted several Doge-related NFTs from creators who pay homage to the co-creator of the cryptocurrency. Markus has over 160 items owned in his Rarible account.

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4. Cautions on Cryptocurrency: One thing Markus is known for on Twitter Inc TWTR, where he has over 400,000 followers, is cautioning investors to be careful with investments in the space.

“The crypto scene is full to the brim with BS. Nothing is 100% safe, all values rely on other people’s money and the actually engineering things is something that almost no one really understands,” Markus tweeted.

Markus tells people to use the ABC of crypto: “Always Be Careful.” He also said people shouldn't take out loans to invest in cryptocurrency and/or stocks.

Markus has told people to stop blaming developers, blaming former developers or blaming Tesla Inc TSLA CEO Elon Musk when the price of a cryptocurrency goes down.

5. Do Only Good Everyday: Dogecoin has a motto of “Do Only Good Everyday.” Markus has used his platform and social media following to encourage Dogecoin owners to return to a tipping culture, similar to what Doge was about in 2014.

One story of the Dogecoin community supporting others was a fundraising effort to help send the Jamaican bobsled team to the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Markus said Dogecoin could fail if people “finger-point” instead of contributing to the success of the coin. The co-creator of Dogecoin suggests tipping others with Doge, making memes and supporting good causes.

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